First Timer’s Guide to Shopping for Legal Cannabis

Bright and warm Evergreen Market sales floor

Thinking of Becoming a First Time Cannabis Customer?

It’s no secret that recreational cannabis has started to change a culture that was at one point very underground. With the passing of I-502, Washington has seen a green explosion and cannabis going mainstream is at the very center of it all. With this strange paradigm shift in culture and attitudes more people are thinking about becoming a first time cannabis customer at a legal retailer. Whether it’s because you’re a tourist visiting a legal state, a lifelong Washingtonian who is looking for a new way to unwind, or someone who is seeking alternative ways to improve their quality of life, The Evergreen Market is here to make sure you have a great experience.

We understand that the recreational cannabis industry is incredibly diverse and new. To someone coming in for the first time this can be a little intimidating. Please allow us to walk you through your first Evergreen Market experience!

friendly faces greet customers at the door

Welcome in with a big smile!

Welcome to The Evergreen Market!

The first thing you might notice when you walk into any one of our three locations is the express window. We will cover that later, but for now lets direct ourselves to the left towards the decorative willow door that is the same at all of our locations. Here at the door a budtender (or during the busy weekend, a security guard) will greet you, and check your I.D. We scan I.D.’s at the door, and once more at the register so feel free to keep it handy. We take remaining compliant with the standards set by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board very seriously. The person who let’s you in the store must validate your I.D. as well as the person who completes your transaction at the register.

After coming inside, don’t be shy about letting somebody know that you’re a first time cannabis customer and haven’t been in before! Keep an eye out for an educator, which can be identified with a white lanyard around their neck. Educators are a unique role at The Evergreen Market, and are specifically designated to help first time customers as well as anyone seeking more in-depth knowledge related to the recreational and wellness benefits of cannabis. Regardless of whether you find an educator or a budtender to assist you for your first time in, you will have a perfectly equipped guide to help you find just what you are looking for.


Let us show you around!

From here your budtender will introduce you to the layout of our store. We’ve split our inventory into different sections, which are: CBD products, prerolls, edibles, flower (which is what we call loose cannabis in a bag or jar), concentrates/dabs, and vape cartridges. In order to keep things easy this layout will be the same at any of our locations, so once you’ve been to one Evergreen Market, you can easily shop at them all! If you are more of a solitary shopper, and would rather browse our selection alone, please let us know, and feel free to seek assistance when you are ready to make a selection or if you have any questions! One of our top priorities is ensuring that all of our guests feel safe and welcome while they shop. We understand that not everybody needs, or wants too much help right away!

Bright and warm Evergreen Market sales floor

An open floorplan, well lit space, and inviting atmosphere inspired the layout of all Evergreen Market stores.

After a brief tour, your guide will ask what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for flower they will direct you towards the flower counter and from there we’ll determine the type of cannabis that you’re looking for based on how you’d like to feel, what you’d like to do, and even what flavor profile you’re looking for. We have a wide variety of strains and producers to choose from, so don’t be shy about asking your guide to see something more up close and personal. We want to ensure that you’re as confident in your selection as you can be! In addition to flower we also have a selection of products that are a little less intimidating like CBD edibles or micro-dosing (lower levels of THC) options.


Checkout Time!

After you’ve made your selection your guide will write you a green ticket that we like to call 710 slips. Take your 710 slip up to the front counter, and one of our friendly expediters will take it from you and fill your order. While you’re in line don’t forget to sign up for our rewards program, which will not only give you 20% off after 10 check-ins, but will also keep you connected to special deals, and rare strains only available to members of our Evergreen Elite Rewards Program.

Speedy efficient checkout

We fill your order when you enter the line to ensure a speedy checkout with minimal wait time!

You might also notice people coming up to the window that we mentioned in the beginning. That would be our express window, designed to serve folks who already know what they want, or if they’ve placed an order online with us through our website. We have our complete menu live updated available through, just select the store from the menu along the top of the page.

Once you’ve had your I.D. scanned at the register (hopefully you kept it out!) A cashier will scan your product and cash out your order. Our cashiers always hand back your receipt, as it is required by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. Once you have your items the line will direct you to the exit door, which will place you back in our main lobby! With that you’re free to leave, and enjoy your legal cannabis within the privacy of your own home!


Thanks for choosing us as a first time cannabis customer!

We understand that to many people, as a first time cannabis customer going into a retail 502 store can seem like a harrowing experience. At The Evergreen Market we strive to maintain a safe, welcoming environment that provides a stress-free and informative retail cannabis experience. We strive to do everything we can to guarantee a positive shopping trip. After your visit you won’t be able to call yourself a first time cannabis customer anymore!

Thanks for stopping in!

Thanks for stopping in!


Written by: Mike Rhode, Educator at our South Renton location

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