Appreciating the Reefer Researchers of the past

In 1963, Raphael Mechoulam, along with a team of scientific researchers, identified the chemical structure of CBD, and he is often called the “Father of Cannabis” for his role in the discovery and isolation of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in 1964. In 1992, Raphael Mechoulam along with NIMH researchers Dr. Lumir Hanus and William Devane were credited with the […]

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The Numbers Are In: Marijuana Businesses Still Winning in Colorado

More than four years after recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado, the state is continuing to post bigmarijuana business numbers as a result of the blossoming cannabis economy. According to The Denver Post, Denver’s dispensaries recorded $587 million in sales in 2017, a record high, with sales continuing to rise into 2018. This was an increase of 16 percent over 2016. Sales throughout the state totaled $150.8 billion during the same time period, a 15 percent increase over 2016.

When broken down by recreational and medical marijuana, both the city of Denver and Colorado as a whole actually saw a decrease in medical cannabis sales, but the increase in recreational sales made up for the losses and then some. In Denver, medical sales dropped from $212 million to $206.4 million, while recreational retail sales spiked from $291.5 million to $377.5 million. Statewide, medical sales were $445 million in 2016 and $416.5 million in 2017, while recreational sales jumped from $861.6 million to $1.09 billion. When examined by location, while sales in Denver continue to climb, other regions in the state are starting to take a bigger percentage of the overall pie, which good news for those who live outside the big city.It is of no surprise to our experienced L.A. marijuana business attorneys that medical sales would lose ground to retail sales over time. Some people were using the medical marketplace for years to supplement their interest in marijuana for recreational purposes. Others find the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card and …

$32,500 for Medical Cannabis? Are You High?

The company that produced the first ever cannabis-derived medicine to be approved for use by the U.S. Food & Drug medical cannabisAdministration has revealed to investors the cost of the drug: $32,500 per year. This is reportedly on the low-end of original estimates between $30,000 and $60,000. Epidiolex, made with CBD and used to treat rare forms of childhood epilepsy, is said to be priced competitively with other epilepsy drugs on the market. This, however, is not other epilepsy drugs.

One of the reasons, among many, that marijuana has become so popular for medicinal use is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other treatments, even without the help of insurance companies to cover the costs. Some markup by pharmaceutical companies is to be expected to cover testing, research, and ensure consistency and purity of the product. The disparity between cost and price in this instance seems specifically designed to prey on desperate families already prepared to pay top dollar to help their children. In fact, the price was set with the consultation of insurance companies, according to a Business Insider report.

Certainly this is not outside the realm of reason in the pharmaceutical industry. Marking up the price of medicine is business as usual. It is dubious, however, that pharmaceutical companies have been lobbying so strongly against marijuana legalization until they figured out how to personally benefit. The final cost of the drug after insurance will be far less, with estimates of less than $200 a month for patients. Many do not have the …

As Ontario celebrates switch to private cannabis retail, stores delayed until April 2019

Congratulations Ontario! It took awhile, but finally, common sense prevailed as the province announced it is completely scrapping the government’s planned monopoly on recreational cannabis in favour of private retail outlets – and all it took was for the Ontario Liberals to get completely annihilated in June’s election! With the Progressive Conservatives in power, leader […]

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When Will Marijuana Be Legal Nationwide? It Could Be Sooner Than You Think

In late June, the Food & Drug Administration for the first time approved a cannabis-derived drug, and it could marijuana lawchange the landscape of marijuana in the United States, possibly within the next month. Epidiolex contains an active ingredient of CBD found in marijuana, and was approved to treat severe forms of epilepsy in children. 

According to a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer, the CEO of the company responsible for Epidiolex said before the drug can be prescribed, it must be reclassified to be lower than it’s current Schedule I status, Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. He said he expects this to happen within 90 days of the FDA approval. This means marijuana could very well be reclassified by late September. It doesn’t mean that there will be a total free-for-all on cannabis use, but a lower scheduling will mean that the federal government will finally acknowledge the plant has medicinal benefits, and medical marijuana programs across the country can be released from the grips of the federal ban. 

As our trusted Orange County marijuana attorneys can explain, there are several reasons it has taken federal leaders so long to release their grip on cannabis prohibition. First of all, anti-marijuana propaganda has been deeply ingrained in the American psyche for decades through drug prevention programs and public service campaigns. The campaigns themselves have their own nefarious roots, as marijuana has a history of being used as a tool to target minority groups and political activists. Law enforcement agencies have legitimized their …

Marijuana Businesses Feeling Heat from California Wildfires

Wildfires raging in California are devastating lives and promise to have major effects on marijuana businesses marijuana businessthroughout the state. Many are saying the rampant fires are some of the worst in the state’s history, and are particularly devastating considering it was just last year that 1.3 million acres were annihilated by fires. An article from Rolling Stone is reporting so far there are 16 major fires tearing mostly through Northern California, with more than 14,000 firefighters battling the blazes. Northern California, of course, is a region replete with cannabis farms, making these fires particularly devastating to the state’s recreational marijuana industry, still in its first year.

Two of the blazes, which combined are dubbed the Mendocino Complex Fire, are at the heart of cannabis country. The Mendocino Complex Fire has already been declared the largest in California’s history. The previous record was set just last year, and at that time it was estimated 30 to 40 percent of the cannabis growers in the state were affected by the wildfires. It is unknown how a second round of fires will impact the industry, but it certainly is not positive. Within the last few weeks, More than 283,000 acres have been destroyed, including at least five greenhouses and countless outdoor crops. To the northwest the Carr Fire has taken out more than 173,000 acres, including several buildings belonging to one of the leading growers in the state.The fires come on the heels of stringent regulations under Proposition 64 going into effect July 1. The new …

Taking the High Road: Drivers Paid to Participate in Marijuana DUI Study

University of California-San Diego is conducting a study out of its Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research to bettercannabis DUI understand how marijuana use impairs driving. The study is the largest of its kind and seeks to gather some hard data on levels of cannabis and impacts on common driving scenarios, according to High Times. Participants will be paid for a full-day driving assessment in which they will smoke a joint before completing a variety of simulated driving scenarios. The joints are rolled on site, and each has a varying level of THC concentrations carefully monitored by the researchers.

The study has two aims: to gather data on how different cannabis concentrations affect different drivers and to examine how long the high from THC will continue to affect the driver to the point of impairment, if at all. These answers are so crucial in the on-going efforts to legalize marijuana nationwide. A huge roadblock for many politicians, even the ones who do not fall for weak anti-marijuana propaganda, is the uncertainty about how to regulate marijuana usage on the roads. Methods that commonly are used to test for marijuana can detect it in a person’s system for up to two weeks. Clearly a person would not be too impaired to drive for 14 days after consuming marijuana. Therefore, law enforcement officers must rely on field sobriety tests to determine cannabis-related impairment. Their current tests, however, are largely geared toward alcohol or drugs that create a deep level of impairment. The effects of cannabis are often …

Country of Georgia Makes Marijuana Use Legal; Is U.S. Next?

The country of Georgia has made it legal to consume marijuana, though it is still illegal to cultivate or sell. Georgia is marijuana lawyersnow officially the first former-Soviet Union nation to lift such a ban, according to a report from Newsweek. The change came down from a decision from the country’s constitutional court, which determined punishment for consuming marijuana is only applicable if a third party is at risk. By revoking the right of officials to punish individuals for consumption of marijuana, the court in essence made it legal.

The court did not appear to take a stance one way or another as to whether marijuana was dangerous or not. At the heart of the ruling, in fact, is the idea that it is not up to the law to punish people who are not hurting others. If the only person potentially experiencing harm by the use of cannabis is the user, then the government has no business interfering. The court deemed this to be a restriction of individual freedom. While this ruling still implies that there is harm that one could do to oneself by using marijuana, it does get to the heart of one of the many arguments in favor of legalization: Shouldn’t people be able to make personal decisions so long as they are not harming others?

This is the same thought process behind why we allow people to make bad food choices, even though heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. …

Why you should come to the “Fore20 Golf Tournament” Aug. 19

What are you doing this weekend? If you love sun, fun, golf, and dabs, then we’ve got the perfect event for you- the 3rd annual Fore20 Golf Tournament and Cannabis Cup, happening this Sunday, Aug. 19, at the beautiful Squamish Valley Golf Club. In just a few short years, the Fore20 Golf Tournament has quickly […]

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Calgary approves major grocers like Calgary Co-op and Superstore to sell cannabis

The City of Calgary recently released a list of addresses that were approved to sell cannabis which includes some big grocery chains such as Calgary Co-op and the Real Canadian Superstore. All in all, 12 Calgary Co-ops, 7 Real Canadian Superstores, and 1 Real Canadian Liquor Store have been approved by the city, and Calgary […]

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Up to 14% of cannabis users driving high according to Stats Canada

On Aug. 9, Stats Canada released the results of its quarterly National Cannabis Survey which found, among other things, that 1 in 7 cannabis users got behind the wheel within two hours of consuming and that approximately 1.4 million Canadians had gotten in a vehicle driven by someone who had used cannabis two hours prior. […]

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Not Welcome! Aurora Kicks Sensible BC Out Of Vancouver Pride

This weekend I decided to get away from it all and head over to Vancouver for the 40th Annual Pride Parade. My girlfriend Nicole manages a few dispensaries owned by Dana Larsen and told me that they would not be in the Pride Parade this year. In the past, Sensible BC has been a big […]

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CBD Hops to it

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has become a mainstream product these days. Studies have linked CBD to everything from helping people maintain youthful and radiant skin, to reducing anxiety and pain, to helping people kick cigarettes, and more. CBD commonly comes from cannabis and it’s present in hemp and in medical marijuana. However, cannabis isn’t […]

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Are Nova Scotia cannabis stores illegally glamourizing and normalizing cannabis?

In Nova Scotia, government-run cannabis stores will have 4 distinct categories for their products in order to better help consumers find what they need: Relax Unwind Centre Enhance Aside from the debatable semantics of the words (what exactly is the difference between “relax” and “unwind”, for example), the plans are being criticised by psychologist and […]

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Queens of the Stone Age light up the Commodore at LP-sponsored show

On August 4, Queens of the Stone Age played to a packed crowd in Vancouver, completely rocking the Commodore Ballroom. Sponsored by Aurora Cannabis, Canada’s second largest licensed producer, the show was part of the Aurora Illumination Series of coast-to-coast concerts featuring big names like Post Malone, City and Colour, and Ghostface Killah, just to […]

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Victoria’s Mayor and Council to Discuss Onsite Cannabis Consumption

It is nice to be able to say that there are some politicians that are actually listening to the people. At the Aug. 9, 2018 meeting, The City Council of Victoria and Mayor will be discussing the need to create regulations for safe onsite cannabis consumption! Listed at the end of the agenda, under section […]

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Federal Employees Deserve to Use Marijuana, Too

A new bill was introduced in the House of Representatives in hopes of easing up burdens on federal employees whomarijuana lawyers work in states where marijuana has been legalized by allowing them to benefit from their state’s laws without fear of losing their job. HR-6589, the Fairness in Federal Drug Testing Under States Laws Act, would protect the employment of anyone working for or applying to work for a local office serving the federal government who is caught using cannabis so long as the person is abiding by proper state laws, according to a report from Washington Times.

The bill was introduced by Reps. Charlie Crist (D-Florida) and Drew Ferguson (R-Georgia) once again proving cannabis is an issue that truly brings people together across the aisle.

In many ways, one would not know that marijuana is prohibited by federal law in the United States. In 30 states and Washington, D.C., cannabis has been legalized for medical use, with about a third of those permitting recreational use. While more than half of the states in the U.S. have legalized some form of marijuana, many Americans still have to make careful decisions about whether or not to consume for the sake of their careers. Even where cannabis is legal, employers are perfectly within their rights to drug test and to hold employees accountable for marijuana found in their systems. This includes employees who have a recommendation from their doctor. It becomes even more complicated when the employer serves the federal government. Federal employers must

Election Rejection: The Peculiar Path to Legalization for American states

Have you ever wondered why only some of the states in the United States allow their citizens legal access to a safe and effective medication? Have you ever wondered why even though most Americans would love to see medical cannabis legalized and a large portion would also prefer recreational cannabis to be legal rather than […]

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Nothing To Fear But Legalization

It is happening more and more. It used to be the odd random time but now, when I converse with my friends working in the Cannabis industry, legalization is always a topic. Crushing exorbitant fines and a 14 year jail sentence are nothing to blow smoke at. The options for those who work in cannabis […]

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Northern and Southern California Join Forces for Cannabis Businesses

Two monoliths of cannabis advocacy have joined forces in California, aiming to protect what many estimate to be thecannabis lawyers world’s largest marijuana market. California Growers Association, based in Northern California, is merging with Southern California Coalition out of Los Angeles to leverage their combined strength when voicing needs of the cannabis industry to political representatives, according to Los Angeles Business Journal. A headquarters location for the far-flung group has not yet been selected.

Anyone who is familiar with the cannabis industry knows there are major cultural differences across the board — from the numerous farmers working the fertile lands of the “Emerald Triangle” in Northern California to posh dispensaries in L.A, and all of the laboratory testers, drivers, and processors in between. Each faction of the industry has different priorities, which has often kept the groups and their interests separate. Many in the state, however, are learning that more can be accomplished when we work together. The new CalGrowers-SoCal Coalition Collaboration is now 1,600 members strong, making the group a force to be reckoned with.There is a lot on the line, of course, for this group, composed of roughly 1,000 growers and about 600 manufacturers, lab workers, delivery drivers, distributors, retailers, and other marijuana industry workers. They are tasked with protecting an industry estimated to be worth $3.7 billion by the end of 2018 and $5.1 billion in 2019, with forecasts only growing from there. One hiccup anywhere along the chain can have vast ripple effects across all areas, making it essential …

Wait, Cannabis Can Help Me Lose Weight?

Weight is something that many people struggle with, and according to research published in 2016: “More than 35% of U.S. adults are obese.” Cannabis is known to increase consumers appetite AKA give them the munchies. But did you know that cannabis can also help with weight loss? You heard that right. Cannabis can actually act […]

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Canadian drivers get ready to say “Ahhhh!” for THC saliva tests

Devices that can test the level of THC (and cocaine) in saliva will soon be coming to a Canadian cop near you as federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has just given a German-made drug-testing device a 30-day notice of approval. These devices give police a new tool to check for drug-impaired driving as previously, authorities […]

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Putting Stock in the Future of Cannabis Businesses

A new first for cannabis businesses recently took place, with the first initial public offeringcannabis business on a U.S. stock exchange by a marijuana producer. Ontario, Canada-based cannabis conglomerate Tilray went public on New York NASDAQ recently. The stock price spiked 30 percent in one day proving what we have been saying all along: cannabis is very, very good for business. According to a report from Quartz, investors rated the value of Tilray at time at $2.65 billion.

Tilray grows and processes cannabis to meet pharmaceutical standards. The company has really taken off in the wake of Canada voting to make marijuana legal nationwide, but the company’s products can be found in 10 countries, including a production facility in Portugal. Though located in Ontario, the company has its roots in a private equity firm in Seattle that has been investing in brands connected to the marijuana industry in hopes of positioning businesses to be on the forefront as prohibition is lifted worldwide. Canada is the second country to make adult use legal (Uruguay being the first). The U.S. has 30 states that have legalized at least medical marijuana, though they are still somewhat bound by the federal Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. Many countries have partial allowances, such as the infamous cannabis cafes in the Netherlands. Despite the best efforts of backward thinking anti-marijuana propagandists, the writing is on the wall for cannabis legalization to continue to grow, and companies like Tilray are primed and ready.

Simply being in the cannabis …

Five Common Mistakes First Time Cannabis Users Make

Even though cannabis use is pretty widespread these days, there are still lots of people who have never tried smoking pot, or consuming it in other ways. For many, the idea seems intimidating and although the jury is out on whether or not cannabis is still considered a gateway drug, some people are just afraid […]

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Veterans, Medical Marijuana, and the VA: What You Need to Know

A survey from the Department of Veterans Affairs recently indicated about a millionmedical marijuana veterans are using medical marijuana. This is in spite of the fact that the department does not allow its doctors to recommend marijuana. The department cites Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812 as the reason for this policy, stating they are bound by the federal ban on cannabis being part of a federal agency. The department even shies away from studying the benefits of cannabis, instead focusing their research almost entirely on its problems, according to an article from New York Times.

For veterans who rely on medical treatment through the VA, this can mean they never receive access to medical marijuana. Many veterans have reported cannabis to be an effective treatment for chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder – two common issues among those who have fought in wars. It could also mean that veterans will still seek a way to obtain medical marijuana, either by visiting a physician certified to recommend cannabis other than their VA doctor, by purchasing recreational marijuana if they live in a state where it’s legal, or by illicit means. None of these methods are ideal, and this certainly is not the way we should be treating those who have served our country. There are, however, a few things that would be helpful for veterans to know about medical marijuana and the VA.The VA has a list of guidelines to help veterans understand their patient rights and how medical marijuana and VA …

Medical Cannabis a Star Player in ‘Concussion Pill’

New medical research is revealing significant findings in the treatment of concussions thatmedical marijuana involves cannabis. A joint project by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine,  Toronto’s Scythian Biosciences  Corp., and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis has led to the development of a “concussion pill,” which combines CBD and an NMDA amino acid anesthetic, according to UPI. Pre-clinical studies on rodents are showing improved cognitive function after traumatic brain injury, more so than either component of the pills does on its own. Trials also showed no adverse effects caused by either component individually nor in combination.

Traumatic brain injuries have made headlines in recent years as more attention has been brought to the dangers of aggressive contact sports, such as football, and the long-term damage caused by concussions. Meanwhile, football players have become some of the strongest advocates for medical marijuana. Cannabis, particularly CBD, has proven to be effective at treating chronic pain caused by sport-related injuries, and does not have the addictive properties of opioids, which are typically prescribed for such injuries. Other players suffer from conditions unrelated to sports, but using medical marijuana has made it possible for them to enjoy activities with fewer limitations. For example, medical marijuana is proving to be a breakthrough treatment for severe seizures, paving the way for people with epilepsy to perform at a competitive level like never before. All of these factors make athletes ideal for receiving the benefits of medical marijuana treatments. Yet continued backward thinking about the drug is holding …

Legalization Changing the Way We Talk to Kids About Marijuana

Now that adults are starting to gain a better understanding of cannabis and itsmarijuana attorneys benefits, many parents and teachers are facing their next challenge: How do I talk to kids about marijuana? California has been tasked with establishing new education programs to effectively prevent children from consuming cannabis, while making them aware of the choices they will have to make as an adult in a post-legalization world. As such, we are seeing the classic “Just Say No” campaigns shift to a new message: “Delay.” According to an article from Brit + Co, the new strategies focus on lifelong health and good decision making.

Marijuana legalization has had major effects on the lives of adults across the country, with 30 states and the District of Columbia allowing for medical marijuana, and about a third of those states permitting recreational use. Many of the results of this legalization have been expected, including relief for debilitating medical conditions, such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and PTSD. Cannabis also has become an alternative to alcohol in social situations, without the same negative long-term health effects as alcohol. Also expected has been the boost for government coffers with an influx of marijuana tax revenue. The way legalization would come to effect the way we educate children was a bit unexpected. It makes a lot of sense, though, considering the way marijuana functions in our lives is entirely different than it was even 10 years ago.As our Riverside marijuana attorneys can explain, the “War on Drugs” shaped the way …

Gov’t on controversial Cannabis-impaired Driving laws: Punish first, research later

On July 4, 2018, the federal government announced its plan to earmark nearly $1 million towards research on cannabis-impaired driving.   The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is set to undertake a three-year study to determine, once and for all, how high a person has to be to be too high to drive.  This announcement […]

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VCBC gives MLA Carol James 3 conditions for compliance with legalization laws

If you ask any of the staff or volunteers at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club what they will do on October 17th, they will tell you that business will operate as usual. On July 26, 2018, Ted Smith wrote a letter to BC’s Deputy Premier and Finance Minister, Carole James to explain. Here is that letter: […]

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How Prohibition has led to Shady and Toxic CBD Products

We live in a shady world where some people will do anything for a quick buck- even if that means poisoning other people to make that buck. That’s why it’s essential only to purchase CBD from trusted sources, especially because some companies use low CBD hemp oil and market it differently, making mislabeling a considerable […]

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Cannabis Patient Profile – Meet Margie

I had never heard of juvenile arthritis until one day when I was working at the VCBC; a very warm and friendly senior couple, Ian and Margie came through the doors. Right away, I noticed two bright, contagious smiles while I served them, delighted to hear them express how cannabis had saved their lives. Margie […]

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Ryan Reynolds producing R-rated pot parody of 90’s classic “Home Alone”

Movie star Ryan Reynolds is producing an R-rated parody of Home Alone called Stoned Alone for 20th Century Fox. It’s like Fox exec Matt Reilly saw Jon Stewart’s cameo in Half Baked and took it a little too seriously, probably thinking to himself, “Remember Home Alone? Well, let’s do that, except on weed”, while chuckling and patting […]

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Ontario on the verge of scrapping government-only cannabis stores

Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, the recent election of the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario, led by Doug Ford, may have a silver lining for cannabis retail after all. Since the Ontario PC’s were elected, there has been little clarification on the issue of allowing private stores to sell cannabis despite requests from multiple […]

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How Cannabis Legalization May Affect Your Insurance

Almost 5 million Canadians may have consumed cannabis in 2017, spending more than $5.5 billion dollars on the drug, according to Statistics Canada, and whether you consume cannabis or not, there will likely be insurance price adjustments coming your way. The numbers of Canadians using cannabis could soon skyrocket because on Oct. 17, the federal […]

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What’s the link between cannabis & schizophrenia & should you be worried?

Studies have shown that schizophrenia only affects up to 1% of the general population, but if you use cannabis, your chances of suffering from schizophrenia can increase by as much as 7X. Why is that? What is schizophrenia? First, we should take a look at what schizophrenia is- a mental illness with symptoms that include abnormal […]

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Poll: Americans View Marijuana As Less Harmful Than Tobacco

A new Gallup poll has revealed that Americans believe that marijuana is far less harmful than most tobacco products. Results of the new survey were published by the research company on Wednesday.

Almost all of the respondents—96 percent—believed that cigarettes are harmful. Of those, 82 percent said that cigarettes are “very harmful.”  Fourteen percent said that cigarettes are “somewhat harmful.”

In contrast, 63 percent of those surveyed believe that marijuana is harmful. Twenty-seven percent believe marijuana is “very harmful,” while 29 percent believe it is “somewhat harmful.” Twenty-four percent believe marijuana is “not too harmful.” Another 18 percent said that they thought marijuana was “not at all” harmful.

Of those polled, 5 percent said they used marijuana on a regular basis. Another 8 percent said that they use pot occasionally.

Tobacco Products Fare Poorly

Those taking the poll were also asked for their perception of the harmfulness of four additional tobacco products. A majority of respondents said that cigars, chewing tobacco, and pipe tobacco were all “very harmful.”

Chewing tobacco, at 71 percent was viewed as the most harmful after cigarettes. Cigars followed at 56 percent while 52 percent believe smoking a pipe is “very harmful.” Vaping e-cigarettes was viewed as relatively safer, with 38 percent saying they are “very harmful.”

Cigarette Smoking Down

The survey also asked about respondents’ usage of tobacco products. Sixteen percent said that they had smoked a cigarette in the past week. That number is about one-third the figure recorded in the 1950s and about half the rate of …

Toronto-based company creates world’s first beer brewed from cannabis

A Canadian company is claiming to be the first in the world to come up with a cannabis beer but there are already cannabis beers on the market, so what makes this one so different? The new beer is the latest creation from Ontario-based Province Brands and what makes it stand out from any other […]

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Health Canada’s rules for cannabis sponsorships are hypocritical and hurt music festivals

Some of Canada’s biggest licensed producers are getting into sponsorships in a big way and Health Canada is not happy about it at all. On Jul. 13, the government released a statement saying: “The actions of some companies have underscored the need for the [marketing and advertising] prohibitions in the [Cannabis] Act and their rigorous […]

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5 Crazy Busts: Weed all about it

When it comes to weed, you either love it, or you don’t but unless you can’t read, there’s no denying that cannabis has loads of medicinal value. Yet still, this blazing and amazing plant is the center of bust after bust. I took a look online to see what I could find when it came […]

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Medicated while driving: Medicinal cannabis patients get a break under Bill 174

For all the medical cannabis patients rightfully worried about being thrown in jail for driving while medicated, there’s good news- at least for those who live in Ontario. Bill 174, aka the Cannabis, Smoke-Free Ontario and Road Statute Law Amendment Act, contains an important amendment to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. The act states that: “Exceptions […]

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Riverside City Council Vaporizes Hope of Marijuana Businesses

Riverside City Council has made its temporary moratorium on marijuana businesses officialmarijuana business with a recent 4-3 vote that put a nail in the coffin for residents hoping to one day be able to legally purchase cannabis in their city. According to The Press-Enterprise, council’s decision effectively bans dispensaries, commercial cultivation, and any outdoor grow sites. Medical marijuana dispensaries were already banned by the city in 2007, and an intensive law enforcement strategy has kept illegal dispensaries at bay. Cannabis testing will, however, be permitted.

The tight vote is illustrative of how divided the city is over the issue. Riverside County was one that supported Proposition 64 by about 42,000 votes. Yet the county has banned cultivation, manufacturing, and retail, with individual cities also enforcing their own similar bans. When residents vote one way and their representatives vote in the opposite manner, it truly flies in the face of the will of the people. Try as they might, the city and county governments do not have the power to ban everything, though, no matter how many scare tactics they use to justify their agenda.
Our Riverside marijuana business attorneys are familiar with all local, state, and federal laws regarding cannabis. As such, we can explain that Riverside is only permitted to ban certain marijuana activities under state law. Prop 64 stills allows adults 21 years and older to cultivate up to six plants indoors in a locked area of a private residence. They can process, possess, transport, or even give away limited quantities of …

5 reasons why Canada needs cannabis lounges

With legalization mere months away, provinces and territories across the country are enacting their respective cannabis regulations, and one of the big questions hanging in the air is: What about cannabis lounges? For anyone dreaming of Amsterdam-style coffee shops and cool lounges where you can drop in to freely smoke and vape cannabis, I’ve got […]

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Osoyoos Banned All Government Retail Cannabis

In an epic and righteous move, Osoyoos has BANNED ALL GOVERNMENT RETAIL CANNABIS IN FAVOR OF PRIVATE RETAIL STORES! That’s right! To support small businesses, giving them a fighting chance, Osoyoos will not allow the sale of LP bud in provincial stores. Mayor Sue McKortoff, the City Council and the South Okanagan Chamber Of Commerce […]

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Marijuana Arrests Still Disproportionate Toward Minorities

One of the benefits of expanding marijuana legalization across the country is that it has afforded an opportunity to correct themarijuana criminal defense disparity in marijuana arrests along race and socio-economic lines. These disparities have negatively impacted black people, Hispanics, and other oppressed groups. The efforts, however, are not producing immediately successful results. A report from New Frontier Data is showing that even now black and Hispanic suspects are arrested at nine times the rate of suspects who are white, despite the fact that data shows the three subgroups sell cannabis at similar rates.

According to the data, from 1997 to 2016, marijuana arrests made up more than 40 percent of drug-related arrests, totaling 15.7 million. Arrests overall from cannabis-related offenses have declined slightly in recent years, down from their height in 2007. This is likely reflective of states expanding marijuana legalization, though the numbers are not significantly lower than the overall average since 1997. For example, arrests for possession hit a low in 2015 of 575,000, but went up again in 2016 to 588,000, neither of which is much lower than 599,000 way back in 1998. Considering 30 states now allow provisions for medical marijuana and nine, plus Washington, D.C., have recreational laws on the books, these numbers should be improving more drastically over the 20-year-old stats. The data sets delved more deeply into what these arrests meant specifically for black and Hispanic people. A look at New York City is revealing that even the best intentions cannot overcome racial profiling and decades of anti-marijuana …

Ontario to end folly of liquor monopoly while blindly pushing ahead with gov’t-controlled cannabis

Ontario’s recently elected Progressive Conservative government announced its plans to end the LCBO’s near-monopoly on alcohol sales in its throne speech last week. That means beer and wine sales will be expanded to big box stores, grocery stores, and corner stores, which fulfills a major campaign promise that the Ford government has called a “show […]

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Awkward Ways Used To Smuggle Cannabis

Recently, I went to a festival and I had to sneak in my weed. Feeling like a teenager about to be busted got me thinking of all the hilarious incognito cannabis use that has happened over the years; as well as all the tricks that have been used to hide it. Considering that these won’t […]

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DOJ Declares Canadian Border Battleground for Cannabis

The hysteria regarding marijuana laws and the heightened attention to border security have cannabis business lawyerscombined to reach a new fever pitch, with border patrol reportedly enforcing wildly audacious rules and ruining lives in the process. U.S. border guards have allegedly started turning away Canadian citizens entering the U.S. if it is revealed that they work in the cannabis industry, regardless of whether or not they are in compliance with Canada’s laws or even if their business deals directly with the drug or not, according to The Vancouver Star. Involvement in the cannabis industry means you are profiting from illicit drug trading, in the eyes of U.S. border patrol, an offense that can get you banned from entering the U.S. for life. Once you’re on the list, you never fall off, and admittance into the country would require the help of an immigration attorney and special temporary waivers. Even admitting to ever using cannabis has reportedly led to Canadians being turned away at the border.

Americans, too, are facing problems at the border. Some are crossing into Canada to take advantage of their legalized medical marijuana and will soon be flocking there to experience federally legalized recreational marijuana, beginning Oct. 17. If they attempt to bring any marijuana with them back into the U.S., however, they could be facing charges for possession or drug smuggling along with fines and/or jail time.

As our cannabis criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles can explain, many are confused by the way the current marijuana laws work. If they …

Misinformation About Medical Marijuana Not Helping Anyone

Extremism breeds extremism, a concept seen pretty clearly in the marijuana industry. In amedical marijuana country where, despite mounting evidence, the federal government is stubbornly standing by marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I narcotic, it’s discouraging to see facts seemingly ignored. It’s no wonder, then, people would take the opposite extreme stance to combat. A report from Los Angeles Times delves into the phenomenon of pro-marijuana hyperbole in the face of anti-cannabis hysteria.

Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812, deems that marijuana has no medical benefits, is addictive, and would be harmful to use even under a doctor’s supervision. Thirty states and Washington, D.C., disagree with this assessment and have passed medical marijuana laws as such. Those states laws, however, can only go so far to usurp the authority of the federal government. As such, certified doctors in those states can only dole out medical cannabis recommendations, rather than a full-fledged prescription. They can suggest certain forms of consumption for the ailments of the particular patient, such a lotions or edibles, but the patient is on their own for the most part once they reach the dispensary. Dispensary owners, for their part, have done a tremendous job learning about the different products they carry. They gather information from their shoppers about which products have had the most effective results for what disorders and diseases and they try to share this anecdotal knowledge with other patients. This strategy is hardly the exact science many patients with really dire diagnoses need.

This has bred a grassroots …

Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis: A Tale of Two Countries

In the fight for medical marijuana, there has been no more compelling of a battlegroundmedical marijuana than opioid addiction. Both U.S. and Canadian governments have dubbed the rapid increase in overdoses to be a crisis or epidemic. Meanwhile, cannabis has demonstrated itself to be the potential key to unlocking the addictive cycles, adding to the urgency in passing more effective medical marijuana laws. In New York, emergency rules have been put in place to allow medical marijuana as an opioid replacement. Yet in Ontario, where medical marijuana is permitted at the federal level for a variety of conditions, workers are still having opioids pushed on them.

New York state Department of Health recently added opioid dependency to the list of 12 other conditions that qualify patients for medical marijuana recommendations, according to Marijuana Moment. Chronic pain, one of the key issues opioids are used to treat, is already on the list, but specifically adding opioid substitution gives doctors the freedom to recommend cannabis to those with opioid addictions regardless of the reason they started taking them. Officials are hoping this strategy reduces the number of opioid deaths, noting that states with pro-medical marijuana laws on the books have seen a 30 percent drop in opioid prescriptions for Medicaid users.Statistics as of March 2018 from National Institute on Drug Abuse show more than 115 people die of opioid overdoses every day in the U.S. In Canada, numbers are also on the rise with an average of almost 8 deaths per day in 2016 and …

Dumbstruck By Beauty At The Great Canadian Glass Gathering

Of all the cannabis events I have been to or heard of, the Great Canadian Glass Gathering is one of the best. The energy of the place is serenely peaceful, happy and welcoming. You don’t need a lot of money to experience it but you could definitely spend a small fortune and walk away happy […]

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Canadians should Think Twice Before Crossing the American Border

Crossing the border may become much more difficult for a certain group of Canadians come October 17, 2018.  While cannabis-users have been gearing up for potential issues at the border for some time, it now appears that people working in the cannabis industry may also be affected – regardless of whether they use the drug […]

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BC Liquor Supplying from LPs — Have We Lost BC Bud?

The British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, the only legal wholesaler of cannabis in the province, announced Wednesday that it had begun contract negotiations with 31 licensed producers. The branch’s general manager and CEO, Blain Lawson, went as far as to announce “LDB’s commitment to working towards eliminating the illicit market.” Who is this black market? The 5% of […]

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