How Police Are Cashing in on Legalization

The Ontario Liberals are promising municipalities $40 million to cover cannabis law enforcement costs. Municipalities then contract policing services to the local monopoly, usually the OPP. But it’s still not enough, police say. The Ontario Chiefs of Police are crying wolf. They feel federal funding for police won’t be adequate to cover, what they expect […]

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Thompson Caribou Patients Over Profits Party 3 Live

Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ and the Squad for a special broadcast from the Thompson Caribou ‘Patients Over Profits 3‘ event in Vancouver, BC! Streaming live here starting at 6:00 PM PT and on FaceBook @CannaLifeNet The celebration kicks off at 4 PM PT, just in time for 4:20, and the […]

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Breaking: Great Canadian Glass Gathering changes venue, now back at Birken

The 2018 Great Canadian Glass Gathering, originally scheduled for June 29-July 1st in Kelowna, has just announced a big change- due to some venue issues, it will no longer be held in Kelowna. It’s moving back to Birken, BC, but the dates have stayed the same, so save that weekend if you don’t want to […]

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How to Select the Right Dab Rig.

Small dab rig

So you Think you can Dab…

With dabbing continuing to increase in popularity among the cannabis community, it is important to know some tips and tricks for getting the most from your dabbing experience. Knowing what type of dab rig and accessories are best suited for your dab style can significantly improve your dabbing experience. In this article, I am going to cover some of the basics in dab rigs and accessories. Knowing what consistency of concentrates you typically smoke is one important factor on selecting the right attachments. With a multitude of options, selecting the right one for your dab style can be daunting. However, with a little guidance, we will have you dabbing like a pro in no time!


The Right Rig.

Choosing a dab rig is always the first step. Finding that balance between form and function, and what best fits your dab style can be tricky. For beginners, the simpler the better. These days, the styles of dab rigs are endless. Ranging from around $20 for a basic Chinese glass rig to upwards of $100k for some incredible functional art. For a beginner, I strongly suggest going on the inexpensive side for that first dab rig. Get comfortable with the process before going out and getting a more expensive heady piece. Something like a small beaker bong is a great introductory rig. It is also important to remember that with dabs, smaller rigs are going to preserve more flavor and allow you to taste the terpenes better. So, keep

Expert Joints LIVE – Faded & Funny

This week Craig welcomes funny man James Hammond to Studio 710, and welcomes back D420K plus Derrick from Thompson Caribou also stops by with news on the upcoming Patients Over Profits 3 event; and so much more. Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Studio 710, for another episode of his […]

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Growforce announces Winnipeg as location for flagship cannabis facility

Growforce, a relatively new LP in the Canadian scene having only being formed last month, has announced the location for its flagship cannabis growing facility- Winnipeg. Located at Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Industrial Park, the 120,000 sq. ft. facility expects to employ anywhere from 15 to 200 people once the renovations are completed and it begins […]

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Shorting Aurora

Now this the time to short Aurora Cannabis. “But they just merged with MedReleaf, they’re the biggest cannabis company in the world!” Most LPs are losing money. Supported by the stock market that’s fuelled by cheap money from the US Federal Reserve, LP valuations aren’t reflective of true underlying values. Whatever profits they do manage […]

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Help Fix BC’s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act before it becomes law

There are many issues to be had with BC’s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (Bill 30), which was introduced to the legislature in late April. In response, Dana Larsen from Sensible BC has launched a campaign to try to get the provincial government to change some of the most problematic aspects of the Cannabis Control […]

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Too Many Weed Farms? No Such Thing with Hemp and CBD Oil

The continued expansion of legalized marijuana in states is leading to one surprising result: overproduction of cannabis businesscannabis. Oregon in particular is reporting an excess in cannabis production, which is driving down the price of marijuana at dispensaries across the state, according to Associated PressAs a result, growers are exploring more options, including hemp (a low-THC strain of cannabis used in industrial goods) and CBD oil (made from the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana, cannabidiol).

It’s hard not to recognize the irony in this latest advancement: while hemp is a benign, useful resource that makes excellent, durable fabric, paper products, and oils, it was marijuana that helped usher it back into the spotlight. Marijuana has now been legalized in 29 states and Washington, D.C., at least for medical use with a handful also allowing recreational. This is in defiance of federal regulations prohibiting the sale or use of marijuana. California was the first to allow medical use with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. It wasn’t until 2014, however, that the Agricultural Act, Sec. 7606 allowed agricultural departments and higher learning institutions to start cultivating hemp for research. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently spoke in favor of a bill that would give power over hemp regulation to the states.

Because hemp has more CBD  and less THC than other strains of cannabis, it is ideal for producing CBD oil. This is also convenient since the Agricultural Act has made it possible to more easily produce this beneficial oil, used commonly for …

Aurora buys Medreleaf for $3.2 billion in cannabis industry’s biggest deal yet

At 10:00 AM ET today, the CEOs of Aurora Cannabis and MedReleaf held a joint press conference to announce Aurora’s acquisition of MedReleaf for $3.2 billion dollars in the biggest deal yet for the Canadian cannabis industry, ending weeks of speculation from investors and denials from company representatives. By joining forces, the combined firm would […]

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Patients Over Profit 3: Prizes announced and last year’s recap

Thompson Caribou Concentrates’ 3rd annual Patients Over Profit event is less than a week away on May 19th, and you definitely do NOT want to miss out! The celebration kicks off at 4 PM, just in time for 4:20, and the location has been announced- 1425 Charles St., Vancouver. Patients Over Profit is fast becoming […]

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Vancouver City Councillor: Force Dispensaries to Sell LP Weed

Since Vancouver’s regulated dispensaries aren’t supplying from Health Canada, City councillor Melissa De Genova believes the public’s health and safety is at risk. Therefore, a new motion requiring dispensaries to source their “supply from Licensed Producers regulated by Health Canada” Full disclosure: her husband is a cop. First, we can ignore any appeals to “public […]

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Ohio Marijuana Legalization Struggling But Still Alive

Marijuana laws in Ohio have experienced a bit of a failure to launch. In 2015 a legalization ballot measure was votedmarijuana regulations down, largely due to a scare campaign that positioned the 10 pre-designated cultivators as a monopoly.  In 2016, HB-523 was signed into law by Gov. John Kasich that set up a process for medical marijuana in the state. Since then, however, the initial phase has been a lumbering one. Advocates remain optimistic, though, pushing now for a state constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana.

On the medical front, Ohio’s program is under scrutiny in court, as a judge in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas is determining whether or not to delay licensing for cultivators, and potentially the launch of the program. According to, one grower applied for a license and sued the Ohio Department of Commerce after it was denied, claiming there was no appeals process as promised. Reported errors in the scoring of applicants and complaints about officials not following their own rules in the selection process have led to other lawsuits. With only 12 initial promised licenses for large-scale cultivators, the spots are highly coveted.The state is already behind its goal of having the program fully functional by Sept. 8, 2018. Officials are still moving forward, however, with the state medical board selecting the first 36 medical practitioners who will be certified to recommend cannabis to patients. Those who are chosen must complete a free two-hour course on approved medical conditions, how to treat them with …

Illinois Putting Stop to So-Called Synthetic Cannabis

Spice, K2, synthetic marijuana: whatever you call it, we know these alleged cannabis knockoffs have about as muchcannabis business in common with the natural drug as a circle to a square. Lawmakers have long been chasing down these dangerous substances, to no avail. But the Illinois State Senate is taking steps to close loopholes that manufacturers have been manipulating once and for all, according to Chicago Tribune.

SB-2341 would expand the list of Schedule I controlled substances to include all synthetic cannabinoids not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is a departure from current methods to control the substance, which has largely involved outlawing by formula. As our cannabis business attorneys can attest, this has so far been a fruitless system of control because each time a formula or chemical is outlawed, manufacturers alter it enough that it qualifies as a new substance. Just like that, a new synthetic cannabinoid is back on the market, but not necessarily any safer. The new law, if passed, would put the onus of proof on the manufacturer that a synthetic cannabinoid is safe rather than government officials proving the substances to be dangerous after they have already hit the market. This change is long overdue. Just recently in Illinois alone, a formula mixed with rat poison has made the rounds leading to four deaths and more than 150 hospitalizations from coughing up blood or having blood in urine or in the nose. This doesn’t account for all the harm the synthetics have done over …

Fresno Law Enforcement Doesn’t Kid Around With Marijuana

Despite legalization of recreational marijuana sales earlier this year, Fresno remains one of the communities wherein marijuana businesscannabis-related activity is still banned: No recreational sales, no medical sales, no commercial growing, no testing, no distribution, no manufacturing. Residents can grow indoors for personal use or if they are a caretaker, but that’s it.

Still, officials know of more than 70 unlicensed sales operations in the city. Law enforcement agencies are stretched thin, however, so they have to prioritize their time and resources.

They recently focused their efforts on one specific dispensary, according to High Times, which was reported to be selling high-potency cannabis candy wrapped in packaging that was appealing to children. Agents seized 150 pounds of the candy and more than $200,000 after a two-month investigation of the dispensary. Six dispensary operators were given misdemeanor marijuana citations.

When it comes to sales of marijuana, which is still considered an illegal Schedule I narcotic under the federal Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812, it wouldn’t seem like packaging would be the top priority for law enforcement. However, keeping cannabis out of the hands of children has been a prevalent and important theme for everyone in the legalization process. No one on either side of the issue wants to see cannabis in the hands of children. Relevant restrictions have included keeping cannabis retailers a certain distance from parks, schools, and places where children regularly frequent, as well as making sure tax money is allocated for education and prevention programs geared at students. Further, …

Smoking Out the Field with Freddie Pritchard at 420 Vancouver 2018

You know as soon as you see Freddie “Da’ Weed King” Pritchard, the host of the One Man Smoke Show, at 420 Vancouver 2018 getting “high as fuck” off a literal smoking gun (or more like smoking bazooka!) that it’s going to be a good time. As a staunch cannabis activist, Freddie has been a […]

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What if Cannabis was $1-a-gram?

What if cannabis was $1-a-gram? And we’re talking premium quad. Many will blame the “greed” of growers or dispensaries for higher prices. But don’t they have bills to pay? A substantial risk involved warrants a “prohibition premium.” A free and fair market brings cheaper, plentiful, quality cannabis. But so long as we have a central […]

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Using Cannabis to Elevate your Experience

Using cannabis to enhance a beach experience

Cannabis is a great tool to improve an experience

An increasing amount of people are turning to cannabis for various ways to improve their quality of life. Due to medical reasons, stress relief, or an aid with relaxation, the trend is happening. There’s specifically a growing demographic using cannabis to elevate their experience and activities. You may already know that specific strains may influence your mood, but cannabis may enhance experiences like hiking, listening to music, or even just going out to eat. Specific strains can make outdoor adventures become more beautiful, can make social activities more engaging, and times of relaxation more restorative.


Go Explore!

girls hiking experience

Seems like many strains have the ability to enhance your outdoor adventures (it’s hard to find a bad strain to pair with a nice day). The euphoric effects given off by them can raise up your awareness and appreciation of nature. In addition, colors are more visually striking and seemingly mundane details become fascinating. You may also have a deeper connection and understanding of the environment around you when using particular strains. Most of all the ticket is to become more mindful of where you are and what you experience.

Great strains to enjoy before hiking & outdoor activities;

  • Jack Herer
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Amnesia


Connect with Those Around You!

turn conversation into an experienceFurthermore there are a variety of strains that will heighten your sense of curiosity and interest. These pair well with social situations because they allow conversations to go deeper and develop a real sense of significance.

Napa Easing Up on Marijuana Business Restrictions

Some local governments have appeared hell-bent on banning or strangling the budding cannabis industry. It’s encouraging in this light to see some leaders embracing the change and making strides to make this a more cannabis-friendly community.marijuana business

The Napa Planning Commission recently endorsed reducing the distance a cannabis business can set up shop to 600 feet from a school or place where children congregate, and even recommended easing up on that rule in instances where a natural barrier would prevent direct access, such as a waterway, according to Napa Valley Register.

For many people, change can be a very scary thing. Often, though, such fears are rooted in lack of education and the feeling of losing control. Once we see new ideas in action, we sometimes wonder why it took us so long to change in the first place, and realize we wouldn’t want things to go back. We see the effects of this sentiment throughout California. Since the passing of Proposition 64, there has been a great deal of caution on the part of cities to slow down change as much as possible. Prop 64 and the follow-up Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act very thoughtfully laid out guidelines that would allow marijuana businesses to begin sales of recreational cannabis, and, in the case of MAUCRSA, brought medical marijuana sales under the same umbrella of rules. These guidelines painstakingly established regulations that would encourage cannabis businesses to operate legally while easing fears of residents.Still, many municipalities were not appeased …

Don and Carol from WEEDS on legalization, doing it better than the LP’s, and more at 420 Vancouver

WEEDS is one of Canada’s biggest cannabis chains with dispensaries all over BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, and for all the places without a physical location, there’s WEEDS’ country-wide mail-order system that yes, even deliveries to the territories. Check out the exclusive interview from 420 Vancouver where Don and Carol, the people behind WEEDS, […]

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Expert Joints LIVE! – “Toking With Bae”

This week Craig’s toking with Instagrammer Bong Bae, samples products from Master Tokes… and gets Grow Tips from Pedro’s Grow Room too! Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Studio 710, for another episode of his weekly weed webcast “Expert Joints LIVE!”

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YouTube Snuffs Out Cannabis Channels

cannabis businessOnline media giant YouTube has enacted a host of more stringent enforcement guidelines, seemingly at random, restricting and even shutting down many channels its representatives claim violate its policies. Gun-related channels in particular have come under scrutiny. A bit more perplexing, however, is the site’s more aggressive stance against cannabis-related videos recently, sending warnings, flagging content, and shutting down entire channels, particularly those that seek to educate and advocate. Even after complying with warnings, channel owners said they were suspended. Many of the channels had been around for years, some almost since the beginning of YouTube, according to a Leafly article.

In the early days of legalization, before marijuana reached the popularity it is enjoying today, the Internet was the best place for cannabis advocates, business owners, and medical practitioners to learn and to share information. YouTube has always played a big part in that. The highly visual platform was an ideal way to show growing methods and techniques to people on the other side of the country. Today, a bounty of resources exists, but these ground floor YouTube channels still have a wealth of experience to offer.Some say the decision could be related to ad revenue. Given that advertisements randomly appear before videos, advertisers sometimes protest when their ads appear in conjunction with content that does not align with their brand, as happened with some of the more alarming gun videos. However, given that medical cannabis and/or recreational marijuana are legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia (with several states …

Your Papers, Please!

I don’t care what you think of the “Ford Nation,” or Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party — anyone is better than Kathleen Wynne. And with an election less than a month away, Ontario’s cannabis connoisseurs have a chance to voice their concerns with Wynne’s pot socialism. Of course, elections do very little to change the fundamental […]

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Senator Pushes to Expand Marijuana Home Deliveries in California

Despite the passage of Proposition 64 that made recreational marijuana legal in California, there are still many residents of this state who do not have easy access to cannabis. State Sen. Ricardo Lara hopes to change that with Senate Bill 1302, which would give licensed cannabis businesses permission to deliver anywhere in the state.marijuana lawyer

While legalized possession and use of recreational marijuana throughout the state, it left a great deal of power to the local governments to dictate regulations and sales. As our marijuana business attorneys can explain, this meant even though citizens were allowed to carry and use cannabis, cities and counties had the right to ban various aspects of commercial cannabis activity, including sales.

While 57 percent of voters approved Prop. 64, local laws have made it so 75 percent of consumers cannot easily access marijuana, according to an article from SFGate. While it is important for local governments to maintain control over their jurisdictions, this disparity does not reflect the will of the people. A vast majority of Californians understand the benefits of cannabis. Many have seen its positive effects through medical use, which has been legal in California since 1996 through the Compassionate Use Act. Others have come to learn that it can be an alternative to alcohol in social situations, without many of the long-term health effects of drinking, particularly when it is consumed in ways other than smoking, such as edibles and vaping. This positive perception of the drug has led to big advancements in …

Cannabis Legalization: A province-by-province guide

With cannabis legalization looming, Canada is gearing up for recreational retail sales, but that doesn’t mean cannabis laws will be the same across the country- far from it- because what the federal government is doing with Bill C-45, aka the Cannabis Act, is basically setting the foundation for legal cannabis, with provinces free to set […]

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How to Wreck Your Home with Cannabis Plants

Four cannabis plants can wreck your home, says a Canadian realtors group. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t. One thing is for sure, and you can confirm this with any mother, 4 kids and two dogs will definitely wreck your home. Of course, give it time, the dogs will pass away and the kids will […]

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Smoke a joint for your health!

Smoking is bad for you… except sometimes. Smoking a joint can be better for your health than not smoking anything at all; It can be even better for your body than ingesting cannabis in a different way…It just depends on the reason. One day, your body may just need you to turn on some Hendrix […]

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Crony-Capitalism in the Provinces

Why are medical-only licensed producers making deals with provincial governments for recreational sales? Why is this going on while BC Bud is waiting for the federal government to finally get around to licensing “micro” cultivators and processors? Already approved by Health Canada, the LPs came into existence as a result of government policy in 2012. […]

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High Class Donor Makes University Medical Marijuana Studies Possible

More concrete medical marijuana research is on the horizon thanks to grants awarded to two different universities by one foundation with the intent of advancing our understanding of cannabismedical marijuana treatments. University of Utah is planning a $740,000, two-year study on how marijuana affects the brain and why it affects some people differently. UC San Diego, meanwhile, received a cool $4.7 million to research the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of autism. The university said it is the largest private donation for medical cannabis research in U.S. history, according to KPBS.

Where the federal government has failed, The Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation is attempting to fill a need for more comprehensive medical cannabis research. The foundation says it donates sizable grants to projects it believes will help build a “world where all people enjoy equal opportunities to achieve health, purpose, and happiness.” Our medical marijuana attorneys certainly agree cannabis research fits the bill. Project subjects the foundation is funding also include chronic homelessness, economic advancement, housing and health initiatives, and re-entry into society after serving jail time, in addition to cannabis research. The study at the University of Utah will track the reaction of the psychoactive compound in cannabis (THC) with certain brain receptors in 40 adults, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Finding the right balance of psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds to produce the desired effect in the brain could be a major breakthrough for treating disorders such as PTSD and anxiety. UC San Diego’s research will stick to …

Canada’s Opioid Crisis: Warning Labels, increasing deaths, better drug tests, & more

Health Canada is requiring warning labels and patient information handouts for opioids, marking a first for these kinds of medicine, which puts the pharmaceutical painkillers in a similar league as tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis. In addition, pharmaceutical companies will have to develop mandatory opioid risk management plans as well. This development is a positive step […]

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Cannabis Businesses, Local Governments to Benefit from New Group

Mendocino County is the latest to sign an agreement with the California Cannabis Authority in an effort to help local governments with regulatory compliance and assist in creating a rich poolcannabis business of data about the cannabis industry. Our attorneys know one of the most difficult things about establishing any new industry is lack of concrete data. There can be a lot of growing pains as authorities and economic leaders gather a foundation of facts that help in making critical decisions about public safety, regulations, and taxation. This is particularly true when dealing with a controlled substance, like marijuana. Even though marijuana has been legal for medical purposes in California since the passing of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, the switch to recreational legalization in the state as of Jan. 1 was a real game changer. MAUCRSA, Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulations and Safety Act, was created to combine guidelines for medical marijuana with all the new stringent licensing rules for recreational cannabis, so all regulations lived under one umbrella.

The mission of the newly formed California Cannabis Authority is to “develop and manage a statewide data platform that will gather, collect, and analyze information from a myriad of data sources into one resource.” The more local governments that participate, the more compelling and significant the data will be for everyone who accesses it.

The group was created by the California State Association of Counties Finance Corp. The group started with San Luis Obispo, Humboldt, and Monterey Counties on board, with Mendocino …

Pros and Cons of California’s Legalization

California legalized cannabis in one of the best ways possible. A ballot initiative, a quick turn-around, with the ability for local governments to ban anything they don’t like within their borders. It’s this last part that rustles some jimmies. Consider it a helpful guide to distinguishing between the different political temperaments in the cannabis movement. […]

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Educator Spotlight: Jared Jolly Herman

Educator Jared smoking on a preroll

Jared lights up with a smile reflecting on how far we've come.

Jared traveled from one coast to the other to be a part of the legal cannabis movement.

The byproducts of cannabis legalization have been incredible– from the positive impact on opioid addiction to a whole new industry full of jobs for average Americans. Educator Jared came to Washington State to be a part of it. He grew up in a military family, traveled a long list of places, and found his people among the cannabis community. He’s a classic storyteller happy to share his adventures and tales. 

Jared is from St. Augustine, Florida and the proud father of two twin girls. Having been a long time supporter of cannabis, when the legislation surrounding cannabis legalization started to take shape on the West Coast he knew he had to go and give it a shot. “As soon as the qualifications regarding licensing started to roll out I remember thinking someone needs to move, someone needs to do this now.” There was no reason that ‘someone’ couldn’t be Jared. He packed up and relocated to Washington State.

A true old school smoker, Jared still prefers flower over concentrates.

Educator Jared smoking on a preroll

“As soon as the qualifications regarding licensing started to roll out I remember thinking someone needs to move, someone needs to do this now.”

Given the choice, he’ll take his flower packed in a bowl, dry pipe, glass only please. What does he usually choose to smoke on? Jared wouldn’t say he’s really got an all time favorite strain. “I couldn’t even say. That’s a good question.” The

420 Vancouver 2018 Recap

Join Craig Ex of “Expert Joints” and “Da Weed King” Freddie Pritchard as they explore all that was 420 Vancouver 2018 at beautiful Sunset Beach. Watch as Craig and Freddie make their ways through the crowds and haze, stopping along the way to visit and say hi to all of their canna-family and friends. Craig gets […]

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From the Archives: #CouchLock- Which Avengers enjoy Cannabis?

With Captain America: Civil War now in theatres, I thought the very first post for this new column #CouchLock would be about which Avengers enjoy a few puffs from cannabis. When you’re a hard working superhero, it’s nice to be able to stop and smell the buds from time-to-time. In Hollywood, smoking pot isn’t anything new, […]

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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “Organic Tea People”

This week Craig sips organic tea & welcomes the team from MJ Organics, as well as Tee Krispil & Creed Taylor of The People North West. Catch the high-lites from Craig and Freddie Pritchard as they show all that was Vancouver 420, 2018 and catch the entire 6+ hour live-stream including E-40 on stage. Plus […]

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It’s Time for NFL to Put Medical Marijuana in the Game

The NFL, as with so many other professional and minor league sports teams, still ascribes to official federal line on marijuana, which is that as a Schedule I narcotic, it is highly addictive, dangerous and has no medicinal value. Of course, our cannabis lawyers in L.A. know that runs counter to the evidence and what dozens of states have thus far concluded. Given that NFL players are some of the most tenacious athletes – and take the hardest hits – they more than most might benefit from medicinal marijuana as an alternative to powerful and highly addictive opioid painkillers. But until the organization changes its stance, we’ll continue to have conflicts such as those seen with free agent Mike James.medical marijuana

James, a running back, injured his ankle during a football game in 2013. According to a CNN report, he was prescribed opioid painkillers. In short order (as so often happens) he became dependent on the pills. He became aware that an addiction was forming and wanted something safer to ease the pain.

After some research, he concluded marijuana was truly the best option – to ease the pain, end his addiction and maintain his physical prowess. James had some reservations about this decision, witnessing the way drug addiction in general harmed his family and his childhood communities. But, like a majority of Americans, he soon learned that cannabis does not belong in the same category as other street drugs at all, and decided to take the leap.

The NFL, unfortunately still takes a …

The High Standards of Airport Security on Marijuana

Flying with marijuana used to earn travelers a one-way ticket to jail (do not pass “Go,” and you’ll be paying a lot more than $200).

Since then, standards have relaxed considerably, particularly locally at the Los Angeles International Airport. However, it’s not necessarily the same at your destination spot, so it’s important to be informed about your rights and responsibilities.

marijuana criminal defense

Current policy for marijuana at LAX essentially follows California state law, according to a report from Los Angeles Times. If an adult passenger has less than an ounce on hand, airport police allow them through security. This is true even if the person is headed to a location where marijuana is illegal. Transportation Security Administration agents have bigger fish to fry, so they leave dealing with issues like nominal amounts of cannabis up to local airport law enforcement, who have mostly been passive.

Los Angeles Councilperson Mitch Englander would like to give more consideration to federal law by encouraging passengers to surrender their cannabis before going through security. He proposes adding an “amnesty box” at the airport, where marijuana can be deposited before a flight – no questions asked, no penalties.As our Los Angeles marijuana criminal defense defense lawyers can explain, Englander’s primary concern is marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I narcotic according to the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. A Schedule I classification means the federal government has determined cannabis has no medical benefit, is harmful and addictive. But 29 states and a growing mountain of evidence has …

Park Board Continues anti-cannabis campaign after 420

The Vancouver Park Board continued its campaign against the 420 Vancouver protest, closing the fields at Sunset Beach the day after the protest. Originally, the park board said it could take up to 10 weeks (two and a half months!) before the park was reopened to the public, but in a statement on Apr. 23, […]

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Bill 30 & Bill 31: The End of BC Bud?

British Columbia’s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (Bill 30), and Cannabis Distribution Act (Bill 31) are two pieces of legislature nonsense modeled after the Liquor Control and Licensing Act and the Liquor Distribution Act. What was the point of consulting with BC’s underground industry if you ignored all their suggestions?  Cannabis isn’t liquor and it […]

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What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed?

Cannabis vaporization came into popularity when users began to realize the benefits of vaping weed versus smoking. Traditionally cannabis has always been combusted but now we have the technology to vaporize. In fact, there are portable, desktop and oil pen vaporizers for added stealth on the market now. When comparing the differences between smoking and vaping we’ll focus on dry herb vaporizers.

Smoke vs. Vapor: What Are You Inhaling?

The greatest distinction between smoking and vaping is combustion. If any combustion occurs, you’ll be inhaling more than just cannabinoids.

In fact, a study that was designed to evaluate the efficacy of herbal vaporizers illustrated it. The study used the same type of cannabis to both vaporize and smoke. What they found was the vaporized cannabis consisted of mostly cannabinoids with a trace of three other compounds. On the other hand, combusted smoke had over 111 compounds including a wide range of toxins.

One of the only advantages to smoking over vaping is it won’t cost you much up front. However, a vaporizer used over a long-term will save you weed and money. Another advantage of smoking is simplicity. To many packing a bowl or rolling a joint comes easier than packing a vaporizer.

Another study found that cannabis users who vaporize were less likely to report respiratory symptoms. So what are the benefits of vaping? Users can still get the benefits of cannabinoids without the pyrolytic smoke compounds.

Finally, research from Leiden University found that the effects of using a vaporizer gave …

YouTube Remains Silent as Weed Pages Are Purged

YouTube is shutting down, and issuing “strikes” against, accounts that feature marijuana or marijuana-adjacent content at an unprecedented rate. The crackdown is leaving many in the community who’ve built large subscriber bases and revenue streams wondering, “what the hell changed?”

Dontae, founder and executive producer of the cannabis entertainment and education production company Loaded Up Entertainment, told High Times that his page received three strikes over the last few months, resulting in a deletion of its YouTube channel last week. A video from the channel’s educational series about the best munchies to eat while high was the final strike, Dontae was informed days after the deletion.

“We are definitely considering moving to other platforms,” he told us. That might include sites like The WeedTube, which was created in response to cannabis censorship on YouTube. Loaded Up’s deletion “gave us an awakening call that social media platforms are just tools for us to use—and that you have to go really go for a platform where people can go that’s not going to be censored out.”

Loaded Up—which had about 200,000 subscribers before the deletion—is one of numerous channels producing weed-related videos that have been shut down in recent weeks. Other channels have seen an uptick in specific videos “flagged for review” and “deleted” due to alleged community guideline violations.

What Does YouTube’s Community Guidelines Actually Say?

Videos that promote …

“Patients Over Profits” back for 3rd year and better than ever

The 3rd annual Patients Over Profits is coming up fast on May 19th! Hosted by Thompson Caribou Concentrates, the event is always a good time that many look forward to as a celebration of community, cannabis, and compassion because TCC donates the proceeds to charity every year. Patients Over Profits is shaping up to be […]

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What’s all this hoopla about cannabis and developing minds?

Giving the kids the day off school on 4/20 was hilarious. Every other person there was underaged.  And with “weed canons”, free products, and friends born before 1999 — checking IDs was more about public relations than anything practical. If you want to save the children get them out of state-funded “public” schools. Defund the […]

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Senator Supports Removing Marijuana as a Controlled Substance

The American people have known for years that times are changing when it comes to marijuana. Now, it seems somecannabis business politicians at the federal level are starting to wise up and take this issue seriously as well. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) is introducing a bill to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule I narcotics as part of Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. He said he also wants to leverage this issue as a way to bolster women and minority cannabis business owners.

Politicians have been slow to take a stance in favor of cannabis, even though most of us know it can be a life-changing, medically useful drug. Some have supported passive measures here and there trying to give states some freedom without themselves taking a stand. For example, the Rohrenbacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which has to be renewed annually by Congress into the spending bill, prevents the Department of Justice from using federal funds to seek action against medical marijuana activity that has been legalized in that state. Some have tried to inaccurately portray cannabis as a partisan liberal issue, but even democrats have been shy to give full support. However, as The Washington Post reported, Sen. Schumer has acknowledged that the American people have evolved on this issue and it’s time for a big change.

As our trusted Riverside cannabis business attorneys can explain, by removing the Schedule I status, the federal government would not be legalizing marijuana per say. That would require Congress to create …

EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “Blessed With Cannab-liss Leaves”

This week Craig is blessed to welcome Muay Thai fighter Angelina of (and with some) Blessed Edibles, as well as Amanda & Piper from Straight Cannabis. He’ll also have an in studio performance from recording artist Raeliss, products from Buds & Leaves… and even some Grow Tips from Dr. Autoflower too. Join Craig Ex aka […]

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Craig Ex interviews the Hempire team and appears in-game!

Hempire is quickly becoming one of the biggest cannabis-related mobile games in the world, and it recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on 420 with over 5 million installs, and that number keeps growing at a rate of 20-30k per day! Hailed as one of the most realistic canna-business simulators available, you can get Hempire on […]

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Bongs Over Beer: Marijuana Businesses Cutting into Other Industries

Marijuana businesses have become a major competitor to beer and willmarijuana business lawyers continue to disrupt that industry for the foreseeable future.

An investment firm industry analyst, who specializes in beverages, tobacco, and adult-use marijuana, recently shared data with CNBC, and she established a clear correlation between increased use of marijuana and decreased use of alcohol. She said in states where recreational marijuana use is legal, binge drinking rates have dropped “significantly.” She identified both as “social lubricants.” In other words, both are used by adults in social situations to help unwind, de-stress, have a good time, and feel relaxed with new people or in new environments. 

In terms of stocks, the numbers are clear, as well. Her firm primarily valuates the Canadian market, with Canada on track to legalize adult-use marijuana nationwide by the end of summer. Several Canadian medical marijuana companies are seeing shares grow by up to 240 percent in the past year in anticipation. She said estimates from her firm put the U.S. cannabis industry as being worth $75 billion by 2030, assuming marijuana is removed as a Schedule I narcotic from the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812.Our experienced Orange County marijuana business lawyers know that, for quite some time, there have been numbers to support the story of the benefits of medical marijuana. Thousands upon thousands of patients have found relief from cancer treatment symptoms, anxiety, post-traumatic stress symptoms, migraines, and more. This evidence has been compelling to many, but momentum on legalization has been slow. …

Sleep Survey Shows Many Light Up Before Lights Out

Now that marijuana has become legalized in some form in 29 states as well as Washington, D.C., we are gathering moremedical marijuana data than ever on its potential uses and benefits. With the stigma dissipating and access increased, people are more freely sharing their personal stories surrounding this life-changing plant. These anecdotes are important evidence in the fight to legalize marijuana nationwide.

A recent survey conducted by Sleep Cycle, an app designed to track your sleep cycle, has found that 14 percent of respondents used marijuana to help them sleep, according to Herb. The company surveyed about 1,000 of its application users on what methods they used to help them gets to sleep. Tea topped the list at 21 percent, melatonin came in second with 15 percent, and cannabis tied with milk and cookies at 14 percent.It should be noted that prescribed sleeping pills rested at the bottom of the list at 9 percent, an indication that people are eager for more natural remedies to their sleeping disorders, insomnia, or general sleep troubles. While tea certainly can do the trick, there is growing evidence marijuana can dig into more serious sleeping issues.

Some research has found the effects of cannabis on sleep to be two-fold. Cannabidiol (CBD) can have a soothing, therapeutic affect. Tetrahydrocannabidinol (THC) is reported to reduce REM sleep, thereby reducing the dream cycle. This is said to have significant benefits for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as many may relive past traumas during nightmares.

Our skilled medical marijuana attorneys …

Kris Jenner Smokes A Joint on Camera

There are a lot of celebrities you’d expect to see light up this past week. Noted activist and legalization supporter Paris Jackson wished her fans a “happy holiblaze guys #420” on Twitter. Wiz Khalifa dropped a 4/20 themed freestyle. But to top it all off, momager Kris Jenner smokes a joint on camera in honor of her daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday. Here’s what Kris said to millions on Instagram.

Kris Jenner Smokes A Joint For Kourtney’s Birthday

Getting high is for moms and managers. Kourtney Kardashian’s 39th birthday was especially lit this year as Kris Jenner took to social media to praise her daughter with her favorite herbal remedy in hand.

In the video, the 62-year-old mom double fists a drink and a joint. After taking a hit, Kris tells Kardashian fans worldwide how lucky she is to have raised Kourtney, her first child of six.

“You taught me how to love. You taught me what being a mom was all about. And you were the first, you were there first and I love you more …” Kris says to the camera, as the video cuts off. You can hear the rest of the Kardashians cheering Kris on in the background.

Weed Goes Mainstream as Hollywood’s Momager Takes A Puff

Kris Jenner 😍

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As of January 2018, you can legally buy marijuana in California. This means that Rihanna and Snoop Dogg aren’t the only celebrities rolling joints in …

Make Smoking Great Again

Not tobacco smoking, of course, but cannabis. Once Canadian small-c conservatives get over the fact that cannabis legalization won’t affect their personal lives, then we can move onto the bigger issues. Namely, make smoking great again. Since most people have a ghastly experience with tobacco, many don’t bat an eye when the war on drugs […]

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Canadian cannabis docu-series “Bud Empire” announces Debut on History Channel

In BC’s fertile Okanagan Valley, famous for its wines and orchards, Bud Empire star Bob Kay grows something a little greener. Bud Empire centers around Bob, the owner of Be Kind and the Okanagan Compassion Club, as he fights for his businesses’ right to exist as Canadian cannabis transitions from the underground to the mainstream, while at […]

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People of colour disproportionately targeted for cannabis arrests in Canada

An investigation by Vice News confirmed what many have suspected- that people of colour, particularly black and indigenous communities, face disproportionate arrests for cannabis across the country. Based on police data obtained through freedom of information requests, racial disparities in cannabis arrests were found, showing this is an issue that even the Great White North […]

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