Tennessee-based activist Seth Green rallies for medical cannabis & fights the stigma in the Bible belt

Seth Green is a Tennessee-based medical cannabis activist who began advocating for patients in 2011. He is a medical user himself, and cannabis helps him with a number of serious medical conditions including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Cannabis Life Network interviewed Seth about Tennessee’s recently killed medical cannabis bill, the rally he’s planning for Apr. […]

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Waldo’s and The Grateful Dead – The 420 Origin Story

The police code for smoking pot, the number of active constituents within the plant, or oddly, Hitler’s birthday, considering pot and hate don’t mix well; If you see someone with relaxed red eyes devouring a large bag of Dorito’s today, you could ask them where the term 420 came from. You may hear any of […]

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The (Legal) 411 on 4/20 Fun

Recreational marijuana became legal in California January 1st, meaning this is the first year cannabis has beenmarijuana criminal defense available to all adults on the infamous marijuana holiday of 4/20. While it is perfectly legal to enjoy the festivities, our experienced attorneys also know that Proposition 64 is not a free pass on all pot-related activities. Before imbibing in a safe and responsible way, keep in mind the laws remaining on the books per the CA Health and Safety Code, Division 10, Ch. 6, Article 2 could still result in criminal charges or civil citations.

The following is a list of a few major restrictions to keep in mind when enjoying the perks of recreational marijuana in California:

  1. Public consumption: It is still generally illegal to ingest, smoke, or vaporize weed in a public place. There are some exceptions for state-licensed facilities with permission from local governments. Further, any non-smoking area is also off limits for smoking or vaporizing marijuana. It is also forbidden within 1,000 feet of a day care or school occupied by children (unless you are inside a private residence that falls within that perimeter).
  2. Drugged driving: It should be a no-brainer that it is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis. As a recent article from The Sacramento Bee points out, taking one puff or consuming a small amount is not likely to cause impairment, much like a little alcohol is typically fine. However, it is more difficult to know where that line exists with marijuana. THC levels can vary

420 Vancouver All Day Livestream with CLN

Check out Cannabis Life Network’s livestream of 420 Vancouver at Sunset Beach- the next best thing to actually being there! We’re here all day with Crag Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints, bringing you over 6 hours of all the cannabis festivities you can imagine from one of Canada’s cannabis capitals. Make sure to […]

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First Timer’s Guide to Shopping for Legal Cannabis

Bright and warm Evergreen Market sales floor

Thinking of Becoming a First Time Cannabis Customer?

It’s no secret that recreational cannabis has started to change a culture that was at one point very underground. With the passing of I-502, Washington has seen a green explosion and cannabis going mainstream is at the very center of it all. With this strange paradigm shift in culture and attitudes more people are thinking about becoming a first time cannabis customer at a legal retailer. Whether it’s because you’re a tourist visiting a legal state, a lifelong Washingtonian who is looking for a new way to unwind, or someone who is seeking alternative ways to improve their quality of life, The Evergreen Market is here to make sure you have a great experience.

We understand that the recreational cannabis industry is incredibly diverse and new. To someone coming in for the first time this can be a little intimidating. Please allow us to walk you through your first Evergreen Market experience!

friendly faces greet customers at the door

Welcome in with a big smile!

Welcome to The Evergreen Market!

The first thing you might notice when you walk into any one of our three locations is the express window. We will cover that later, but for now lets direct ourselves to the left towards the decorative willow door that is the same at all of our locations. Here at the door a budtender (or during the busy weekend, a security guard) will greet you, and check your I.D. We scan I.D.’s at the door, and once more at the register so

420 Vancouver battles park board over permit, strange invoice, and politics

Early Tuesday morning, the Vancouver Park Board issued a statement on the 420 Vancouver event at Sunset Beach Park- they don’t approve and much like previous years, they have refused organizer’s request for a permit. The city cites violations of its no-smoking policies and “negative consequences for park users and infrastructure” as their reasons for […]

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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “One More Sleep”

This week One More Sleep as Craig welcomes a gang of people including: Thompson Caribou, SeaShellSmokes, Dab Champs, Cody Van Gogh, Dabberman… and many more for a fat pre-4/20 sesh! Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Studio 710, for another episode of his weekly weed webcast “Expert […]

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Smoking Weed to Be Able to See

Many people today know there are healing properties in cannabis yet assume that smoking a joint is not the most medicinal route to treat an illness; that an edible, oil or capsule would be more effective… If we are talking about illnesses that affect the eyes, that assumption is wrong. What if being able to […]

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Is Trump Just Blowing Smoke with Marijuana Promise?

For more than a year, the country has faced uncertainty over the future of cannabis, thanks to the long-time and aggressive anti-marijuana business lawyersmarijuana stance of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. That uncertainty remains, but there is some evidence we could be seeing some positive shifts on the horizon.

Well-known marijuana advocate Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) recently had a conversation in which President Trump agreed to support Congressional protections of states with legalized cannabis, according to The Washington Post. This comes after Sen. Gardner had been taking advantage of the narrow party margin in the U.S. Senate to block nominees for the Justice Department. The senator agreed to start approving nominees in exchange for the president’s support.But before anyone starts busting out the party bongs in celebration, our trusted Orange County marijuana business lawyers must remind Californians that this is not the first time Trump has said he would hold back interference with states that had pro-marijuana laws on the books. In fact, it was something he touted during his campaign, something that made states hopeful that provisions put in place during the Obama administration would remain regardless of the outcome of the election. This is why it was so confounding that Trump would appoint someone to the position of attorney general who not only disapproved of marijuana, but who had extreme, very public views on the issue and made promises to use his power to drag the country back into total prohibition.

Since his time as attorney general, Jeff Sessions has used …

Bay Area legend E-40 headlining 420 Vancouver

The 24th annual 420 Vancouver celebration will be headlined by E-40, a Bay Area rap legend who’s been rapping for over three decades- he even has a song with 2Pac from back when Pac was still alive! E-40 is also a slang originator famous for coining words who’s influence even extends beyond hiphop.  And what […]

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YouTube cracks down on Cannabis content with terminations of high-profile cannabis channels

The Canadian cannabis community is reeling after some of the country’s biggest cannabis-focused channels on YouTube have been terminated for violating community guidelines- this includes Pot Tv, UrbanRemo, Mr canucks grow, and many others. That’s thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and millions of views- all gone in an instant! Sad news: our […]

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Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club founder Ted Smith on New Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis legalization is feeding patients to the wolves of corporate greed. Legal herb should be a boon to patients.  Instead, the federal Liberal government’s plans do little positive for patients while removing products from shelves of existing dispensaries. The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club is a compassion club that has been in operation since January 1996. […]

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For Those in California ‘Pot Deserts,’ Legal Weed is Just a Mirage

Both medical and recreational marijuana are now legal in California. And yet for about 40 percent of the state, itrecreational marijuana would be difficult to tell. Thanks to some data analysis compiled by The Sacramento Bee, we can clearly see how local regulations have shaped the pot landscape in the state as a whole and how it is affecting people who live in more remote areas of California.

The report defined some regions of California as being “pot deserts” – areas where residents have to travel 60 miles or more to access legal marijuana at a licensed dispensary. An additional 29 percent have to drive 30 to 60 miles to the closest location. This disparity in cannabis access stems from the clause in Proposition 64 that allows local governments to establish their own set of recreational marijuana regulations or to ban sales altogether. While a majority of residents in the state clearly favor adult-use marijuana based on the 2016 vote, there is seemingly a desire among many districts to leave the actual growing, producing, and selling of the drug to other cities … cities far away from their own.From our years of experience, our Riverside recreational marijuana attorneys can say with certainty that much of this sentiment is rooted in outdated, outmoded, propaganda-riddled perspectives on marijuana. There’s a paranoia that expanding marijuana legalization in their towns will invite sketchy characters and create a seedy underbelly in their idyllic neighborhoods. Alas, by pumping the brakes on progress, they could be inviting the very thing …

Beleave gets sales license for medical cannabis from Health Canada

Beleave Inc.’s (CSE: BE) wholly-owned subsidiary, Bealeave Kannabis Corp., announced that it was granted a sales license by Health Canada under the ACMPR on Friday, April 13, 2018. Beleave was granted a license to cultivate medical cannabis back in May 2017, and receiving a sales license for medical cannabis was a key component of the […]

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Google, Facebook Won’t Friend Cannabis Business Ads

For many cannabis businesses, social media seems like the ideal place to advertise. Facebook provides many tools forcannabis business advertisers that allow them to focus their audience in a way that would be extraordinarily beneficial for marijuana products and dispensaries. They would be able to narrow down the viewers to only include people in states where cannabis is legal. They would also be able to add age restrictions, ensuring as much as possible that minors would not be exposed to the ads. It’s really a win-win, except for one very annoying catch.

Marijuana businesses are prohibited from advertising on Google or Facebook.

A recent report from Washington Post examined the challenges marijuana businesses face advertising to their customers while pot remains illegal under federal Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. The act outlines guidelines by which to classify certain drugs based on how dangerous a risk they pose, whether they have any medical benefits, and if they are addictive. Currently, marijuana is Schedule I, the most restricted classification on the list, despite no evidence it fits any of those qualifiers. That very same act (under Section 843) states “It shall be unlawful for any person to place in any newspaper, magazine, handbill, or other publications, any written advertisement knowing that it has the purpose of seeking or offering illegally to receive, buy, or distribute a Schedule I controlled substance.”

So how are there so many marijuana ads out there?

As our experienced Los Angeles cannabis business attorneys can explain, U.S. Code Title

Pro-D Day on 420: ‘Pure coincidence’, according to school officials

High schools across the Lower Mainland have Pro-D Days scheduled on 420, but school officials insist it was a coincidence. North Vancouver District Principal Brad Baker recently sent a message to parents to address their concerns, writing: “This coincidence was not intended to promote student attendance at these events. The North Vancouver School District (NVSD) […]

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Want to Honor Veterans? Access to Medical Marijuana a Good Start

As a country, many support troops with parades and national days of honor. Yetmedical marijuana when those same veterans seek help ease the mental and physical pain they endure as a result of fighting for our freedoms, their pleas often fall on deaf ears. That’s why many veterans find themselves standing up and fighting once again, this time in a battle for their own lives in the ongoing war over medical marijuana.

A group of veterans in Louisiana has been on the front lines pushing for legalization of medical cannabis in the state. According to the Leesville Daily Leader, they want to help veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as well as chronic pain that developed as a result of their service time. Even though these veterans know medical marijuana to be a safe and effective form of treatment for these issues, using it would make them a criminal in the country they risked their life to defend due to the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812, which classifies marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic with no medical benefits. The group hopes to at least change the law in Louisiana so the state can join 29 others in legalizing marijuana. Furthermore, they also recognize that legalization would be beneficial to all residents, so they are putting their efforts behind cannabis education. The group knows legalization has become particularly critical for veterans right now as the opioid crisis is coming to a fever pitch. As the damaging effects of opioids are becoming …

John Boehner, former US House Speaker & staunch cannabis opponent, joins cannabis company

On Wednesday, John Boehner, the former Speaker for the US House of Representatives, came out in support of legalizing cannabis while at the same time announcing he is joining the board of Acreage Holdings, one of America’s biggest cannabis companies. I’m joining the board of #AcreageHoldings because my thinking on cannabis has evolved. I’m convinced […]

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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – Harvesting A Hempire

This week Craig’s, Harvesting A Hempire and welcomes the writer/director/star of the movie ‘Dark Harvest‘ James Hutson, ‘Up For Review’ with the creators of the mobile game Hempire, Skype calls from Cannabis Photographer/Social Media Influencer Tweedledoob, as well as Sarah Sunday of ‘The Karma Cup‘… plus products from The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, and special guest Kamila […]

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Feds Consider Marijuana to be Criminal, While Legal Knockoffs Hospitalize Users

Marijuana has proven so replete with benefits with so few side effectsmarijuana criminal defense, it is almost laughable how many misguided politicians and policymakers are still fighting against it. It is clear to our experienced cannabis attorneys that this conundrum is exactly why many good law-abiding citizens turn to dangerous knockoff substances that have weaseled their way into the market. They do not want to break the law or fail drug tests, but they want to enjoy the benefits of marijuana.

“Synthetic cannabinoids” have been around for years, marketed as legal marijuana knockoffs, when their relation to marijuana stops at their cheeky branding and colorful packaging. Reports are rolling in from Michigan and Illinois of people using K2 or “Spice” and ending up in emergency rooms with uncontrollable bleeding, according to a report from Michigan’s WILX10. A representative from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services claimed in the Midwest, more than 100 have been hospitalized and two have died from this drug. Other forms of so-called artificial pot in the past have reportedly caused side effects such as hallucinations, seizures, heart-rate issues, and other serious medical problems. You might be wondering if these types of drugs have been around for years and are so dangerous, why do they continue to be on the market? Our knowledgeable L.A. marijuana criminal defense attorneys can explain that producers of these drugs are using a pretty typical tactic to evade the law. When a substance is made illegal, it is based on the exact formula that …

Tourists Could Cause Marijuana Shortage in CA This Summer

California marijuana supply shortages have been of mounting concern, marijuana businessstemming primarily from the introduction of legal cannabis Jan. 1st and the barrage of regulations that came with it. Marijuana businesses have varied reports on supply issues thus far, with some experiencing few supply chain problems, and others reporting major lapses. Many of these issues are typical growing pains associated with a budding new industry. These problems could become major snags this summer, though, when tourist season his, and we’re flooded with curious new customers.

In San Diego, for example, about 8 million tourists visit during the summer months, according to a recent report discussing the potential impending shortage from San Diego Union-Tribune. Lines are already out the door at stores in this city, so there is worry businesses may not be able to keep pace. The issue is not necessarily that overall supply can’t keep pace with demand, but more that businesses are grappling with supply bottlenecks due to erratic regulation across jurisdictions throughout California.As our trusted Orange County marijuana business lawyers can explain, cannabis growers have been registered as cultivators for dispensary collectives in California for years, in accordance with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and the medical market guidelines that followed. The addition of recreational marijuana has rocked the scene, however, with the ushering in of Prop 64 and the establishment of Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which sought to streamline regulations for both the medical and recreational markets. While this system is far more …

Former cannabis grower Anthony Coletti on how being shot 7 times changed his life

Anthony Coletti used to be one of the biggest growers of medical cannabis in Toronto until someone tried to kill him. He got into growing in 2011, and over 3 years, he became very successful, and during those years, he eventually got involved in the underworld- he was living the high life with all of the […]

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Cannabis Legalization and Reform Discussed in D.C.

Cannabis Legalization discussed in Washington D.C.

As I look back at the last four years of cannabis legalization it is easy to forget how far we have come. I have been to nearly every legal cannabis market in the country (including Amsterdam last year), and I can say with great confidence that from a consumer standpoint nobody does retail cannabis as well as Washington State. There is not even a distant second.

Cannabis Legalization discussed in Washington D.C.

Cannabis legalization and reform was the topic of conversation in Washington D.C.

While the paradigm of oversupply makes things difficult on producers and processors, the natural byproduct of this (particularly in a system with no vertical integration) is an incredible variety of products for consumers to pick from. In a fight for space on a retailer’s shelves, you will invariably see quality go up, and prices come down. Moreover, with so many retail stores fighting for a finite pool of customers, the stores need to focus on customer service and experience if they are to retain market share. All of this makes Washington a virtual utopia when it comes to shopping for cannabis.

Senator Warren and Eric Gaston fighting for cannabis legalization

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Eric Gaston, and other agents of change prepared to sit at the table for cannabis reform.

That being said, it is perplexing that Washington State seems to get lost in the national conversation around cannabis legalization and the legal cannabis industry. With this in mind, I was excited by the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. this month as part of a joint lobbying effort organized by WACA2 and attended by approximately

Rae Sremmurd drops by Studio 710 in Clip of the Week

The hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd recently dropped by Studio 710 to chop it up with Craig Ex aka the Expert of Expert Joints. The group has been busy in the past few years, racking up awards and hitting number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 with “Black Beatles“. Their highly anticipated album, SR3MM, is due sometime this year. […]

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Chef Travis Petersen, aka the Nomad Cook, brings cannabis-infused fine dining to Vancouver

Chef Travis Petersen, also known as the Nomad Cook, is one of Canada’s up-and-coming chefs- he made the top 20 in season 3 of Masterchef Canada and cooked for Vancouver’s Dinner in the Sky in 2017- and he’s bringing a 6-course THC-infused dinner to Vancouver this 4/20 weekend. CLN interviewed him on everything from pans to potheads, […]

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San Bernardino Sued for Exclusionary Marijuana Business Regulation

Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and San Francisco have been praised for being at the forefront of decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in California.marijuana business

On the flip side, we have San Bernardino. The city recently passed a regulation (Ordinance No. 1464 Section 5.10) that prevents any cannabis business that has “conducted commercial cannabis activity in the City of San Bernardino in violation of local and state law” from obtaining one of the 17 licenses available in the city.

One savvy business owner isn’t taking this move lying down, though. She is suing the city after officials in December raided and shut down a facility she owned and leased out to cannabis growers. They confiscated 35,000 marijuana plants, according to a report from High Times. And though the owner of the facility was never charged, she still falls under the current restrictions and is not qualified for one of the licenses, currently being given to other establishments who have the same intention as her: to run a facility for growing marijuana.Our knowledgeable Riverside marijuana business attorneys know the actions of officials in San Bernardino are in stark contrast to other areas of the state, which are actively trying to get unlicensed operations in compliance with state and local laws. Smart leaders know the best way to curb illegal activity is to make the path to compliance as smooth as possible. Legal sale and taxation of recreational marijuana went into effect in California Jan. 1, 2018, thanks t0 Proposition 64 and its …

Woman Arrested After Toddler Eats Cannabis-Infused Mac and Cheese

One of the potential problems with edibles is that they can be hard to differentiate from regular food. Sometimes, this confusion leads to accidental consumption. That’s exactly what happened recently in Arizona, with a woman arrested after toddler eats cannabis-infused mac and cheese.

Baby Eats Cannabis Mac and Cheese

As reported by local news outlet AZFamily, a 25-year-old woman in Tempe, Arizona was recently arrested after her almost two-year-old daughter accidentally consumed cannabis macaroni and cheese. As a result, Alaina Marie Limpert was charged with one count of child abuse.

Police reports said that Limpert made macaroni and cheese with THC-infused butter. The edible was reportedly intended for her husband. But at some point, the baby found the mac and cheese and ate some of it.

A witness who saw what happened eventually reported the incident to authorities. Two days later, the Department of Child Safety showed up and took custody of the baby, as well as two other children living in the home. Hospital reports later confirmed that the baby did indeed have THC in her system.

The police report makes clear that the toddler felt the effects of the THC.

“It was witnessed inside of the residence that [they] both laughed about the side effects the child experienced during that time,” the police report stated.

The report added: “During that time, neither parent took the child to immediate emergency care.” Instead, authorities said that Limpert and her husband “proceeded to place [the infant] into their backyard pool to use the …

Cannabis, Consciousness, and Impaired Driving

Anyone concerned with the role of cannabis in impaired driving should become familiar with at least one of these propositions: 1. Impaired driving from alcohol or prescription pills is far larger of a problem than driving with cannabis in your system 2. CBD is non-psychoactive, so the concern with cannabis impairment derives from THC. THC […]

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Pro-Pot States to Sessions: Why Can’t Weed Be Friends?

Public support for pot is on the rise. More states are looking to legalize marijuana or expand accessibility. In fact, cannabis is one of the few issues thatmarijuana legalization politicians on both sides of the aisle can agree on these days, particularly medical marijuana. It’s a time when cannabis is poised to go mainstream and become an accepted medical resource, cultural norm, and economic powerhouse. Yet, since the current administration entered Washington, D.C. and Jeff Sessions was asked to helm the Justice Department, the industry has faced uncertainty and instability.

That’s why states that strongly support marijuana legalization, including California, have requested a meeting with Sessions with the goal reconcile the stark contrast between state law and federal law, according to the Associated Press. The state treasurer from California was joined by Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Illinois in crafting a letter to open dialogue with Sessions about what banks and marijuana businesses can expect from the federal government in terms of enforcement moving forward. As our skilled lawyers can explain, the federal government is holding firm to marijuana’s Schedule I classification as part of the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. To receive this classification, a substance must not demonstrate medical benefits, be considered unsafe, and have a high potential for abuse. To make these claims about cannabis is absurd, and frankly, Sessions is standing on the wrong side of history on this one.

Most people agree, as evidenced by polls and votes reflecting rising swell of public support for legalization and decriminalization. …

Medical Marijuana Protection Intact in Federal Spending Bill

When President Trump signed a recent spending bill, he not only prevented the looming third federal government shutdown of the year, but also letmedical marijuana the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment slide through, thus continuing protections of state-compliant medical marijuana operations. While seemingly small, this was a pretty significant victory for those who depend on medical marijuana, whether as a patient or cannabis business owner. Marijuana users have been somewhat nervous since the change in administration, particularly with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions openly making it his mission to eradicate all advancements in the marijuana industry.

First introduced as Rohrabacher-Farr in 2001, the amendment as we know it was not signed into law until December 2014. As our medical marijuana attorneys can explain, while it does not legalize medical marijuana federally, it essentially restricts officials from spending government funds to disrupt any medical marijuana-related actions or businesses that are in compliance with relevant state and local laws. The catch is, the amendment must be renewed every year to remain in effect. It is essentially a bandage Congress created to stop the war being waged between states and the federal government. More states now have legalized medical marijuana than not. Meanwhile the federal government is clinging to an outdated Schedule 1 classification of marijuana under Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812.

President Trump previously signed this same amendment into an appropriations act in May 2017. But that time, he did so with an ominous disclaimer attached, according t0 Marijuana Moment. He intentionally called out the section …


This week Craig gets Ill & welcomes Landon from the streetwear company Ill Kids, Beats by Julius & Thraxxwoods; samples products from MMJ Canada and brings you the latest Out & About video too. This week’s Thompson Caribou Thursday promo code is: (announced Thursday at 4:15pm PT) Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday […]

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Maine Won’t Punish Workers for Cannabis Use On Own Time

Marijuana users in Main will no longer have to choose between marijuana and their jobs. cannabis legalizationThanks to the implementation of IB 2015, c.5, “Question 1 – An Act to Legalize Marijuana” in February, employers can no longer drug test applicants for marijuana or fire workers for using cannabis on their own time.

This part of the new law has taken effect despite the fact that other portions are still lagging, namely the regulations necessary to begin sale of cannabis and cannabis products.

Voters in Maine approved recreational use, sale and taxation of marijuana back in November 2016. Initially, the law was supposed to go live in January 2017, but it soon became clear that wasn’t nearly enough time to get all the necessary regulations in place and build the foundation of a pot economy. So they moved the deadline to launch legalization out to February 2018, putting Maine on a similar timeline to California’s roll-out of Proposition 64, which also was voted on in 2016, and began implementation Jan. 1. Unlike California, though, Maine has yet to finalize rules for legal sales yet. To be fair, California had a lot more experience since our state legislators had been working with medical marijuana operations since 1996, while Maine only legalized medical marijuana a few years ago. But Maine state senators also did not extend the moratorium on the deadline to make sales legal, according to a report from The Press Herald.

This has left Maine residents in a weird limbo where the law is …

Is medicinal cannabis being left behind?

Medicinal cannabis stands out from other medications because cannabis is used both medicinally and recreationally, and with recreational cannabis set to be legalized later this year, this creates a challenging regulatory environment where the government needs to balance the rights of medicinal and recreational users. The big question: Are medicinal cannabis patients being left behind […]

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Medical Marijuana Study in Israel Lights Way for Cancer Treatments

Here in California, we have more than 20 years of anecdotal evidence of the ways medical marijuana can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Thanksmedical marijuana to the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, patients have been reaping the benefits of cannabis for everything from glaucoma to anxiety and chronic pain. Unfortunately, the research that would help independently establish these things has largely been stifled in the U.S., owing largely to the federal policy that classifies marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic. Meanwhile, as reported by U.S. News & World Report, Israel has become a leader in marijuana research – and one of the latest findings of Israeli researchers underscores the medicinal properties of marijuana for cancer patients.

Published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, the study analyzes the effects of cannabis on symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatments. These include nausea, vomiting, headaches, weakness, pain, and more. According to the study, 1,046 out of 1,742 reported success in overcoming these symptoms after six months. This total did not include participants who passed away, switched cannabis providers, or did not respond to questionnaires. The study looked mostly at patients who were at an advanced stage of cancer and on average 60-years-old. These factors meant a quarter of patients died before the study was over, but even many of those patients reported having the pain of their condition eased by cannabis.

“Success” was determined by those who ranked their symptoms as having moderate or significant improvement and who did not …

Unincorporated Areas of Riverside County Might Get Marijuana Businesses

The County of Riverside remains a patchwork laws, with each city holding very different opinions on how to best move forward with regulating (or marijuana business lawyerbanning) marijuana businesses, growing operations, home cultivation, testing, sales, manufacturing and distribution. That same divide is reflected in the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in how to handle regulations in unincorporated parts of the county. But it looks like after a recent vote, the board will be moving forward on its own with those regulations, while also forgoing a tax ballot initiative in November, according to an article from The Press-Enterprise.

As our marijuana attorneys can explain, even though Proposition 64 passed in November 2016, and adult-use sales were permitted beginning Jan. 1, 2018, it did not mean an automatic free-for-all everywhere in California. The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act was voted into place by state legislators in June 2017 to streamline the existing Compassionate Use Act of 1996 with the incoming recreational marijuana laws. MAUCRSA Section 18-26032(a)(2) outlines that the actions of marijuana businesses “are not unlawful under state law” so long as they are “permitted pursuant to local authorization, license, or permit issued by the local jurisdiction, if any.”Though this system allows local governments to retain control and make what they believe to be the best choices for their jurisdiction, it’s also leading to a lot of confusion among residents and business owners. Not to mention it leaves the door open for the continued propagation of myths and stereotypes about the marijuana industry …

How to Enjoy Cannabis and Not Smell Like Weed

How to not smell like weed, use a de-toker when smoking.

I’m incredibly lucky working in the legal cannabis industry, where the concern of smelling like weed isn’t really a concern, and especially not how it was prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis. But, of course I don’t always want to smell like weed, either.

When the topic of not smelling like weed came up, the first thought I had was DABS! Of course. But, for someone just embarking on their cannabis journey, a concentrated form of weed may not be the recommended starting point. So, I looked outside of my personal cannabis preferences and desires, to weight out all the options we have at our disposal with legal weed and products including topicals, tinctures and a variety of edibles.


Oh, the classic brownie, we have come so far! The highlight of today, is you no longer need to consume a multitude of calories to get the cannabis effects you desire. With so many products on the market that are therapeutic, healing and offer relief, sugary and sweet edibles are not your only option.

How to not smell like weed, eat cannabis edibles.

How to not smell like weed? Enjoy a breath mint like these delicious, Green Tea CBD from Swifts.

Other options include:

CBD mints that give great breath plus CBD to help ease possible anxiety or discomfort, whether physical or emotional.

Wellness Tinctures for Sleep plus tinctures with CBG, CBD & CBN, some of the therapeutic cannabinoids.

Capsules with ginseng and CBD as well as other holistic herbs.

Drinks and mixers are a great way to ingest cannabis and …

Regina Police raid six dispensaries

On Wednesday, Mar. 28, Regina Police raided six local cannabis businesses simultaneously which resulted in the seizure of thousands of dollars and hundreds of pounds of product, in addition to temporary arrests. Charges are also expected to be laid by the end of the investigation. The affected businesses are Best Buds Society, Greentree Regina, CannaGreen […]

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An Overview of the Cannabis Community’s Impact on Industry

It’s only been several years since Washington State legalized recreational cannabis in late 2012.  The cannabis culture and community has become a force with and within the cannabis industry. In a short few years we have demonstrated the viability of cannabis as both a responsibly consumed recreational substance AND a powerful source of non-toxic, medicinally-viable compounds.  Take a moment to look up from the hard work we’re doing in this state and you see the many other states that have continued the trend towards national legalization. Not only are the dominos falling, but every year the industry, the culture, and the COMMUNITY builds momentum.

What began outdoor has been brought inside.  The search for high THC has expanded to other cannabinoids.  What was once talk of the Indica/Sativa spectrum has now evolved into a discussion of the “entourage effect” which is the term given to the sum of effects specific to the different ratios of cannabinoid and terpenoid levels.  Perhaps most exciting, the further research into balancing these components into different desired effects is slowly giving way to a whole new approach to an individuals’ well being. Nothing is more personal than the feelings a scent can induce.  Cannabis research and development is furthering the science behind using fragrance to tune products to individual needs! The potential! If you have any questions about terpenes, the entourage effect or anything else, please feel free to drop by our Knowledge Bar and speak with an educator to further discuss any topic.

By Educator – Michael Henderson…

Spannabis Barcelona highlights with Craig Ex

Craig Ex was in Barcelona March 9-11 for Spannabis 2018 for the first time ever, and now you can check out the exclusive highlights from his adventures at one of Spain’s biggest cannabis events. It was a packed weekend full of a few familiar faces and a ton of new people, seeds, grow gear, fertilizer, […]

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Expert Joints LIVE! – “The Ultimate Episode”

This week The Ultimate Episode as Craig talks tents with Tyler from Ultimate Grow, while sampling buds from Top Leaf Canada. Creed Taylor of The People North West also stops by for ‘DabTime’ ft. Nektr Extracts and ‘Up For Review’ with Vie Vaporizers too! Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at […]

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Cannabis Farm Gets Big Insurance Payout After Fire

If you are a marijuana cultivator in California, you might be reluctant to buy insurance on your business. But our experienced cannabis business cannabis businessattorneys know there are many good reasons to invest in insurance.

A recent article from Santa Barbara Independent reveals a big payout one cannabis farmer in Carpinteria received due to losses caused by the Thomas Fire in December, the largest wildfire in the state in recent history. The farm got more than $1 million dollars from their insurance company after thousands of marijuana plants on property were destroyed. This equated to about market value for the plants. While the farm’s crops did not burn in the fire, white ash blew into the greenhouses and tainted the plants. The plants tested positive for lead, arsenic, asbestos, and magnesium. This type of damage was covered under the policy’s clause covering changes in atmospheric conditions.

Meanwhile, most of the other cannabis farms in Northern California were not so fortunate. Many opted out of insurance policies to keep costs low. This money-saving tactic is typical among farmers of all kinds, who often skip this expense to keep profit margins higher. But this is a big gamble, particularly in an area so prone to fires. Our Riverside cannabis business attorneys know that some owners avoid insurance policies in order to keep a low profile. This is rooted in years of living in fear of government crack downs and the failed “War on Drugs,” which is charade used to control and oppress certain communities. A huge weight …

Educator Spotlight: Dillon Buckingham

Cannabis users will often tell you about how this plant helps open your mind; now that it is legal and there is an entire legitimate industry, we’re seeing it go even further than that. Legal cannabis is opening up the possibilities for the lives of each person involved in the 502 industry to be lived more real, more authentic, and still thrive in the real success of this market.
Career in 502 cannabis industry information from Budtender and educator Dillon Buckingham.

Dillon Buckingham, Educator and Budtender at The Evergreen Market shares his reasons for driving across the state to start a new life in the 502 industry.

Dillon Buckingham transplanted to the west side of Washington state after being born and raised in Spokane. “This is my first job in the legal cannabis industry– before this I was a car salesman,” he explained. Dillon thrives on providing people with exactly what they are looking for or needing and has a history in sales. This was the catalyst that brought him over the mountains.
“There’s a lot more opportunity in legal (cannabis) retail over here. In Spokane there’s more opportunity for growing or trimming jobs.” -Dillon Buckingham
After getting into the industry Dillon was hooked on digging deeper into the knowledge of this plant. He believes that having the ability to answer whatever questions customers might have on the sales floor works in tandem with creating a greater good for the world as a whole by decreasing the amount of misinformation that gets spread about cannabis. “Sometimes it’s less knowledgeable people that are leading raids and stuff

Cash-Only System Tough on Marijuana Businesses When Paying Taxes

In the midst of tax season, the paradox of tax-paying marijuana business owners being treated like criminals takes center stage. The San Francisco marijuana businessChronicle recently described the scene as marijuana retailers brought bags of cash to tax administration offices. Some retailers reported bringing in up to $80,000 at a time.

But what other choice did they have? California has opened the door for legal recreational sales with the implementation of Proposition 64 this year, which is bringing a new wave of money-making opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. And where there is money-making, there are also taxes. These businesses want to pay their taxes, but without the option of processing transactions and savings in a bank like a normal business, cannabis companies end up paying taxes with cash out of bags.

As our marijuana attorneys can explain, at the heart of this issue is Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. According to the federal government, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I narcotic under this act. A Schedule I classification means that a drug “has high potential for abuse” and has no accepted medical use in the United States. And even under medical supervision, it would not be considered safe to consume. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to marijuana. For more than 20 years, cannabis has been offering relief to patients in California for everything from cancer to arthritis to anxiety thanks to the Compassionate use Act of 1996.Regardless, this classification prevents banks from doing business …

Secretary of Health Rejects Medical Marijuana

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Don Fitch

It is 2018 and the Secretary of Health and Human Services is saying,

“There really is no such thing as medical marijuana.”

Alex Azar, the new Secretary (previously held by Tom Price who resigned in disgrace for improper spending) formerly served as a pharmaceutical exec and a pharma lobbyist. He joins a cabinet with, to a person, an abiding hatred of marijuana.

Bizarrely, Azar made his comments slighting medical cannabis when speaking about the government’s response to the opioid crisis.

We are devoting hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of research at our National Institutes of Health as part of the historic $13 billion opioid and serious mental illness program that the President and Congress are funding.

Over $750 million just in 2019 alone is going to be dedicated towards the National Institutes of Health working in public-private partnership to try and develop the next generation of pain therapies that are not opioids.

But that next generation of pain therapies will not be cannabis, elaborated the health secretary.

There is no FDA-approved use of marijuana, a botanical plant. I just want to be very clear about that.

As Azar well knows, the FDA is not set up to deal with a healing plant such as marijuana. The problem is not in the drug’s effectiveness nor safety; the problem is the FDA’s lack of desire and ability to study cannabis, which research around the planet …

What the Senate didn’t understand

This is what the Senate didn’t understand: There were small growers who were here first. Before the LPs. Growers who established the BC Bud brand. Governments talk about the tax-revenue they’ve missed out on with prohibition. So, they’ve promised legalization and even gotten into the game. Thinking, hey, this should be easy money. Thinking the […]

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Marijuana Legalization Takes Detour in Nebraska

There’s no finer example of the ongoing struggle between politicians and the people over the issue of marijuana legalization than the current events marijuana legalizationtaking place in Nebraska. Despite efforts on two different fronts to get medical marijuana on the 2018 ballot, all efforts have been halted, at least for the time being.

A recent survey of Nebraska residents showed that 77 percent of respondents would vote yes on a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in the state, according to an Omaha World-Herald report. The survey was conducted as part of research one state senator was conducting to support a resolution to make way for voters to decide on medical marijuana legalization. The resolution was dropped, though, when the senator determined she did not have enough support from her fellow legislators, despite the overwhelming support from voters.

Meanwhile the Marijuana Policy Project (which offered support for Proposition 64 when it was on the ballot in California) has been trying to organize a petition drive to get an initiative on the ballot as well. However, the group determined there was not enough time to rally for 2018 and are instead focusing their efforts on a big 2020 push.This is a massive disappointment for the good people of Nebraska who clearly want access to medical marijuana. Not only will they have to wait more than two years to vote, but assuming the initiative passes, it will take time to get the proper licensing systems and regulations in place to establish a medical marijuana infrastructure. That …

Doug Ford, Free Markets, and Cannabis

As Ontario approaches a provincial election, the normally centre-of-the-spectrum Ontario Liberals have shifted so far to the left that all it takes is for a Conservative leader to win is recommend the government trust markets more than the current Liberal dynasty. Doug Ford promises to be that guy. First, he promised a free market in […]

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Med Students Must Learn About Medical Marijuana

It’s been more than 20 years since California legalized medical marijuana with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Much of the country is just now medical marijuanacatching up to what California and our trusted attorneys have known for a long time: That marijuana is a safe and effective treatment for many illnesses and ailments. So safe, in fact, that laws are expanding to open up marijuana for recreational consumption as well, with California implementing Proposition 64 Jan. 1. We are now one of 29 states that has some form of cannabis legalization.

But we also know the more things change, the more they stay the same.

High Times recently delved into the issue of medical schools and teaching about medical marijuana to students. One medical journal study last year showed that 90 percent of med students don’t learn anything about marijuana in medical school. Less than 10 percent of medical schools have any sort of medical marijuana curriculum. And roughly 25 percent of graduates wouldn’t even feel prepared to talk about cannabis as an option with a patient.

The findings are discouraging, but not surprising considering the stigma marijuana still holds on the federal level. As our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys can explain, it is difficult to conduct medical research studies involving cannabis when it is still labeled as a Schedule I narcotic under Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. Thus, fewer schools are teaching how to use it as a treatment and the vicious cycle continues.

So who has been

Tax Bill Would Offer Relief to Cannabis Businesses and Consumers

For many years now, attorneys with the Cannabis Law Group in California have beencannabis business working with medical marijuana operations obtain compliance with the law. More recently, we’ve been on the forefront of helping recreational marijuana businesses align their operations with the regulatory parameters set forth in Proposition 64 Jan. 1, as well as those guidelines established by local governments.

However, the level of success a business owner can achieve requires help from all levels, including government officials setting regulations and tax rates. Many owners face a broad range of challenges when transitioning from medical to recreational sales or opening a business for the first time under the new adult-use standards.

Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) and Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) want to ease some of those pains. They have introduced Assemblybill 3157, which would reduce the state marijuana excise tax to 11 percent for three years. The tax currently sits at 15 percent. The bill states: “The cumulative tax rate imposed by existing law is substantial and undermines the legal regulatory system if high taxes cause prices to far exceed that what is found on the black market.”

According to Leafly, Lackey said he hopes this bill will give relief to legal cannabis businesses, who currently have a lot of competition from black market sellers. Legislators also hope this will help make it easier for businesses to transition into legal sales and get on their feet.

The bill also suspends the cannabis cultivation tax, easing added expenses that occur along the marijuana production chain.

A …

CA Medical Marijuana Recommendations Offer Protections in AZ

Every state that allows the use of medical marijuana has their own regulatory scheme and requirements pertaining to how patients are able to access this much-needed medicine.  For example, anyone who needs medical marijuana in California must go to a doctor and get a recommendation letter.  Once they have a recommendation letter, they can register as a patient with a medical marijuana dispensary and are then are eligible to obtain medical cannabis. Because every state has different regulations, the concept of medical marijuana reciprocity becomes important.  This is when a registered patient in one state goes to another state and needs to get their medicine there.

cannabis businessThis may seem like a novel concept, but it should not be anywhere near as controversial as it has become.  If a patient is taking a drug manufactured by a big pharmaceutical company and runs out of it while on vacation, they can simply go to a pharmacy location in their current jurisdiction and ask to have their prescription transferred there. This can be done permanently, or on a one-time basis, no questions asked. Typically, this is not how things work for medical marijuana patients because many states allow only residents to obtain medical marijuana from a dispensary located there. This creates obvious problems. One way to address this is by allowing medical marijuana reciprocity whereby a patient registered in one state, can travel to another state and use their home-state registration to obtain medical cannabis products.

As our Los Angeles medical marijuana defense attorneys can explain, while …

Cannabis Act faces defeat in the Senate today

Today, the Cannabis Act faces a crucial vote in the Senate, and it could come down to the wire. The Upper House currently has 93 seats filled, and with only 33 Conservative senators, you’d think that getting the bill through the second reading would be a walk in the park for the Liberals, right? Not […]

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Finding the perfect edible: Interview with Products by SeC

CLN spoke to Holly, who’s in charge of brand image at Products by SeC, about their most popular gummies (which range in strength from 5 mg of THC to 400 mg), battling the stigma around edibles, the differences between the various types of edibles (ie. gummies, baked goods, and drinks), and their hopes for when edibles […]

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Why Sativa or Indica is becoming Archaic

The cannabis industry is growing in all aspects of the word— especially in regards to the knowledge that is being presented to the general public. People are getting smarter about their cannabis consumption and during this particular part of the journey we’re largely realizing that things aren’t quite as black and white as they seem.

Did you know that distillate may get you really high, really fast, but since all the terpenes and lots of the other cannabinoids have been worked out of it the experience you’re left with is often hollow and quick to fade away? Did you know that even if you don’t want to get high, a CBD product is going to be largely more effective with at least a small amount of THC due to the way that cannabinoids attach to the receptors in your brain?

These were never fun facts that were offered up to me while I swiped my ziplock baggie back in the day. The legalization of cannabis has allowed us access to a great amount of more knowledge regarding what and why cannabis affects humans the way they do. This is also making us question the way that we’ve been doing things; in the not so distant future sativa, indica, and hybrid being associated with uppy or relaxing kinds of effects from cannabis might become a thing of the past as the future points to a much more complex rule of thumb than that.

The bud structure (which is what defines sativa or indica) is showing …

Everlasting Extracts on winning big at Dabadoo and the Spanish cannabis scene

CLN caught up with Joel from Everlasting Extracts to talk about their recent win at Dabadoo in Barcelona, how the Spanish cannabis scene compares to Canada, and Everlasting Extracts’ big plans for the future. CLN: What do you do at Everlasting Extracts? Joel: We are connoisseurs at heart who produce high-quality cannabis concentrates using various […]

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