Canada’s strict new packaging rules for recreational cannabis

On March 19th, the Canadian government released its updated guidelines for legal cannabis, which features strict guidelines for packaging, labeling, and health warnings- but how effective will they be? According to Health Canada’s press release, the government is taking an “an evidence-informed, public health approach”, after receiving comments from over 3,200 Canadians during its 60-day public […]

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Expert Joints LIVE! – “Fuk U”

This week Craig welcomes Dan from the “Fuk U” Fukushima Pre Roll Factory as they sample several of their well put together Moonrockets. They’ll also check out some products from 91 Supreme during Dab Time, and give away a bunch of goodies during Puff Puff Pass It Along This week’s Thompson Caribou Thursday promo code is: […]

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Legal Marijuana Lounges On the Rise in CA

Long before anyone even thought about the possibility of legalizing marijuana for recreational use, or even medical marijuana in the U.S., cannabis has been legal in Amsterdam. This led many college students to travel to the city and visit the fabled coffee shops where they could not only purchase marijuana, but could sit at the bar and smoke a joint, or “spliff” like a civilized person without the fear of being harassed or arrested by the police.  For this reason, Amsterdam was for decades the world’s leading destination for marijuana tourism.

Caifornia marijuana lawyersWhen legalized recreational use marijuana came to Colorado, other western states, and now California as well, the concept of cannabis tourism became possible in the U.S.  The problem, however, is while it is legal to go to one of these states and purchase marijuana, assuming you are over the legal age of 21, laws prohibiting public consumption of marijuana made anything other  than the use of edibles very impractical. For anyone staying in a hotel, most are non-smoking entirely, and this also includes the use of marijuana products.

As our Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys know, with very few places a tourist can legally smoke marijuana, it has resulted in a major setback in what could and should be a viable cannabis tourism industry. Those who come to area are still impressed by the large selection of quality products. But without the local equivalent to an Amsterdam coffee shop, the draw is not what it could be.

As discussed in a recent news …

CA Proposed Bill to Lower Marijuana Tax

When Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the government set out to drive all black market cannabis sellers out of business.  They did this not through more rigid enforcement methods, but by making legal marijuana as cheap, if not cheaper, than buying it from a traditional dealer.  This was accomplished by setting the tax rate very low for legal sales of recreational marijuana.

marijuana businessOn the other hand, when California legalized marijuana, the ballot initiative was sold to many as a way for the state to generate billions of dollars in revenue.  While this is certainly true, and a laudable goal, it was accomplished by setting a tax of 15 percent, which is many times higher than the tax rate set in Canada. There is also a separate tax on the cultivation of cannabis set at nine percent, which results in a direct expenses passed on to distributors and consumers as discussed in a recent news article from Forbes. As our Orange County recreational marijuana business attorneys can explain, this amounts to a tax or nearly 30 percent on top of the normal retail sales price of pot, which makes many still likely to buy it from the black market.  As discussed in this article, many of those trying to follow the law, are faced with a difficult task of competing with the black market dealers and also the ever-expanding marijuana grey market.

It is the licensed business people who must keep detailed records, collect sales tax, pay income tax, make sure all …

Free market vs. government monopoly: recreational cannabis fight heats up in Ontario

Featured image courtesy of Canadian Press/Chris Young It’s “government-owned monopoly” versus “free market retail” as Ontario’s political parties fight over recreational cannabis, an issue that will only get bigger with the provincial election looming later this year. Doug Ford, the (alleged hash dealer and) Progressive Conservatives’ new leader recently told CBC News, “Right now we’re […]

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How to Roll a Blunt

Cannabis has been used for many years as a way for people to get to know each other. There is a great sense of unity when passing around marijuana, while sharing funny stories or interesting thoughts. Blunts are great for sharing because they are easy to pass around-they don’t involve any re-packing or re-lighting.

So, what is a blunt? The term “blunt” actually was  derived from “Phillies Blunt” brand, but is commonly used as a nickname for cannabis that is broken down and filled into an emptied cigar wrap. There are many cigar brands that are available on the market. Commonly used brands include: Swisher Sweets, White Owl, Phillies, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Flavorless is also an option for those who enjoy tasting the terpenes within their marijuana.

Here are my tips so you can roll a perfect blunt, with trial and error (if the error leads to getting high then I’m in!) you will be rolling them in no time.

When purchasing a cigar, first make sure that it is fresh. All you have to do is pinch on the casing or packaging to feel for softness. If the cigar is crunchy, simply ask for another. Most places will not mind pulling a few out for you to choose from. After deciding on a cigar, you will need to split it evenly along the seal and remove the tobacco. To do this, look closely at your cigar and search for the faint line …

Mad Mark Farms

Clones at Mad Mark Farms in Enumclaw, WA.

Mad Mark Farm

Mark Seegmueller is the founder, owner and mastermind behind growing all the incredible strains offered by Mad Mark Farms out of Enumclaw, WA.


Clones at Mad Mark Farms

The little babies; clones getting their root systems strong before moving into a much bigger pot, soon.


Clones at Mad Mark Farms in Enumclaw, WA.

Mark shows off his babies as he led us around his veg and flower rooms.


Buds on the cannabis plant at Mad Mark Farms.

Mark shows us his ladies as they start showing signs of budding.


Clones grow buds at Mad Mark Farms.

You can see the start of buds forming in the center of the stalk top.


Cannabis plants at Mad Mark Farms

Reaching almost the ceiling, the plants in this room were huge and full! Can you smell it through the screen?


Plants at Mad Mark Farms


Mad Mark Farm in Enumclaw gave a tour.

Full of trichomes, the plants at Mad Mark Farms were skunky with a blooming aroma that made us happy!


Budding flowers at Mad Mark Farms.


Mad Mark ladies grow tall and green

Mad Mark Farms consistently produces very hairy buds.


Grape Ape at Mad Mark Farms

Sparkling Grape Ape as it slowly matures, it will keep getting more frosty as it grows.


Mad Mark farms available in Washington State.

Enjoy flower grow by Mad Mark Farms such as Amnesia, Black Cherry Soda, Grape Ape and Carl Sagan.

Mad Mark Farms can be found at all three of our locations!

With pre-rolls, kief and flower available, there is a variety of ways to enjoy was is being grown with love and experience in Enumclaw, WA.

Written By: Masha Brown


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Is the “Ontario Cannabis Store” name and logo really that bad?

Perhaps in response to strict cannabis marketing restrictions, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has unveiled the name and logo for their cannabis stores, choosing the literal over creative with “Ontario Cannabis Store”. According to the LCBO, “The name is designed to convey a safe, simple and approachable environment for consumers, and agency employees, in […]

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Colorado Hopes to Bag Residency Requirements for Marijuana Businesses

Despite appalling and misguided federal efforts to hold back marijuana businesses, the industry continues to blaze trails with expanded marijuana laws and opportunities, clearing away for progress and reason to prevail.marijuana business

The latest example comes out of Colorado, where the state is looking to get rid of residency requirements for marijuana businesses. House Bill 18-1011 would allow non-Colorado residents and publicly traded companies own a stake in state-licensed businesses as well as make investments. Right now ownership for non-residents is limited to 15 people. A bi-partisan group of legislators is leading the charge on the bill, which they said will not only attract more investments in the state, but also allow local businesses to be publicly traded, according to The Cannabist.

Officials said Colorado law is causing the state to fall behind roughly a dozen other states that no longer have such limitations. Indeed, California already rid itself of residency restrictions with the creation of Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act in June 2017. The act combined the Adult Use of Marijuana Act and the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act in an effort to consolidate regulations and laws governing medical and recreational marijuana. Many regulations carried over from the two previous acts, but one notable change was the removal of a rule in AUMA to prohibit licenses from being issued to non-California residents until Dec. 31, 2019.

While residency restrictions can help protect small in-state businesses, our experienced Orange County marijuana business lawyers also know they can stifle investments and …

Court Snuffs Out Attempted Extortion of Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Attorneys at Cannabis Law Group are committed to helping marijuana dispensaries achieve medical marijuana dispensary compliance with state and local regulations. We are experienced in civil and criminal cannabis-related cases and fight hard for the rights of our clients. We support the continued expansion of marijuana legalization and hope to see a day soon when businesses are free to operate on a national scale.

Too often, we see hard-working cannabis business owners who may be niave or unclear about the state and local regulations and their obligations. In a recent case in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, a former Congressional aid was recently convicted of taking advantage of a dispensary owner.

Recently Michael Kimbrew, a former Congressional aide, was found guilty of attempted extortion and bribery. He was convicted of taking a $5,000 bribe, which he allegedly elicited from a pot shop that at the time was operating illegally, according to the Associated Press. Prosecutors allege he approached the Compton dispensary in 2015, when it was still illegal to operate such a business in the city. He then allegedly told the owners they would be shut down unless they could work out a deal with him. That deal reportedly included a $5,000 payment to Kimbrew, even though he did not have the connections to get them proper medical marijuana permits that he allegedly claimed he did.

Prosecutors said he went as far as bringing the owners to Compton City Hall, where the representative he worked for had an office. That representative …

Marijuana Businesses Weed Through Hundreds of Candidates at Cannabis Job Fair

Californians have known for decades the benefits of marijuana, especially as a treatment for certain medical ailments. Now the state is reaping themarijuana business benefits of added tax revenue from recreational marijuana businesses pouring into cities that have chosen to legalize marijuana under Proposition 64.

In addition to taxes flooding into communities, so too are jobs, and people are answering the call. Recently in Sacramento, the Cannabis Job Fair had people standing in lines out the door, waiting for up to two hours, according to KCRASacramento, prompting planners to already set their sites on a bigger event next time around.

With such a burgeoning industry, workers of all levels are needed for success. The marijuana industry offers opportunities for those with skills in cultivation, testing, distribution, horticulture, production, kitchen work, sales, management, and more. But they also need people savvy in the typical tent poles of any industry, including finances, accounting, analytical tracking, marketing, and social media. That’s on top of the farmers across the state investing their abilities and resources in the cannabis market. This creates a wealth of possibilities for a diverse cross-section of people across the socioeconomic spectrum.Our experienced marijuana business lawyers in Orange County know events like this are the perfect demonstration that marijuana goes far deeper than the ridiculous stereotypes about lazy people just wanting to get high and be reckless. While opponents keep trying to peddle these misconceptions, hard-working, dedicated, and skilled Californians are stepping up to grow this multi-billion-dollar industry. They understand the profound benefit …

Smaller Cannabis Business Operations Need More Support

Cannabis business owners want to be able to operate in full compliance with California law and function as a legitimatecannabis business business. They are open to paying taxes and following the rules. However, they are facing many barriers to achieving this end goal while operating a successful business – one of the biggest being the law itself.

This message was delivered loud and clear at a recent meeting in Ukiah, Calif., which included government officials and Northern California marijuana industry leaders in the first gathering of its kind, according to The Press Democrat.

The Sonoma County agriculture commissioner used this forum to address the seemingly endless patchwork mix of state and local regulations to which marijuana businesses must adhere and how detrimental they have been to established cultivators who want to operate legally under Proposition 64. Known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, Prop 64 went into effect earlier this year and allows adult-use marijuana legal in the state – but only for counties and cities whose leaders chose to adopt the law. Local governments have the right to continue to ban adult-use marijuana and to regulate it as they see fit.

Our experienced Riverside cannabis business attorneys know hyper-local regulations on top of the state regulations have become an onerous obstacle for smaller business owners. As such, the rules inherently favor larger corporations, which have the infrastructure and capital to adapt to the ever-growing list of guidelines and laws. Farmers at the meeting shared anecdotes of mega-operations nabbing licenses in bulk, …

Les Quatre Vins wins big at Spannabis-Barcelona 2018

Terpene-infused wine-maker heralded at one of Europe’s biggest cannabis events Barcelona, Mar. 11, 2018 — Les Quatre Vins went to Spannabis 2018 to launch their line of terpene-infused wines and compete for Best New Product. Les Quatre Vins generated a ton of interest which culminated in winning the prized Spannabis title. Les Quatre Vins’ drinks […]

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LP Stocks Aren’t Worth the Price

Investors have pushed up Canopy’s stock price more than 850 per cent because they expect Canopy to be the Wal-Mart of cannabis. But they’ve also pushed up the stock because it’s considered a safe haven in a sea of chaos. Virtually every stock has gone up in the last ten years. Investors trade their hard-earned […]

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10 Statements about the LPs to Boil Your Blood

In case you missed Canopy CEO Bruce Linton on BNN, or Bill Blair’s February 2018 interview, here are some recaps to boil your blood. 1. “Canada’s leading pot players are preparing for a historic transfer of wealth.” And similar to how the current South African president is expropriating farmland from white farmers, or how Pierre […]

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Tour at Willie’s Reserve

Willies Reserve in Seattle, WA

It was the snow day in February, but we made it to the Washington State Willie’s Reserve facility, located in Seattle, WA.

With a 32k square foot building, the space was huge and included their kitchen, led by chef Allan Abramovitz. Working directly with the Nelsons, and especially close with Annie, wife of Willie and the woman behind the secret recipe for the chocolates, Allan and Annie often collaborate over new concepts in the kitchen.  They infuse using the old school method with full plant matter, ground up and in a crock pot, simmered for hours with pure cocoa butter.

The ‘candy lab’ as they like to call it is where they also make their hard candies in addition to the chocolates. Not only is the whole kitchen temp controlled, but we were instructed to put on booties over our shoes, wear lab coats and hair nets (beard nets for the boys, too!). This place was spotless, and they were intending on keeping it that way.

Willie’s Reserve chocolates come in a dark variety only: not only is it healthier, but stays in more of an original format, allowing it to be vegan, since it contains no dairy with no options for milk chocolate. Thus, the chocolates created here are Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and dairy free. With whole plant flower infusion, many people feel the high is a more full body experience that lasts longer than when edibles are made with a distillate or other type of extraction.

After the extraction, they filter …

Craig Ex on launching new podcast at Save On Meats’ radio station

Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints has joined forces with Save On Radio for a new show every Friday from 2-4 PM. Save On Radio is a new digital station broadcasting straight from the famous Save On Meats butcher shop, serving up fresh cuts of audio pleasure and giving the mic to the […]

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Hemp Derived CBD vs Cannabis Derived CBD

Industrial Hemp Derived CBD vs Medicinal Grade Cannabis Derived CBD; What’s the Difference?

With the legalization of cannabis growing across the country and more states becoming legal cannabis states, people are getting more into the idea of using cannabis as medicine. The property being sought after is CBD, the cannabinoid otherwise known as Cannabidiol. Currently, people are recognizing the benefits that CBD offers with anti inflammatory, a general pain reliever, an anti cancer and many other fantastic medicinal properties. As news of the benefits CBD offers spreads to illegal states, companies are finding ways tiptoe around the legalities of shipping by creating synthetic hemp derived CBD that can be purchased online, and even in some local markets.

So what is the difference between the CBD that you can order on Amazon and the CBD that you could get at your local Cannabis shop in a legal state?

The laws of biochemistry remain the same whether the CBD molecule is sourced from an industrial grade hemp plant or medicinal grade cannabis plant.  It’s safe to say that the human body does not know the difference between hemp derived CBD and cannabis derived CBD. However, there are potentially 113 cannabinoids that are not found in industrial hemp derived CBD, so you could be missing out on a lot more than you think. The synergy between these cannabinoids and CBD makes all the difference in the world. The interactive relationship between cannabinoids has become known as the “entourage effect.” A neurologist named Ethan Russo has …

Creators of “Les Quatre Vins” on their terpene-infused wines

Les Quatre Vins is a Vancouver-based company competing in Spannabis with a product that is sure to generate some serious buzz, and that’s not only because it’s alcoholic. Les Quatre Vins has mastered the science of terpene extraction and the art of winemaking to create sparkling wine and cava infused with terpenes, the aromatic oils […]

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Could Veterinarians Recommend Pot for Pets?

We all know the importance of keeping Sparky away from the pot brownies. But is it possible your pet could receive medical marijuana as a recommendedmedical marijuana treatment from their vet?

A vast majority of rational Americans agree that the use of marijuana as a treatment for medical purposes is a decision that should be made between and doctor and patient. Recent polls show more than 90 percent of respondents favor medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. And California has long been a defender of patient rights by leading the nation in medical marijuana legalization with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

So why should the decision be any different when it comes to animals and veterinary professionals?

As it stands, California law does not extend to veterinarians the ability to recommend marijuana as a treatment for animals. But AB-2215, introduced by Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-27), is looking to change that. The bill would put the power in the hands of the Veterinary Medical Board by calling on them to set the standards for state-licensed veterinarians to discuss marijuana treatment for animal patient clients, and it would also prevent veterinarians from being punished for having such discussions.

That all sounds great, but the bill is receiving criticism from the Veterinary Medical Board for not being broad enough, according to American Veterinarian. The board recently voted 4-2 not to support the bill, citing a primary concern over the word “discuss.” Board members felt this language was too soft, and still didn’t empower vets …

Coach Fouls Out After Rejecting Colorado Student Over State’s Marijuana Laws

Marijuana legalization has been a decades-long battle that is finally paying off, with states all over the country legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana legalizationcannabis. But in addition to fighting for your rights on the legal front, our experienced lawyers know there is another fight that must be won: the battle of public perception.

Nowhere is that struggle better illustrated than in Texas, where a college baseball coach blew off an athlete interested in attending the school over the issue of marijuana. You might be wondering what the connection is. Did the student fail a drug test? Did he have a criminal record involving marijuana? Had he been penalized by his high school for coming to school under the influence?

All of these would be excellent guesses. But the answer to all three is “no.” According to an email to the athlete, which has since gone viral, it appears the coach deemed the student guilty by association of the entire state of Colorado, according to a report from The Washington Post.

The email claimed the school was not considering students from Colorado because in the past, recruits from the state had difficulty passing the drug test. “We have made a decision not to take a chance on student-athletes from your state. You can thank your liberal politicians,” the message went on to say.

This of course is a gross misrepresentation of the Colorado cannabis laws. Amendment 64 was adopted by the voters of Colorado, not liberal politicians, as part of a ballot initiative in 2012. …

WEEDS Glass and Gifts at the 2018 Lift Expo

Check out Craig Ex as he joins Don and Carol from WEEDS Glass and Gifts at the 2018 Lift Expo in Vancouver. With cannabis slated for legalization sometime this year, it’s having a bit of a moment and that was made clear by how full the Vancouver Convention Centre was during the Lift Expo weekend- […]

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Craig Ex talks heading to Spannabis & Expert Joints LIVE! special in Barcelona

Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints is off to Barcelona tomorrow to check out Spannabis, one of the world’s biggest cannabis events. Craig tells us what he’s expecting to see at his first Spannabis, the special Expert Joints LIVE! show he’s broadcasting on March 8th from Spain, getting Rosetta stoned, and more! CLN: […]

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Expert Joints LIVE! The Spain Special

Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Barcelona Spain for a special episode of his weekly weed webcast “EXPERT JOINTS LIVE!” This week Craig is in Barcelona Spain, for the 15th edition of Spannabis; and brings you a special episode of the show. Be sure to toke up & […]

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Sacramento Tries to Get Marijuana Delivery Services Back on Track

The road to marijuana legalization is paved with regulations, for better or worse. And it’s a bumpy road that marijuana delivery service businesses have had to learn to navigate.marijuana delivery

Delivery businesses specializing in cannabis have a unique set of rules to follow. They must abide by the laws in the local jurisdiction in which their home base is located. But they also have to take into consideration laws that dictate transport. This has led to a particular set of challenges in Sacramento County, according to the Sacramento Bee.

While adult-use marijuana was legalized in the state Jan. 1, under Proposition 64, each local government was allowed to set its own terms. Under the law, deliveries can only be made between cities that allow it.  This can be a real disadvantage to patients, some who have difficulty leaving their homes, and business owners. And product must be kept in the city where the business has a license.

In Sacramento County, as of now only the city of Sacramento has plans to receive deliveries. The city has not issued any permits yet, but eight delivery companies have registered while the permit program is being established. Meanwhile Sacramento’s pot czar says many businesses are operating without licenses, and he is on a mission to rein them in. A recent tally on a marijuana delivery website showed about 200 delivery businesses in the county.Our experienced marijuana delivery business service attorneys in Los Angeles know it’s difficult establishing a new company with numerous laws and regulations …

Licensed Producers & Legalization: Surging Numbers, Crony Capitalism, & Acquisitions

As of writing, there are 91 licensed producers in Canada with a backlog of over 400 applications, and the already-licensed producers are taking advantage while their would-be competitors are stuck in bureaucracy. That’s why Health Canada has been on a cultivation licensing spree. Let’s compare the number of cultivation licenses issued over the past few […]

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March 1st marks “Lounges Day of Action” in fight for Ontario’s cannabis lounges

It was a day for lounging in Ontario’s cannabis lounges as Sensible Ontario declared March 1st the “Lounges Day of Action”. Today, hundreds of consultations were collected to be presented to the ministry in charge of legalization on March 5th, and cannabis lounges from across Ontario participated. The day featured everything from open houses for politicians […]

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Higher Education Recap: Valentines Day with Dr. Christopher Ryan

Valentines Day with The Goodship's Higher Education.

Higher Education with The Goodship

Live music by Roxanna Walitzki started the evening, her opera-inspirational sounds filled the space with a melody that was calming and passionately exciting.

With the shortest month over in 2018, it has been a busy one in the world of cannabis and events. In a way, starting off the event season, February brought Kush Mart and CannaCon to Seattle, as well as Goodship’s quarterly Higher Education: a series featuring informative and enticing topics that are made even better with a delicious edible and this time, chocolate dipped strawberries (uninfused, of course), appropriately made for the Valentine’s Day discussion.

Goodships' Higher Ed present Dr. Christopher Ryan

Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, shared his hypothesis for the future of modern romance at the Valentine’s Day talk thrown by Goodship.

The title of the topic was “Prehistoric Sex and the Future of Modern Romance,” featuring Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn. With a lively attitude and a big smile, Dr. Ryan started off the talk right on topic, sweetening up the listeners by referring to the packed room as “smart, open-minded, crowd of sexy people” who chose to come and listen on Valentine’s Day, of all days.

Author of Sex at Dawn, DR. Christopher Ryan shares his thoughts on love and sex in the modern world.

“Love, Sex, it’s charged! There’s a lot of grey area,” Dr. Christopher Ryan explained to a packed audience on this Hump Day, V-Day.

Dr. Ryan was spirited and upbeat, instantly on his feet, engaging the crowd, making jokes and having lots of fun. It was like listening to your college professor who likes to cuss and make …

Aurora Cannabis & Shoppers Drug Mart deal latest of many between pharmacies & LP’s

Aurora Cannabis has joined the growing list of licensed producers who will supply Shoppers Drug Mart with medical cannabis, pending Health Canada’s approval of Shoppers’ application to dispense medical cannabis, of course. Other licensed producers that have signed on with Shoppers Drug Mart include Aphria, who landed a five-year deal with Shoppers back in December […]

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Los Angeles Zones Where Cannabis Businesses Can Operate

There are many questions that have been answered with the legalization of recreational marijuana in California.cannabis business

  • What? Proposition 64 was approved by voters and made legal adult-use marijuana.
  • Who? Residents 21 years or older.
  • When? As of Jan. 1, 2018.
  • Where? Now, that’s a trickier matter.

Firstly, the state law did not automatically go into effect everywhere. From county to county, city to city, local governments have been making decisions about whether to maintain a ban on recreational cannabis or to legalize and set up regulations. Some of the big cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego have permitted recreational sales. Some areas, like Orange County, cultivation is allowed with restrictions, but manufacturing and retail are banned. Los Angeles took a different route, allowing retail but not cultivation or manufacturing. Other counties, like San Bernadino, don’t permit any recreational cannabis activity.

The confusion intensifies when you put a magnifying glass to one of those regions. Take Los Angeles for example, where the city is still ironing out where businesses are allowed to set up shop. Leaders have already agreed that marijuana retailers should not be within 700 feet of schools or public parks, also known as “sensitive use” locations. But the debate is still boiling as to what constitutes a “sensitive use” location, according to a report from KPCC, Southern California Public Radio.

Some council members have looked at areas where families and children congregate and have proposed adding extra restrictions to prevent marijuana businesses from opening nearby. While this in …

The Products that Powered Weedmaps Pipe House 2018

For the second annual pilgrimage to Pipe House for the Weedmaps action sports team, the focus was on relaxation — a chance to bask in Hawaiian paradise while catching some rays and waves. Not to let legal speak take you away from imagining your happy place, but we should mention that is owned by […]


Bioavailability and You

To a certain degree all of us know a bit about how bioavailability works. Bioavailability refers to the percentage of any drug that enters your body’s circulation and is actually able to take effect. It’s the science behind why smoking, vaping and edibles affect us all so differently. When it comes to the therapeutic side of cannabis, it’s important to know how to get maximum use out of your products. Bioavailability allows us to take better control and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between cannabis and our bodies.

The method you choose to intake your cannabis directly affects its bioavailability. Smoking and vaping are probably the two most common ways of taking cannabis, they also have the highest bioavailability percentages. With a range of between 30-65% absorption, the effects are usually felt instantly, but not for long. Usually, within an hour or so, most, if not all the effects will have dissipated. Recent studies have shown that vaporizing cannabis allows for better and faster absorption, but not longer in effect.
When it comes to edibles, we have two main options: sublingual and oral. Sublingual doses are usually taken by placing the solution under the tongue for about 15-30 seconds and then swallowing the remaining solution. Sublingual absorption sits at around 30-50% and usually takes affect a few minutes after ingestion. Tinctures, mints and candies usually fall within the sublingual umbrella.

Edibles that have to go through the Gastrointestinal tract fall under the oral classification. These have the lowest bioavailability, about 6-15%. The …

Students Who Need Medical Marijuana Deserve Easier Access

To discourage minors from using marijuana, officials have implemented many regulations. But in regards to medical marijuana and the medical marijuanachildren who benefit from it, there comes a question of who is really being protected.

Some children use cannabis oils, tinctures, capsules, creams, or liquids as treatment for medical issues with the recommendation and guidance of a physician. These treatments can offer relief to suffering that might otherwise prohibit the child from normal participation in school activities. However, the treatment itself has become a disruption: currently parents must remove children from school property before administering doctor recommended medical marijuana, according to a report from South San Francisco Patch.

Sen. Jerry Hill (D-Mateo) is hoping to put an end to this absurd practice with the introduction of SB-1127. The bill would allow governing bodies of school systems and charter schools to set their own policies, opening the door to allow medical marijuana use on school grounds for grades kindergarten through 12. It would still, of course, prohibit smoking or vaping, even if it is for medicinal purposes. The drug cannot be administered in a way that would be disruptive to the educational environment or that would expose other students. And storage of medical marijuana would not be permitted on school grounds.

The process would therefore still be a disruption for caregivers, who would need to come to the school to dole out the necessary dosage. Parents would still be required to manage and administer the drug without assistance from a school nurse or administrator. …

CannaCon: Year Five

Vicente Fox talks at Seattle's CannaCon.

This time last week, CannaCon had just wrapped up its fifth year, leaving the industry buzzing with excitement from the multitude of connections made, the innovative products discovered, but my guess is it was mainly from the inspiring talk given by former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, a cannabis advocate and leader looking to unite the North American region as one cannabis supermarket.

Although it was my first CannaCon, it certainly would not be my last. The industry truly has exploded, as this was the first year it was held at the Washington State Convention Center, and coming from days of medical, that seemed like a huge feat in my eyes. Inside, the expo was warm, bright and big, with a variety of interactive booths, informative seminars and lots of networking; connections being made locally within our state, continent and outward to the global stage.

In a speech that lasted nearly an hour, Friday morning Vicente Fox addressed the crowd, inviting them to come to the CannaMexico World Summit in May of 2019, as “participants; as sponsors, as exhibitors or any other characteristic that you can come with.”

Vicente Fox talks at Seattle's CannaCon.

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox spoke at Seattle’s CannaCon, citing the migrant history our country has. “In the US, it’s a country of migrants, starting with (President) Washington..”

The summit will be held in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, and as Fox shared during his talk, this region of Mexico is a key place to where the journey to independence from Spain, historically took …

Privacy Protections Necessary for Recreational Marijuana Users in California

While many Californians are finally enjoying the freedom to use recreational marijuana, some are questioning how safe their private information is recreational marijuanawhen they make a purchase. When Proposition 64 went into effect Jan. 1, adult-use marijuana became legal in the state, with local governments able to set up their own regulations or bans.  But there are currently loopholes that threaten the privacy of customers.

Assembly Bill 2402 seeks to tighten those loopholes. Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) introduced the bill, which would prevent cannabis retailers from selling customer information to third parties. It would also protect customer information from employers looking to investigate employee use, according to Capital Public Radio. It mirrors similar rules that are currently in place for medical marijuana users.

Because you must be 21 or older to purchase cannabis in California, dispensaries require a valid ID to prove your age. Though it is not mandatory, some dispensaries will keep a record of the information on file. Some use this information for marketing purposes. Many also keep such records in order to monitor how much someone is purchasing in a day, according to Politifact. This could be necessary if a business needed to prove they are in compliance with state law, which caps individual recreational marijuana sales to one ounce per day.For deliveries, personal information is kept on file as record that the person receiving the delivery is 21 or older. And dispensaries are required under licensing regulations to videotape each transaction.

This bill would tighten up …

It’s High Time California Protected Medical Marijuana Users in the Workplace

Even though medical marijuana has been legal in California for more than 20 years, patients might just now be getting protections in the workplace. Amedical marijuana bill that would prevent employers from discriminating against employees because they use cannabis for medical purposes was recently introduced by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), according to The Cannifornian.

California was the first to legalize medical marijuana with the passing of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Yet it is trailing woefully behind in protecting workers. Currently 11 of the 29 states (plus Washington, D.C.) that have legalized medical cannabis already have laws in place to protect employees who have a physician’s recommendation to use marijuana to treat a condition.

Assembly Bill 2069, if passed, would establish long overdue employee protections by prohibiting employers from firing or not hiring “a qualified patient or person with an identification card” solely on the basis that they use marijuana for medical purposes or for testing positive for cannabis on a drug test.The state failed medical marijuana patients by not including employee protections in the original bill. They failed even further by not doing anything since then. This gap in the legislation has since left patients beholden to employers and political whims.

More than a decade after medical marijuana legalization, the California Supreme Court ruled against an Air Force veteran (and medical marijuana patient) who was fired, citing the lack of employee protections in state law. Legislators tried to overturn the ruling, but were vetoed by the governor, solidifying that …

Recreational Marijuana Gets Sanctuary in Berkeley

While excitement over marijuana legalization continues to rise at the state level, the incoming clouds of the federal government continue to threaten tomarijuana legalization rain on the parade. And while some hope to just wait out the storm, others are taking the matter into their own hands.

Berkeley City Council is putting its city and citizens first by becoming a sanctuary city for adult-use marijuana, according to CNN. The council passed a resolution recently that would prevent local agencies from using city funds to enforce federal marijuana laws. That means if federal agents try to come down on anyone in the city, they can do so within the boundaries of their own authority, but not with the assistance of the city or its employees. No financial assistance. No help from employees. No access to information.

The city is taking it a step further as well by actively fight against any steps by Drug Enforcement Administration to close down recreational marijuana businesses in the city.

Our marijuana legalization attorneys in Orange County are proud to be in a state that has always led the way on cannabis protections. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana under Compassionate Use Act of 1996. And through Prop 64, it joins a select group of states in blazing a trail for adult-use marijuana across the nation. But shortly after recreational marijuana was legalized in the state Jan. 1, Attorney General Jeff sessions reignited his anti-pot agenda and began rolling back protections, namely the Cole Memo, …

Legalization vs. Decriminalization

There is a municipal document floating around expected to be the blueprint for municipal cannabis regulations province-wide. While the document is full of factual errors, one glaring observation is this false dichotomy: Legalization vs. Decriminalization Legalization refers to the repeal or abolishment of laws that prohibit the use, sale and possession of cannabis and/or the […]

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This City Smokes More Weed Than Any Other

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A newly released report shows that one city smokes more weed than any other. Can you guess which city it is? Here are three hints. It’s a major metropolis on the East Coast in the United States. It’s known for housing artists, musicians and business tycoons alike. It has a reputation for being “the city that never sleeps”. We’re talking, of course, about New York City. And this city smokes more weed than any other city in the world.

The Big Apple Pipe

This City Smokes More Weed Than Any Other


According to newly released research results by the company Seedo, New York City had the highest rates of cannabis consumption. Not only in the United States, but in the world. The published data shows that the population of New York City consumed an average of 77.44 metric tons of marijuana last year alone.

For a city that still formally prohibits the possession, use and sale of weed, this is quite impressive. Especially since the medical marijuana program in New York does not permit patients to smoke their medicine.

For a comparison, the city with the second highest cannabis consumption rate in the world is Karachi, located in Pakistan. The people of Karachi went through an average of 41.95 metric tons of marijuana.

Interestingly enough, the city in the United States with the next highest rate of cannabis consumption was Los Angeles, California. They consumed only 36.06 metric tons of cannabis last year.

Final Hit: 

Craig Ex Out and About in Squamish with Grassroots Medicinal and Cannabis Growers of Canada

Check out Craig Ex in the first-ever Expert Joints LIVE! Out and About in beautiful Squamish, BC. Prepping for the Fore20 Cup at the Squamish Valley Golf Club Craig Ex tees off and smokes some green on the greens of the Squamish Valley Golf course, which will host the 3rd annual Fore20 Cup in August. […]

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Concise “W.Y.K.A.M.”

This week Craig welcomes Vancouver based Emcee Concise The Black Knight back to the show to check out his new video “W.Y.K.A.M.“. Chad Jacket of Liberty Farms & the Cannabis Growers of Canada is back for “Out & About” with some products from Grassroots Medicinal; and he’s also joined by Instagrammer Fluffy Pineapples too. Join […]

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“The Entourage Effect”

The best analogy I’ve heard regarding the entourage effect is, “THC is your gas pedal, terpenes are your steering wheel.” What this means is THC alone, while it will get you high, can be a shallow high. If you’ve ever had the chance to take a dab of some THC Crystalline or “Wizard Stones” then you may have experienced this. While you will get high, it seems unguided and almost disconnected. This is where terpenes come into play. Terpenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants and are the driving force behind cannabis and the effects it has on your mind and body. They are also what gives cannabis its unique smells and flavors.

Now, THC and terpenes, although they play the main role in your high, they aren’t the only ones in this Entourage. Cannabis contains a wide variety of cannabinoids. While THC and CBD are the most commonly known cannabinoids, there are several others that play a smaller, but equally important role. Most cannabinoids are not psychoactive, meaning their purpose is NOT to get you high. However, they do have a wide variety of medical benefits, and combined with THC and terpenes, create the “Entourage Effect”. What this means is that all the cannabinoids and terpenes work together to give you the affects you feel after consuming cannabis. For example, cannabis containing higher amounts of the terpene Myrcene will typically be heavier on the body. Strains with higher concentration of Linalool or Caryophyllene are often great for stress relief, …

Blockchain Social Network Seeks to Make Online Marijuana Censorship a Thing of the Past

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics

Leading social networks like Facebook have drawn their fair share of criticism over the past couple of years, with allegations of interfering with presidential elections through to poisoning the minds of our youths. But the rampant power of large social media companies goes further than that.

If there’s one thing that anyone who owns a cannabis related social media page on Facebook or Instagram will tell you, it’s that you never know when you just might be banned or censored. Reports constantly surface of legal cannabis businesses having their pages banned overnight with no explanation. Many cannabis based business have had their page closed even more than once, sometimes several times in a single year.

One blockchain based startup believe that the future of social media for cannabis users lies in something completely different. After having the social media page of a popular online community 420Smokers closed on multiple occasions the team behind Smoke Network decided that something needed to be done.

They now claim to be building the world’s first decentralized social network for cannabis users. While this might sound like a mouthful, there are many benefits that the idea of using blockchain brings to the cannabis social media conundrum.

Large centralized companies who control social media may have their own anti-marijuana rhetoric. Worse than that, these large companies can easily be pressured by the federal government, who still views cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, to …

Canadian insurance companies and banks are warming up to cannabis

A big sign of the changing public perceptions of cannabis can be seen in the evolving positions of traditionally conservative industries like insurance and finance. As we inch closer and closer to legalization cannabis will only become increasingly accepted, and before more banks and insurance companies jump in, let’s take a look at some of […]

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Seattle High Group

Meet talented PNW and Seattle area photographers in cannabis, urban and nature lifestyle

A true group of friends and creatives, Seattle High Group is a collective of artists: from videographers to photographers and models, working together for innovative fun, pushing creative boundaries and inspiring each other to new heights of their craft.

Meet talented PNW and Seattle area photographers in cannabis, urban and nature lifestyle

Seattle High Group Team from left to right; Frank, Ryan, Taylor, Hollis, Oleg & Blake.

As social media continues growing in prominence, (Fun Fact: there are now more cellphones on the planet than there are toothbrushes!) many use platforms such as Instagram for inspiration, to see new places around the world or connect with others of a similar mindset. If you have been searching for a local talent (or talents) to follow, look no further as these six bring variety and heat to their sets.

Seattle High Group was launched unexpectedly six months ago as the brainchild of Hollis Porter aka @bokeh.rang after organizing a meetup for photographer friends during the summer. Creating content using Puffco products, they saw a real need for a group of like-minded individuals in the Seattle photographer community, especially with a cannabis focus.

Unfortunately, the next event they only had photographers turn out, and that was truly the launch pad that started Seattle High Group.

Their third meet up, was when the idea came to fruition. They decided to host a general photography event, inviting designers, models, artists, to come together, and it worked.

Since, Seattle High Group has hosted a handful of parties and meet ups and they don’t plan on stopping the connections, creations …

Cannabis rules giving Too much power to local governments and landlords?

BC’s cannabis regulations give local governments the power to control cannabis in their jurisdictions, and even landlords and strata councils are getting the authority to ban smoking and growing on their premises. With legalization months away, smoking and growing cannabis in your home, apartment, or condo will be a big issue, especially in rental properties […]

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UCSF Says Marijuana Businesses Can Learn from Mistakes of Tobacco

While many politicians and other leaders continue to wring their hands, hemming and hawing ad nauseum over the best way to regulate the growing marijuana businessnumber of marijuana businesses, University of California San Francisco says the answer is right under our noses.

According to a study by the university published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, regulators need look no further than the tobacco industry for inspiration to create best practices for adult-use marijuana. By using what the tobacco industry has learned by trial and error over the years, the marijuana industry can avoid early mistakes and take a proactive approach.

Examples in the study include implementing clear labeling with conspicuous warning labels, avoiding marketing that appeals to minors, and restricting product potency.While our Riverside marijuana business lawyers know there is much to be learned from the tobacco industry, we also know cannabis does not have the same health risks as tobacco, no matter how many officials want to skew the facts. The World Health Organization released a study in 1995 claiming that even with increased use, marijuana would not have the same negative health effects of tobacco or even alcohol, each of which can cause deadly diseases with repeated use. No such findings have been connected to marijuana. And a 1999 study by the National Academy of Sciences showed only 9 percent of marijuana users developed a dependency on the drug versus a whopping 32 percent of tobacco users (even more than heroin users in the study).

Therefore, labeling and marketing akin …

Warning Letters Sent to Unlicensed Cannabis Businesses in California

Sales are booming for cannabis businesses after Prop 64 allowed recreational marijuana to become a legitimate industry in the eyes of the state. However, operations are still heavily regulated, and many new marijuana business owners find the task of abiding this onerous list of laws to be a difficult one. Without the help of a marijuana attorney to advise of potential problem points, businesses could easily find themselves under heavy sanctions – or worse, criminal prosecution.cannabis business

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control recently sent warning letters to several hundred businesses suspected of operating without state marijuana business license, according to Leafly. The letters outline criminal and civil action planned if the businesses refused to either close or become compliant with regulations. Bureau leaders said they are pursing all delivery services and retailers who may not be operating legally.

Some of these businesses slipped into questionable business practice after legalization passed, but as officials ironed out the details of statewide regulation and oversight. In some cases, business owners have been trying to fly under the radar to avoid being taxed (practically out of existence). In many cases, however, these business owners were simply unaware of their obligations or haven’t filed the proper paperwork or gone through all the correct channels. This is where having a marijuana business attorney can be invaluable to protecting your investment.Our Los Angeles cannabis business attorneys know that in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego have taken decisive action. LA Police Department has raided eight businesses without licenses, …

Getting Ready for the 2018 Fore20 Cup with Expert Joints

Check out Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints at the Squamish Valley Golf and Country Club as we get ready for the 3rd annual Fore20 Golf Tournament and Cannabis Cup coming up fast on August 19th. Craig gets the lowdown on Fore20 2018 from Chad, who helped organize it as the president of […]

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Medical Marijuana Advocates Take Aim at Goliath Department of Justice in Court

In the David versus Goliath of weed, five plaintiffs are taking on the federal government’s archaic stance on cannabis, claiming they have “suffered medical marijuanaharm, and … are continually threatened with additional harm” as a result of marijuana’s Schedule I classification under Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812.

Arguments recently began in U.S. District Court Southern District of New York for the lawsuit filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department of Justice, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and its director Chuck Rosenberg, and, to top it off, the United States of America.

Plaintiffs include a military veteran who uses cannabis for post-traumatic stress disorder, a former pro football player with a business that sells hemp-based products, representatives for two young children, each of whom suffer from severe medical issues, and Cannabis Cultural Association, a non-profit organization meant to help minorities benefit from the cannabis industry, according to an article from Associated Press. The lawsuit also outlines that, while not a class action, it would benefit tens of millions of Americans who depend on marijuana’s medical properties.The military veteran, who also operates a program with a goal of ending veteran suicide, said one of the biggest challenges is not being able to travel across state lines with medical marijuana, even if you’re going to a state where it is also legal.

The lawsuit says the Controlled Substance Act has “wrongfully and unconstitutionally criminalized” cannabis. Our experienced Orange County medical marijuana lawyers know that at the heart of this matter is the blatant fact …

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of BC’s Cannabis Regulations

British Columbia’s NDP government announced its preliminary cannabis regulations last week. So what is the good, the bad, and the ugly of BC’s cannabis regulations? First, the good: dispensary owners with criminal records can apply for a retail licence. Albeit, we’re far from perfect. For starters, these dispensaries (some over a decade old) have to […]

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An Introduction to Dabbing

The world of cannabis has exploded in the last decade. If you’re anything like me, you probably started your smoking career the same way I did: with some good old flower, and a pipe. There’s  a certain nostalgic quality to loading up your grinder, smelling your cannabis as you break it up, and feeling the sticky trichomes as you pack, or roll up. Even today, I still take a moment to appreciate the feeling of some sticky buds between my fingers, and think about how far we’ve come.

Despite all of this; times change, and so do the needs we have when it comes to what we’re smoking. I remember the first time I saw what a dab was. Honestly, it’s a little intimidating at first. The product bears no resemblance to the kind green buds we all know and love, and the blowtorch wasn’t doing much to ease my thoughts. After the first hit, and the initial coughing fit, I knew I was a lifelong fan of this new method of cannabis consumption.

For the uninitiated; a ‘dab’ is slang term for any small amount of cannabis concentrate that is smoked. Cannabis concentrates are exactly what it sounds like: a concentrated form of the cannabis plant. The active compounds in cannabis, otherwise known as cannabinoids, are stripped from the plants using a solvent. Some of the solvents used in this process are butane, propane, or supercritical Co2. At this point, the product is purged of any solvents. Don’t worry! The Solvents …