Harvest One Cannabis Signs Validation Testing Program Agreement with BLOCKStrain Technology

All Harvest One Medicinal Products Sold Online to Begin Carrying BLOCKStrain-Verified Seal of Authenticity    VANCOUVER /CNW/ – BLOCKStrain Technology Corp. (TSX:V: DNAX) (OTC: BKKSF) (“BLOCKStrain“), creator of the first Blockchain-secured, fully-integrated IP tracking platform for the cannabis industry, announced on Feb.14 that Harvest One Cannabis Inc. (TSX:V: HVT) (OTCQX: HRVOF) (“Harvest One“), a Canadian licensed producer […]

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Already suspended in Canada, Ascent Industries may lose Nevada license

Ascent Industries is making headlines and the reasons why are very, very bad news for investors that could mark the beginning of the end for the embattled cannabis producer. Today, Ascent announced its wholly-owned subsidiary in Nevada, Sweet Cannabis, “has received notice… of the potential suspension, revocation or non-renewal of Sweet Cannabis’ Master Marijuana License […]

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U.S. Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana for U.S. Military

Medical marijuana has long been known to be effective in treating conditions like anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. Yet the U.S. military has long taken a hard-line stance against marijuana, a position solidified during the Vietnam War as reports blasted on the evening news indicated that half of all soldiers deployed were regularly using marijuana. A study by the Pentagon later revealed the actual figure was closer to 70 percent. This, along with the crash of an aircraft carrier by soldiers later found to have marijuana in their systems led to a zero tolerance policy. California medical marijuana veterans

This has led to all sorts of injustices. Historically, it’s been military policy to exclude from entrance any individual who previously used marijuana as a civilian. In recent years, waivers for “past misconduct” have risen, and are expected to continue rising. Just last year, for instance, the Military Times reported a Vietnam War veteran and head of a military school in Florida was terminated for using medical marijuana extract to treat cancer.

Now, Congressional leaders have filed twin bills in the House and Senate to change federal law that would allow U.S. veterans who abide by state medical marijuana laws to avoid federal intervention and would allow doctors with the Department of Veterans Affairs to issue medical marijuana recommendations to their patients. The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, sponsored by U.S. Senate Democrats from California and Hawaii, notes that the drug is legal in 33 states and that medical marijuana can be used to treat chronic …

Linalool: A terpene for Health, Happiness, Love, and Preservation

Love is in the air, or is that just linalool? Linalool is a terpene for romance, an aromatic component in numerous essentials oils and cannabis strains, packing the most punch with a pungent yet pleasant odour. Several varieties of linalool exist, known as isomers. This includes, but is not limited to, the main D-linalool, alongside […]

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High-End Head Shop: New York Luxury Retailer to Launch Line in L.A.

Leaders in luxury are looking to grace their way into marijuana product sales in Los Angeles, with a high-end New York retailer inking a partnership with an upscale cannabis firm to offer a large line of cannabis accessories and “lifestyle products” under the business model concept of a “wellness shop.”luxury marijuana products

Los Angeles marijuana retail attorneys recognize the ways in which this illustrates the many ways in which ancillary companies can break into the bud-tending business. Because marijuana is such a versatile plant – used in everything from medicine for seizures and anxiety to shampoo – we’re likely to see more of these non-traditional dispensaries on the horizon.

These companies need the advice and guidance of a dedicated Los Angeles retail marijuana lawyer to help them navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring they can offer their products in a way that aligns with state and local regulations – to protect their brand and their assets.

The partnership between Barneys New York with a Los Angeles cannabis company will be called,”The High End,” slated for launch in March. A spokesperson for Barneys noting many customers have made cannabis a part of their lifestyle, and they intend to offer them a range of products that align with that lifestyle – everything from leather ashtrays, gold rolling paper and custom glass blown pipes to grinder necklaces and scent products. Top name designers are going to be launching their own individual creations for sale. Online sales will also be allowed, with white-glove delivery service in California.

Creative New Cannabis

It’s Valentine’s Day – Expert Joints LOVE on

Join Craig Ex Thursday at 4:20 PM PT from the #Studio710 Green Room, for a special Valentine’s Day episode of “Expert Joints LOVE!” Join the live-chat here. This week Craig welcomes Talia aka Hiiighvibes to the show for a special Valentine’s Day themed episode, featuring food by The Budder Chef Adam Barski, Dab Time with Tha […]

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Vancouver Park Board will “never ever permit” 420 event despite cannabis legalization

The passage of the Cannabis Act back on Oct. 17 was a landmark moment for cannabis in Canada which heralded the country’s most substantial shift in drug policy in decades. But despite Canada’s giant leap forward to more sensible cannabis laws, some things never change, like the age-old battle between 420 Vancouver organizers and the […]

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California Cannabis Bureau Cracks Down on Unlicensed Pot Shops

If you are operating a marijuana business in Los Angeles County without a license: You’re probably going to want to promptly seek legal representation from lawyers with longtime experience in state and federal marijuana criminal and civil cases. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control reported it had carried out search warrants on two businesses – one in Los Angeles County and the other in Sacramento County – for allegedly operating an unlicensed cannabis company.Los Angeles marijuana lawyer

January 9th marked the end of what state regulators called the grace period for unlicensed marijuana businesses across the state. This was akin to a warning shot, with the agency noting the several hundred unlicensed marijuana retailers and delivery services statewide are “taking their chances.” Even if they do close shop, there is no guarantee authorities wouldn’t take action after the fact, though it’s more probable they’ll want to pursue action against those in active operation.

Licensed L.A. marijuana retailers have been complaining for the last year that black market operators were undercutting their sales with an unfair advantage. The Sacramento raid stemmed from a complaint filed with the BCC, though the agency didn’t indicate where the tip originated. 

Many of the shops slated to be targeted were formerly collectives and co-ops allowed to operate through last year despite not having a license. They had protection from state prosecution as designated medical collectives, but that expired officially last month. Unfortunately, while many of these collectives were long-standing, there aren’t that many licenses to go around. Some smaller marijuana businesses may …

California Cannabis Asset Protection When Commerce is All Cash

When medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives first started cropping up around California in 1997, they had to heavily guard their assets – both product and cash. Banks, cowed by federal law that might ensnare them on criminal money-laundering charges, denied accounts to almost everyone who profited from cannabis, a Schedule I narcotic. Being state-legal didn’t matter.marijuana asset protection lawyer

More than 20 years later, although California was late to join the recreational sales party, our Los Angles cannabis lawyers have seen so much of the legal landscape change. Profits are not only allowed, but encouraged. Collectives and co-ops were outlawed as of last month. Businesses are licensed and heavily regulated and taxed. Everything from seed-to-sale is tracked and tested by outside labs.

And yet: Most Southern California marijuana businesses still can’t convince banks to do business. That means in a world where e-commerce is booming, retail stores are shuttering and most people pay with plastic, marijuana businesses can’t move money electronically. So every time cash must be moved – to pay a vendor or file taxes – it’s almost always coordinated with teams of gun-strapped security officers (many ex-military) and armored cars, equipped with bullet-proof glass and high-end GPS tracking.

Los Angeles marijuana business asset protection lawyers know that beyond just being inconvenient and unnecessarily expensive and inefficient – physically moving cash is still very dangerous. It’s an issue many of our clients in Southern California frequently lament. They want to bank like every other business, and wish the federal law that still subjects their firms to …

Cannabis Copyright in California: Protecting Your Budding Brand

Years ago, you could call your Los Angeles pot product pretty much anything you wanted, and not only would you find a market for it, you were unlikely to face costly litigation if you swiped someone else’s style. As marijuana increasingly gains legitimacy across the U.S. (now fully legal in Canada), preserving your budding cannabis brand is becoming a significant legal issue for Los Angeles marijuana businesses. Our California cannabis attorneys can help you in this and other endeavors in launching – or rebranding – your legal marijuana business. cannabis intellectual property protection

As NBC Los Angeles recently reported, now that regulations in the year-old recreational marijuana industry are beginning to settle, some companies are revamping their whole image in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. (Years of “reefer madness” propaganda, a spotty patchwork of state medical marijuana statutes and a spate of federal raids hadn’t helped the industry’s image.)

Building on this previously-untapped market, long-time dispensaries are taking a new tact on branding, while those just breaking into the market are working on forging their recognition for the first time. Unfortunately, because federal law – specifically the U.S. Controlled Substances Act – remains at odds with the now-majority of states that legalize the drug in some form, not all types of intellectual property protection are available to marijuana businesses. Nonetheless, acting on available protections now can help combat copycats in the present while better positioning them to seize further opportunity if/when the government does repeal the CSA.

What Exactly is My Marijuana Business Brand and

High Tide Selected to Assist a Second Winner of the Ontario Cannabis Retail Lottery

CALGARY, Feb. 12, 2019 /CNW/ – High Tide Inc. (“High Tide” or the “Company”) (CSE:HITI) (Frankfurt:2LY) today announced that, subject to regulatory approval, the Company has been selected to assist with the establishment and operation of a retail cannabis store by a second winner of one of the 25 opportunities to apply for a licence to operate […]

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California Ranks in Top 5 for Marijuana Business Entrepreneurs

Marijuana business entrepreneurs are increasingly striking green in the Golden State. If you’re looking to launch a new pot shop or any company ancillary to the cannabis industry: California is a prime location. Our Los Angeles marijuana business attorneys could have told you that, but this comes from a new report by FitSmallBusiness.com, which ranked California the No. 5 best state in the U.S. for cannabis start-ups. marijuana entrepreneur

The study analyzed numerous factors, including how easy it is for a new business owner to enter the market, what it costs to do so, how much you’ll pay in taxes, how many laws and regulations exist and the overall market opportunity.

Oregon wrestled the No. 1 spot, Colorado No. 2, Michigan No. 3 and Alaska No. 4.

The fact that we aren’t first – despite being the biggest legal marijuana market despite being the largest marijuana market – was attributed largely to our patchwork of laws and hefty taxes (15 percent excise and a sales tax for recreational product). There’s also a mid-range startup fee – $5,000 for business applications. Compare that to Oregon where the fee is a cheap $250 but then also to Illinois, where a cultivator licensing fee costs $200,000 – all but ensuring any prospective small business owners would be pushed out.

Still, California secured the most recreational marijuana revenue of any in 2018 – it’s very first year – at $2.75 billion. Yes, it’s true California has more people – but that’s to the advantage of a burgeoning bud-minded business. …

The Legality of Listing Illegal Los Angeles Marijuana Shops: Weedmaps Cites Tech Company Protections

Recreational marijuana use has been legal in California now for little more than a year, but access to the drug remains scarce in some regions. That’s why some – including those who seek non-psychoactive CBD oil – are relying on a technology app called Weedmaps to help them locate the nearest provider. Our Los Angeles marijuana attorneys are aware this has generated a few problems stemming from the fact that a number of the providers listed on the platform aren’t legally allowed to operate by the state and have not been subjected to the same rigorous quality assurance regulations as legal marijuana businesses.marijuana lawyer

From a patient’s perspective, that means the product they are receiving may not be 100 percent safe or accurately-labeled with proper potency levels. From the perspective of marijuana businesses, these other companies have carved an unfair advantage over them because they operate in regions they do not and/or have not had to pay the mountains of fees for taxes, licensing, workers’ compensation and quality assurance testing. From the state’s perspective, these businesses are flouting the regulatory framework of the law.

As reported by Wired.com, marijuana businesses can list their services on the site for free, but top billing requires an advertising fee. Some companies pay as much as $20,000-a-month for top-level billing on the site, which doesn’t vet firms to see which are technically legal and does not indicate those pot shops that pop up first on the site have paid for that placement.

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California Cannabis Companies Lament Cash-Heavy Practices With Tax Season in Full Swing

With tax season in full swing, the deadline approaching April 15th, California cannabis companies and growers are hauling in piles of cash to government offices to ensure their taxes are paid. However, neither those firms or government employees are keen on dealing with the archaic process of hand-counting dollars. Yet as our California cannabis business attorneys can explain, these tax woes are indicative of the long-standing and much bigger problem: Marijuana businesses can’t access banking. California cannabis company lawyers

Despite the fact that now 10 states plus the District of Columbia have marijuana legal for recreational purposes (1 in 4 Americans lives in a state where recreational use is legal), the federal Controlled Substances Act that still designates marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic means banks are reticent to get involved. Doing so could risk the U.S. Department of Justice coming after them for money laundering. Recently, The Modesto Bee reported the U.S. House of Representatives intends to hold hearings on bills that, if passed, could allow marijuana companies easier access to banking services – some six years after states started legalizing the plant for recreational use. It’s not the first time the issue has been raised, but it had always stalled in the past with Republicans being the Congressional majority – even when, as recently as 2017, the House bill had 95 bipartisan co-sponsors and a sister measure in the Senate had 20.

Lawmakers from Colorado and Washington are sponsoring a new marijuana banking bill that cannabis lawyers in Los Angeles know could help these companies – …

Amidst legal battle with former CEO, Namaste provides letter to shareholders

TORONTO/CNW/ – Namaste Technologies Inc. (“Namaste” or the “Company”) (TSXV: N) (FRANKFURT: M5BQ) (OTCMKTS: NXTTF) provided the following letter to its shareholders on Feb. 8, 2019. Dear fellow shareholders, I want to thank all our shareholders for your continued support for our company over the past week. I know a lot of you have questions […]

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Biome Grow announces first shipment of finished product to Newfoundland and Labrador

TORONTO (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Biome Grow Inc. (CSE: BIO) (Frankfurt: 6OTA) (OTCQB: BIOIF) is pleased to announce it has released its first shipments of finished product to Newfoundland and Labrador. Products are expected to be delivered directly to retail locations across Newfoundland and Labrador and accessible to consumers next week.  A second shipment of finished product will […]

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Sundial gets approval from Health Canada to increase cultivation space by 140,000 sq. ft

CALGARY /CNW/ – Sundial Growers Inc. (Sundial) is pleased to announce that it has received licence amendments from Health Canada for an additional 140,000 square feet of cannabis cultivation at its flagship facility in Olds, Alberta. Each of the 40 newly licensed Solaria Modules have been purpose-built for the cultivation of high-quality, small-batch cannabis using an […]

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Valentine’s Jay: Canna-Infused Love-Filled Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to get that special someone something special to let them know just how much you care. At least that’s the precipice behind this Hallmark holiday. Personally, anytime is a great time to get someone you love something special. Valentine’s Day is […]

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The Green Organic Dutchman secures supply agreement with province of Ontario

TORONTO, Feb. 8, 2019 /CNW/ – The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (the “Company” or “TGOD”) (TSX:TGOD) (US:TGODF) is pleased to announce that it has secured a cannabis supply agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation. Brian Athaide, Director and CEO, said: “Ontario has the largest population in Canada and is a critical component to […]

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Chronic Cooking: Sinfully delicious cinnamon buns

In the latest episode of Chronic Cooking, Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints, shows you how to make delicious, homemade cinnamon buns. If you thought he could roll a joint, just wait ’til you see him roll up these cannabis-infused goodies. While the cinnamon buns take a little while to make, they’re well […]

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Agrima Botanicals has until Feb. 20 to save its cannabis licenses

On Feb. 7, Ascent Industries, the parent company of licensed producer Agrima Botanicals, issued an update on its subsidiary’s ongoing licensing saga, and it’s not looking good for Agrima or Ascent Industries. According to a statement from Ascent: “Health Canada has repeated its previous position that the Company [Ascent Industries] has failed to demonstrate that […]

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Expert Joints LIVE on CLN: Baked Beavers

This week Craig welcomes the Baked Beavers stars of “Regular Canadians Enjoying Weed” Kass & Honey to #Studio710. Tha Big Puffa brings music from Kush Kelz for Dab Time, and the new Chronic Cooking video makes it’s debut too. Join Craig Ex Thursday at 4:20 PM PT from #Studio710 for another episode of #ExpertJointsLIVE! Want to […]

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Global Consortium, Inc. building America’s first Cannabis Mall

America’s first Cannabis Mall Distribution opening shortly Expanding footprint across California, expanding brand portfolio COCONUT CREEK, Fla., Feb. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Consortium, Inc., (OTCPINK: GCGX) is designing and building out America’s first “Cannabis Mall”. The Cannabis Mall, when completed will house Manufacturing, Distribution, Delivery, Retail and Cultivation all under one 64,000 square foot […]

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Health Canada continues LP crackdown with Bonify license suspension

Licensed cannabis producer Bonify had its license suspended on Feb. 4 by Health Canada after it was found selling unregulated cannabis. According to Health Canada spokesperson Eric Morrissette: “The department found that Bonify Medical Cannabis was possessing, distributing and selling product that was purchased from an illegal source, and selling product that did not comply […]

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Zenabis Enters into Cannabis Supply Agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart

VANCOUVER, Feb. 4, 2019 /CNW/ – Zenabis Global Inc. (“Zenabis”) (TSXV: ZENA) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a supply agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers Drug Mart may purchase dried marijuana and cannabis oil (once Zenabis receives its licence to sell oil) from the Zenabis medical branded product line, subject to any […]

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Target Group to acquire CannaKorp, creators of the WISP Vaporizer

TORONTO, Feb. 5, 2019 /CNW/ – Target Group Inc. (OTCQB: CBDY) (“Target Group” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce, that effective January 25, 2019, it has entered into an agreement to acquire Massachusetts-based CannaKorp Inc. (“CannaKorp”). CannaKorp is the holder of the patent-pending WISP™ vaporizing system. The WISP™ is a pod-based, herbal vaporizing system that uses […]

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You can have a beer and drive, but what about driving after a joint?

Why Blood?  You can drink a beer without blowing over the limit, but how about a puff on a joint without enriching your blood with THC above Canadian per se law?  As I discussed, saliva testing for cannabis has been left on the curb because of an official research group’s incompetent suggestions. The Canadian Society […]

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Medical Board Revoke’s California Doctor’s License for Pot Prescription to Child After Improper Diagnosis

The Medical Board of California has revoked the medical license of a physician alleged to have violated the standard of care in prescribing medical marijuana to a 4-year-old child. In the case of The Medical Board of California v. Eidelman, the case was opened seven years ago, but the board revoked his license in December. Last month, the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, issued an order barring the physician from treating patients under the age of 18. San Bernardino medical marijuana attorneys understand the order also barred the physician from issuing any recommendations for cannabis as a treatment for minors. medical marijuana attorney

As San Bernardino medical marijuana attorneys at The Cannabis Law Firm can explain, a medical marijuana prescription is the only means by which a person under 21 can lawfully obtain cannabis in California. HS 11361 prohibits anyone over 18 from “furnishing, administering or giving any cannabis to a minor” under the age of 14, with conviction warranting a state prison sentence of 3-5 years. Both parents of children considering pursuing a medical marijuana prescription for their child as well as doctors need to be aware of how the law is applied, under what conditions an adult can be considered in violation of the law and what steps are needed to ensure your legal protection.

The state medical board issued medical marijuana prescription guidelines last April for doctors.

The guidelines indicate:

  • There must be an established physician-patient relationship, meaning they have taken responsibility for an aspect of the patient’s medical care,

CBD is Everywhere

It is difficult to say when exactly CBD derived from cannabis ceased to be demonised and when it became a generally accepted cure for everything. Perhaps it was in January when Mandy Moore, a few hours before the Golden Globes, told Covetherovius that she was experimenting with CBD oil to relieve the pain caused by […]

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Protest to Save Vancouver’s Dispensaries held at City Hall

On Feb. 1, the Save Our Dispensaries protest went down at Vancouver City Hall as the city’s unlicensed dispensaries continue their fight to stay open. The crowd of dedicated cannabis activists braved the February cold and rain, getting their message out via megaphone and signs like “Fuck LP’s They Just Want Money” and “It’s Legal. […]

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Dining at Magokoro, the only restaurant in Japan specializing in hemp

CLN contributor Cheddar was in Japan checking out Magokoro, a small restaurant in Kamakura, a city famous for its giant Buddha statue that’s located less than an hour south of Tokyo. What makes it unique is that Magokoro is one of the only restaurants in Japan that specializes in hemp. Magokoro is a cafe/bar during […]

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Confer With a Cannabis Lawyer: Capitalizing on the Los Angeles Marijuana Tourism Market

Marijuana first became legal for recreation among adult users in January 2018. With that, Los Angeles marijuana tourism is taken off, with several ancillary businesses cropping up specifically catering to those who are here for the cannabis. Among the various companies that have entered the fray:

  • Shops
  • Lodging
  • Tours (including bus tours)
  • Marketing

Some tours offer scenic drives, glass-blowing demonstrations, food, a chance to smoke with Tommy Chong and more. marijuana tourism attorney L.A.

Los Angeles marijuana tourism attorneys know that some firms had a bit of a struggle making their way into the fray, given that legal marijuana is approximately 35 percent higher cost than what is available on the black market. Medical card recipients pay a bit less, given that they aren’t subject to the state excise tax. Aside from them, people who come to California specifically for this purpose don’t seem to mind too much paying the extra cost, given that they’ve come for the experience – and to revel in the ability to enjoy their buds without worrying about a bust.

Companies latching themselves to these opportunities have the potential to make decent profits – but only if they can establish themselves in a way that minimizes the risk of their own liability. That includes, firstly, the potential liability that any tour company catering the imbibing crowd might need to consider.

The possibility that someone with a pre-existing condition might suffer a health emergency on the tour as a result of consuming the drug, thereby leaving them susceptible to injury or permanent disability.

  • Potential

Man shot during armed robbery at East Vancouver dispensary Stepping Stone Holistic Living

Stepping Stone Holistic Living, a cannabis dispensary on Kingsway, was robbed at gunpoint by 2 masked men just after 5 pm on Sunday, Jan. 27. During the robbery, a male bystander, who the Vancouver Police Department called a customer, was shot, and the 32-year-old man was taken to hospital with “non-life-threatening injuries”. According to a […]

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Grow Tech Labs creates Co-Op for Small Cannabis Producers and Processors in BC

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Grow Tech Labs (GTL), a Cannabis Business Accelerator, announced the development of a co-operative for small cannabis producers and processors in BC to help maintain the province’s historic position as a global cannabis leader. In partnership with Victory Square Technologies (CSE:VST), Grow Tech Labs is inviting small cannabis […]

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California Marijuana Pulling Major Investors; Cannabis Lawyer Can Advise Investors on Liability

California’s marijuana industry is seeing some major money, with investors pouring millions of dollars into new bud ventures. Recently, Esquire reported San Francisco 49ers football legend and four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana was part of a $75 million investment made on a California marijuana company. Our Los Angeles marijuana investment attorneys know this was actually the second time Montana had gone in on such a venture, the first time pouring funds into a Canadian marijuana media company called Herb, which as of mid-2017 had raised $4.1 million to expand its venture to the U.S. Los Angeles marijuana lawyer

Montana explained his reasons as somewhat philanthropic, saying he supports the industry as a whole because he believes in the power of the plant to offer pain relief with the potential to blunt the raging opioid crisis. (A number of retired football players have said they prefer pot for pain management.) And yet, he himself won’t cop to being a cannabis user, something that still apparently speaks to the stigma that followed the drug for so long. There is also a possibility that he, like many marijuana investors, is reticent to speak too much no the topic given the fact the drug is still illegal at the federal level.

Los Angeles marijuana investment attorneys know that first of all, the profile of cannabis company investors differs from that of the norm. Part of this is because many of the cannabis start-ups are simply too small to go for the big fish. What they can do is seek buy-in …

Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – Delush-ious

This week Craig welcomes the delicious CBD folks from Delush CBD to the show, and Tha Big Puffa brings new music for Dab Time. He’ll also get a few Grow Tips, and Puff Puff Pass It Along too. Join Craig Ex every Thursday at 4:20 PM PT from #Studio710 for another episode of “Expert Joints LIVE!” […]

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Trump’s New U.S. Attorney General Pick Says He Won’t Pursue Pot Crackdown

The appointment of Jeff Sessions to the office of U.S. Attorney General had many pro-marijuana advocates in California and throughout the country on edge. Sessions was known to take a hard line against all drugs, and marijuana was no exception. Those fears were confirmed when Sessions formally rolled back the Cole Memo, a federal directive under the Obama administration not to pursue criminal actions or civil forfeiture against marijuana businesses that were abiding state law. Sessions even declared at one point that people who use marijuana were “not good people.”Los Angeles marijuana business lawyer

After Sessions resigned (forced to leave, one could argue), there was concern President Trump’s next appointment would be more of the same. Those fears weren’t quelled when he named Bill Barr to take the post. TheGrowthOp dubbed Barr, “a well-documented drug warrior.” Barr previously served as attorney general during the George H.W. Bush administration, and during that tenure garnered a reputation for escalating the drug war back in the 1990s. He’d called for the construction of more U.S. prisons in order to lock up more drug offenders, most of whom were in hot water over crimes related to marijuana. It didn’t seem like much would change after he signed a Washington Post editorial published in November came out in swinging support of Sessions, calling him “outstanding” and praising him on his tough-on-crime approach to drug dealers.

But then, as reported by VOX, Barr responded to U.S. Senators preparing to hold his confirmation meeting that he would not be pursuing a crackdown against legal …

Opening a Cannabis Dispensary? 4 Fully Baked Strategies for Maximizing Your ROI

Cannabis dispensaries share many characteristics with companies in other industries, so they can use the same basic financial and management strategies in most cases. However, dispensaries and other enterprises related to cannabis face a few challenges and opportunities that members of other industries don’t. While there is a lot of potential profit in cannabis production […]

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California Cannabis Shops Fighting to Clear Biggest Hurdle: Luring Black Market Buyers

The California marijuana industry and those who advocate on its behalf have fought tooth and nail for every inch of its legitimacy. Now, our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers know we may be facing the biggest hurdle yet: Getting legal buyers in the door. Los Angeles marijuana lawyer

The New York Times recently reported anticipated tax revenue drawn in by the California legal pot market were disappointing. Although the industry generated more than $2.5 billion last year, the state still overshot its anticipated take by more than $100 million. Even worse – that figure was half a billion less than sales in 2017 – when recreational marijuana wasn’t even legal in California yet.

It’s not that pot shops don’t want to pay the piper. The problem is that at rates that high ($150 per pound on cultivators and 15 percent by recreational retail buyers) it creates incentive for consumers to buy their buds from elsewhere. It also doesn’t help that the regulatory requirements laid out by the Bureau of Cannabis Control require extensive testing of products, which also costs a pretty penny. This two combined are taking a financial toll that has meant that buyers of recreational marijuana are paying significantly more for legal cannabis – and most would rather not if there is an alternative. 

It seems getting people to overwhelmingly agree to allow legal marijuana was the easy part. Convincing them to pay more to buy it legally is turning out to be a harder sell.

Los Angeles marijuana business lawyers know that this contrasts with how …

Tax Cuts for California Cannabis? Lawmakers Seek Ways Ease Marijuana Money Woes

Lawmakers in California are exploring ways to ease the financial pressure many pot companies are under, with many saying lowering taxes on cannabis products being one of the best ways to facilitate real competition against the black market. Our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers know this has resulted in serious struggle for some shops in the last year since recreational marijuana hit the market. The AP reports a number of marijuana industry-backing state legislators have proposed a measure that would cut taxes for these firms and offer a much-needed jump-start needed to get back in the game.Los Angeles marijuana lawyer

Assembly Bill 286 proposes to:

  • Temporarily lower from 15 percent to 11 percent the tax legal buyers pay when they purchase from a California dispensary
  • Ax the nearly $150 tax applied per pound on farmers – at least for the next three years.

Analysts say sales of legal marijuana in the last year from $3 billion in 2017 to $2.5 billion in 2018. This is of huge concern because in 2017, the only kind of marijuana available for purchase was medicinal. Recreational marijuana wasn’t available for retail until Jan. 1, 2018.

Legislators opined the high taxes were hurting the companies that are trying to follow the law by creative cash incentive for consumers to seek black market retailers. This was the incentive for the Temporary Cannabis Tax Reduction bill. 

The governor’s proposed budget for this fiscal year (ending in June) initially opined we’d be raking in a lot more. The governor’s office recently reduced its estimated tax revenue …

Proposing Practical Regulations for Edibles

Health Canada’s 10 mg limit per package for edibles will be creating many limitations. Medical cannabis patients, at the very least, should be granted other options. Like individually portioned edibles, but not individually packaged. In fact, this should be a model for all edibles. Although, a further solution exists. Reading through the Cannabis Act many months ago, my […]

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Supreme Cannabis’ 7ACRES Facility Approved for Additional Production Capacity

7ACRES receives Health Canada approval for approximately 30,000 sqft of additional production space. Licensed space at 7ACRES increases to 120,000 sqft and target annual production capacity is expected to increase to approximately 17,500kg. 7ACRES also received Health Canada approval for its plant micropropagation space. Supreme Cannabis anticipates further Health Canada approvals in the near term. […]

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Organigram Reports Record Net Revenue of $12.4 Million

Net revenue growth due to first shipments of adult-use recreational product during the period Consists of gross revenue of $14.4 million less excise taxes and returns of $2.0 million Adjusted Gross Margin (a non-IFRS measure)1 equal to $8.8 million up from $1.6 million in prior quarter Cash cost of cultivation (a non-IFRS measure)1 equal to $0.56/dried flower […]

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The American Dream turns Cannabis Green

The American dream: a business of your own, success, family, going all the places you want to and doing all the things you love. Aww, what a life that would be. For many people, this notion is but a dream. Owning a business of their own is a costly venture. Plus, there is no guarantee […]

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Why the legalization of edibles and concentrates will be worse than you think

If you thought that the Canadian government’s legalization of cannabis was already bad enough, it’s about to get much worse with the impending legalization of edibles and concentrates this October. The government’s efforts to make legal edibles as unappealing as possible to children may end up being so successful that even the adults won’t want […]

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California Growers Association Drops Lawsuit Over Large-Scale Cannabis Cultivation

A lawsuit by the California Growers’ Association over the stacking of licenses by small-scale cannabis farmers to allegedly create large-scale grow sites, thereby subverting the intent of Prop 64, will be dismissed. Although neither the association, nor the California Department of Food and Agriculture (case defendant) have commented publicly on the motive for moving for dismissal, a couple of the growers who were the subject of litigation, having some 200 licenses each, say California is big enough to support small and large operations alike. Smaller growers, they say, can carve a cult-like following by capitalizing on the artisanal. Commercial production for things like medical-grade CBD and related products, however, can’t be produced practically for a profit by small-scale operations, they said.growoperations-300x169

As our Los Angeles marijuana attorneys can explain, the state’s Department of Food and Agriculture published its final rules for awarding marijuana grow licenses per Proposition 64, with licenses granted according to the size of the farm.

Licenses for “medium-sized” cannabis farms would allow one person or entity a maximum 1 acre outside or 22,000 square feet indoors. “Large” marijuana grow farms (larger than 1 outdoor acre or 22,000 feet of indoor space) aren’t being awarded until 2023, the idea being smaller, mom-and-pop grow operations will get a head start before the large agricultural companies can come storming in. There was, however, no designated license for “small” farms, at least initially.

Last year, the state agriculture department said it would be granting small licenses for indoor facilities under 10,000 feet. However, in doing …

Flower One Announces its Bringing California-based preroll brand Palms to Nevada

TORONTO /CNW/ – Flower One Holdings Inc. (“Flower One” or the “Company”) (CSE: FONE) (OTCQB: FLOOF) announced on Jan. 24, 2019 a new licensing agreement and Brand Partnership for cannabis-product fulfillment in Nevada. Palms is a California-based, experience-driven cannabis brand known for high-quality pre-rolls that offer consumers a thoughtful and consistent cannabis experience. Flower One is now […]

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Why Canada’s new impaired driving laws fail when it comes to cannabis

The passage of Bill C-46, which significantly changed Canada’s impaired driving laws, heralded a new age for roadside regulations, following the lead of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to allow blood testing for drug impairment (1). A breathalyzer may still be used if you’re drunk, although a police officer simply saying you are impaired on […]

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California Cannabis Delivery: Cities, State Troopers, Consumers and Companies War Over Rules

A final rule from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control went into effect this month permitting delivery of cannabis anywhere in the state – even in cities where cannabis has banned. It was no secret the California League of Cities was majorly opposed to this, and last summer submitted an open letter to the cannabis control regulation office arguing the regulation – Section 5416(d) – undermined the ability of local agencies to set their own community standards. The BCC moved forward with the proposed rule anyway, and now our L.A. marijuana delivery attorneys are monitoring the situation, as cities appear poised to duke it out in court.

Meanwhile, amid a spate of arrests by the California State Highway Patrol of marijuana delivery drivers and seizure of their cannabis company goods, the California Office of Administrative Law issued a ruling last week issued a ruling clarifying how marijuana distributors should move about the state. This new rule affirmed the BCC’s regulation indicating these operators can deliver to any jurisdiction, provided the delivery is conducted in compliance with all the BCC’s delivery provisions in place at the time. L.a. marijuana delivery lawyer

It’s been over one year since California opened the largest U.S. retail market for recreational marijuana. Nobody disputes that limited personal possession and private use of the drug is legal almost anywhere (with some restrictions allowable for federal buildings and property, landlords and private property owners). However, the restriction of cannabis sales is within the purview of local communities, per Prop 64 (the measure voters approved in legalizing …

CBD-Only Shops Cropping Up in California, Even in Cities Where Cannabis is Banned

Standalone CBD shops – those selling oils or other products made solely from cannabidiol (a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that does not contain the psychoactive elements of THC) – are not expansive in California, but they have gained footing in some cities that have otherwise banned full marijuana dispensaries. They are also proving popular options in states where the drug itself may not yet be legal, particularly in light of the recent passage of the federal Farm Bill, which included provisions that legalized hemp, from which CBD oil can be obtained. L.A. CBD business attorney

Los Angeles CBD shop attorneys understand that while these little stores are outnumbered by the full-service cannabis dispensaries in the city hundreds-to-one, these store owners say they were drawn to the business primarily for the health benefits and variety of products (salves, tinctures, creams, edibles, soft gels, tinctures and more), but also for the reduced legal risk and ease in securing insurance and funding. One in L.A., for instance, sells only hemp-made CBD oil expressly for this purpose Shops that sell only CBD aren’t required to have the pricey licensing, as is required by legal cannabis dispensaries in California.

Such stores have also opened in Missouri, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Ohio. What the Farm Bill, signed in December by the president, did was remove hemp from the list of controlled substances, allowing states to freely allow permanent cultivation programs, and farmers can be eligible for crop insurance and grants. 

There are only trace …

Patent lawyer on protecting intellectual property in the cannabis industry

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, the protection of intellectual property is more important than ever. Intellectual property (IP) includes everything from inventions, creations, designs, processes, art, and music, and even extends to pharmaceuticals and genes- and IP is protected via a patent, trademark, or copyright, depending on the type of intellectual property it […]

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Pot Policy 101: L.A. Marijuana Lawyers Urge Polishing Up on Your California Prop 64 Proficiency

Let’s talk pot shop. As long-time L.A. marijuana lawyers, we’ve seen the industry in California morph from its early days as the first state in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana in the 1990s to joining a growing number of cannabis companies celebrating legal recreational use of the drug, officially allowable after Jan. 1, 2018. However, the passage of this measure did not open the market floodgates. In fact, certain rules are fairly strict and you must be mindful of them when in public, engaging in business with marijuana companies and especially if starting one yourself. L.A. marijuana lawyers

For those who may be new to California, just landed a job here, have an upcoming visit or perhaps are just now interested in testing the THC waters, here are the main things you need to know. 

I want to buy recreational marijuana. What are the rules?

California statute allows adult individuals over the age of 21 to purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana a day, or up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrates, such as candies, breakfast bars and brownies. The amount of edibles you’re allowed to legally have on your person will depend on the THC concentration of each product. One small product might contain a higher degree of THC concentration than something larger, thus the number of the smaller products you would legally be able to have would be lower. Products must be purchased from a state-registered dispensary and users must provide a valid ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. Sales are …

What Organigram isn’t telling you about the class action lawsuit over tainted weed

Organigram, a New Brunswick-based licensed producer, announced in a Jan. 18 press release that the class action lawsuit it’s facing over the use of banned pesticides in its medical cannabis will proceed to trial. In typical press release fashion, it downplays the significance of the lawsuit proceeding to the next step- saying it’s standard operating […]

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