In Photos: Feminine Pipes So Gorgeous, You’ll Hesitate to Smoke Them

Combining influences from Japanese comic books and gaming, her experiences with yoga and bodywork, and her education in fashion illustration, Sibelle Yuksek specializes in creating delicate, naturalistic interpretations of female bodies that double as a pipe.

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Nebraska Lawmaker Justin Wayne Pushes for Reform of Drug Laws

A Nebraska lawmaker is pushing for a change in the state’s drug laws that he says are outdated, according to a report in the Lincoln Journal Star. Sen. Justin Wayne of Omaha has introduced two bills that would adjust penalties for some drug possession and distribution offenses. At a meeting of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Wayne said current laws were putting people who were not involved in the distribution of drugs in prison for trafficking and creating overcrowding in state prisons and county jails.

The first measure, LB89, was introduced by Wayne in January and would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana and possession with intent to deliver. Wayne told his colleagues on the committee that the state’s current laws are resulting in defendants being sentenced unfairly.

“We have arbitrary numbers in the marijuana statutes that presume a person is a distributor,” Wayne said. “Our law needs to be nuanced because if not … we are prosecuting people who simply may have a habit, although illegal, but are not considered drug manufacturers or distributors.”

Under LB89, possession with intent to deliver five pounds or less of marijuana would be reduced to a Class lV felony. Quantities greater than five pounds would continue to be a Class llA felony, with penalties of up to 20 years in prison.

For simple possession charges, more than one pound up to five pounds of marijuana would be a Class l misdemeanor. More than three ounces to one pound would be a Class lll misdemeanor …

Pennsylvania Town Decriminalizes Marijuana, Sees Future in Legal Pot

Civic leaders in the borough of Steelton, Pennsylvania unanimously passed an ordinance to decriminalize possession of small quantities of marijuana on Tuesday evening. At a special meeting called to considerer the proposal, members of the borough council voted 5-0 to remove criminal penalties for first-time offenders possessing less than 30 grams of cannabis. Simple possession will instead be charged as a summary offense and be subject to a fine of $25 to $100.

Brian Proctor, the president of the borough council, said in a press release that the town was actively pursuing cannabis reform.

“Steelton Borough Council recognizes the changes in attitudes towards marijuana nationally, at the state level, and locally, and strives to be at the forefront of progressive marijuana policy,” said Proctor. “We believe policy needs to change with the times. That includes taking a new look at marijuana, its potential to benefit our community, and realigning criminal justice policy to appropriately fit marijuana-related crimes.”

Borough Manager Doug Brown said that decriminalization is just one aspect of the community’s new approach to pot.

“The passage of this ordinance signals the progressive direction Steelton is taking related to marijuana both in terms of righting a social wrong and preparing the borough for economic opportunity,” Brown said. “Since 2012, other states have shown that marijuana policy can be implemented in a responsible and beneficial manner. Steelton does not have the luxury of being stuck in the past or thumbing its nose at changing times; our survival depends on what is happening now and …

Florida Man Burns Pile of Pot Leaves in Backyard, Leads Cops to His Stash Inside

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And where there’s weed smoke, there are nosey neighbors. One towering column of cannabis smoke later, and police arrived at the home of Fellsmere, Florida man David Ellis. To officers’ surprise, Ellis made no effort to hide the open burn that was quickly engulfing the trimmings from a few dozen cannabis plants. In fact, he welcomed officers inside his home, just to make sure they understood the difference between flower and trim. Because in Ellis’ words, he wasn’t burning cannabis, as police claimed. He was burning “trash, the stuff you don’t smoke.”

Florida Man Gives Sheriff’s Deputy the Easiest Weed Bust of His Life

As Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Keppel pulled up to Ellis’ home, he quickly saw what prompted a neighbor’s complaint in the first place. Blanketing the quiet neighborhood in a smokey haze, the unmistakable smell of cannabis wafted through the air. At ground zero was an open pile of debris, Deputy Keppel said, spewing out flames about a yard high.

When Keppel knocked on the door of the residence, Ellis answered. Together, the officer and the Florida man walked toward the burning debris pile. Ellis told the officer it was just leaves. It wasn’t a lie. Leaves, stalks and other trimmings from several small cannabis plants were in the fire. Keppel accused Ellis of burning cannabis. Nah, Ellis replied, he was just burning leaves, just burning trash. If Deputy Keppel wanted to see cannabis, he should come inside. And that’s exactly …

Ohio Highway Patrol Confiscates 55 Gallons of CBD Oil During Traffic Stop

State troopers confiscated 55 gallons of CBD oil last week after discovering several buckets of the hemp extract during a traffic stop, according to a press release from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The driver and a passenger of a U-Haul truck that had been pulled over for a “marked lanes violation” on Interstate 70 were arrested and taken into law enforcement custody.

Troopers observed “criminal indicators” during the traffic stop just after noon on February 25 in Muskingum County, about 60 miles east of Colombus, according to police. After an OSHP drug-sniffing dog alerted to the vehicle, a “probable cause” search of the moving van was conducted and troopers discovered eleven plastic buckets containing 7,040 liquid ounces of CBD oil, with an estimated value of $165,000.

Both the driver, Joshua Sellers, 37, of Providence, R.I, and the passenger, Richard Defedele, 37, of North Kingston, R.I., were charged with possession of a schedule 1 substance, a first-degree felony. If the men are convicted, they could face up to 11 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

CBD Tightly Controlled in Ohio

Despite the legalization of hemp and CBD at the federal level with the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabidiol remains a controlled substance in Ohio. In December of last year, state regulators announced that CBD from any source fell under the auspices of the Ohio medical marijuana program that was passed into law by the legislature in 2016. With CBD now considered a form of medical marijuana, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy …

Vermont Supreme Court Rules Marijuana Smell is Not Grounds for Search

January is already shaking out to be a big month for court rulings on the civil and criminal liabilities people should or shouldn’t face over the smell of cannabis. On the heels of a federal judge’s dismissal of a racketeering lawsuit against a smelly cannabis farmer, the Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that certain marijuana odors are not grounds for a search of persons or seizure of property. The important ruling creates a binding legal precedent across all courts in Vermont and comes at the end of a lengthy lawsuit by the Vermont ACLU.

2014 ACLU Lawsuit Ends with Vermont Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Driver

Simple cannabis possession has been decriminalized in Vermont since 2013. And in 2018, Vermont became the ninth state to legalize cannabis for adult use. But in March 2014, a Vermont state trooper pulled over Rultand resident Greg Zullo and ended up seizing his vehicle when Zullo refused to consent to a search. The officer asked to conduct the search after reportedly smelling “burnt cannabis” inside the vehicle. The trooper said he pulled Zullo over because snow was covering his car’s registration sticker.

Zullo consented to a search of his person. But police had to tow his vehicle in order to be able to search it legally. During that search, police found only a grinder and a glass pipe with cannabis residue. Neither items constituted a criminal or civil offense under Vermont law. But Zullo’s refusal to consent to a search of his car resulted in the seizure …

A Gift Guide for Joint Rollers

Glass nerds will always appreciate a pretty pipe or one-hitter. But what do you give the person who needs little more than some cannabis and a tiny sheet of paper?

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Cathedral City Just Opened SoCal’s First Legal Consumption Lounge

The issue with legalization in California—and many other adult-use states—is that there aren’t many places to legally consume cannabis in public. Many argue this contributes to making “legalization” a scam: how is weed legal if you can only consume it in your home without consequence? One Southern California desert community is providing a solution to that problem. Cathedral City Lounge, located in the Coachella Valley, made history opening the region’s first licensed on-site consumption bar on Wednesday, October 31.

“This is a whole new feeling for people to be able to consume in public without anyone making comments or having to worry about getting arrested,” Nick Hughes, the owner of Cathedral City Lounge, told High Times in an interview. “Comfort is everything.”

Hughes is also the owner of Cathedral City Care Collective, a dispensary the consumption lounge is connected to. He explains the lounge fills a void by providing a place for people to hang out, try new products, and have a safe place to sober-up after imbibing in various forms of greenery.

Cathedral City Lounge is equipped with a pool table, couches, private rooms, music, and a number of entertainment options. Customers can rent pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking devises. Hughes describes Cathedral City Lounge as a bar with stricter rules. The rules, he notes, are not implemented to hinder the experience. Rather, they’re in place to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

The city granted on-site consumption licenses to a few other businesses in the area. But …

Mexico’s Relationship to Cannabis Leaves Citizens Uncertain About Legalization

The world has watched the success of Canada’s Bill C-45 and the spread of cannabis regulation across 30 US states. From an outside perspective, it seems Mexico would be soon to follow. But for those living there, general access to dispensaries and regulated cannabis is murky. The country’s population continues to witness the highly publicized arrests of small-time marijuana producers and activists. TV audiences are pounded by hysteric anti-drug moralizing on the news. Despite the progress of recent years, true legalization of mexa-marijuana often seems like a pipe dream.

Mexico’s legalization movement may have begun in 1985 with sociologist Juan Pablo García Vallejo’s Manifesto Pacheco (or, the Stoner’s Manifesto). The text linked the plant to Mexican counterculture and anti-capitalist forces. By the ‘90s, cultural luminaries like novelist Octavio Paz were among those calling for its acceptance. Many cited legalization as a way to reduce the power of drug cartels, whose bloody battle for US market share began to cost even more Mexican lives with the advent of President Felipe Calderon’s War on Drugs. It’s estimated that 120,000 Mexicans were killed in the government-cartel crossfire that took place between 2006 and 2013.

Still, activists were largely unable to sway—or interest—the country’s executive and legislative branches toward legalization. In 2015, however, their tactics switched to focus on the judicial branch. By the end of that year, eight-year-old Graciela Elizalde had won the right to use cannabis to treat her severe form of epilepsy. The Supreme Court then approved four people from the Mexican Society for

Are Students Who Use Cannabis Putting College Funding at Risk?

Looking into a college dorm room may dig up some papers covered in red ink, discarded (and unread) textbooks, boxes of uneaten ramen, and mostly-eaten pizza. Likely, it will also turn up some form of paraphernalia. Maybe a pipe, a bong, some papers, or even an edible. In fact, marijuana-use is now at a 30-year high in college-aged youth. Still, many college students wonder, in states with recreational or medical weed, is it okay to use marijuana on university campuses?

In Massachusetts, recreational weed has been legalized and will soon be put into effect. But many college campuses in the state approach this heated dilemma differently. The question of whether or not colleges can ban weed on campuses in states with legal weed goes back to one major conflict. In the US, weed is still illegal federally. Because of this and because universities receive federal funding, many colleges maintain tight rules surrounding weed use. In Massachusetts where recreational legalization will soon go into effect, many schools want to govern the student weed-use on campus and off. Not initiating these rules regarding pot could potentially risk these schools’ federal funding, no matter the state laws.

The Climate in Massachusetts is Budding

Massachusetts’ recent legalization has opened up new opportunities for those in the cannabis industry. Cannabis companies can now bank at credit unions in the state. Also, the state has invested in census studies to better understand the industry—seeking to learn about things like gender and race disparities within the industry itself. But …

Poll Shows Almost 25% of Young Adults in America Consume Cannabis

A new Gallup poll has revealed that nearly one in four young adults in the United States is a cannabis user. The results of the telephone poll were released by the research company on Wednesday.

The poll found that 24 percent of adults age 18-29 years old said that they “regularly” or “occasionally” use or smoke marijuana. For all adult age groups overall, 13 percent of Americans said that they smoke pot, with 5 percent saying they used it regularly and 8 percent claiming occasional use.

Thirteen percent of those 30-49 years old said that they were cannabis users. The poll showed that 11 percent of adults 50-64 years old were weed smokers and for those 65 and older the figure was 6 percent.

By geographic region, more adults in the West, at 20 percent, admitted to using cannabis than any other area of the country. All other regions reported significantly lower and similar rates of cannabis use. In the East, 12 percent of adults said that they smoked weed. In the South, the figure was 11 percent, while 10 percent of Midwesterners said that they were pot smokers.

All three coastal states in the West, California, Oregon, and Washington, plus Nevada and Colorado, have legalized the recreational use and sale of cannabis.

Use of Tobacco Products Also Gauged

The same study also asked respondents about their use and opinions of tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and vaping. The poll found that 20 percent of adults nationwide smoke cigarettes and that …

Poll: Americans View Marijuana As Less Harmful Than Tobacco

A new Gallup poll has revealed that Americans believe that marijuana is far less harmful than most tobacco products. Results of the new survey were published by the research company on Wednesday.

Almost all of the respondents—96 percent—believed that cigarettes are harmful. Of those, 82 percent said that cigarettes are “very harmful.”  Fourteen percent said that cigarettes are “somewhat harmful.”

In contrast, 63 percent of those surveyed believe that marijuana is harmful. Twenty-seven percent believe marijuana is “very harmful,” while 29 percent believe it is “somewhat harmful.” Twenty-four percent believe marijuana is “not too harmful.” Another 18 percent said that they thought marijuana was “not at all” harmful.

Of those polled, 5 percent said they used marijuana on a regular basis. Another 8 percent said that they use pot occasionally.

Tobacco Products Fare Poorly

Those taking the poll were also asked for their perception of the harmfulness of four additional tobacco products. A majority of respondents said that cigars, chewing tobacco, and pipe tobacco were all “very harmful.”

Chewing tobacco, at 71 percent was viewed as the most harmful after cigarettes. Cigars followed at 56 percent while 52 percent believe smoking a pipe is “very harmful.” Vaping e-cigarettes was viewed as relatively safer, with 38 percent saying they are “very harmful.”

Cigarette Smoking Down

The survey also asked about respondents’ usage of tobacco products. Sixteen percent said that they had smoked a cigarette in the past week. That number is about one-third the figure recorded in the 1950s and about half the rate of …

Can You Smoke Weed In Antarctica?

What a time to be alive! Not only is the number of U.S. states with legal recreational weed on the rise—not to mention entire countries like Canada and Uruguay—it’s never been easier to travel to those places to partake in the consumption of cannabis. Checking off places and dream activities is almost a form of social currency nowadays with flights as fast and cheap as they are, and getting stoned in different places is high up there.

At the nexus of these bucket lists and country counts is The Big One: smoking weed in Antarctica.

Making it to Antarctica is the traveler’s version of a runner completing their first marathon. It’s one of the few places on the planet that’s still prohibitively expensive and challenging to reach, with trips to South America preceding costly ice-breaker voyages that only run for a few months out of the year. Having the time, funds, and durability to get to the South Pole isn’t something every wanderer can claim.

But if you are going to go through the effort to check off Antarctica on the ol’ bucket list, the obvious question is, “How do I get high while I’m there?” The best way to figure this out is by looking at the scientists who spend upwards of 6 months a year working on the ice.

Antarctica is a strong, independent continent that has no government, and even though it’s functionally a lawless land, there isn’t a straightforward yes or no answer to the question of legality. The …

Sensible Sensimilla: Work Smarter, Not Harder, With These Weed Hacks

From knicks and knacks, to tricks and hacks, cannabis consumers are notorious for Macgyvering everyday items to optimize their smoking experience. We have taken common household items and morphed them into practical weed hacks to share with our sensible smokers. Blackout Curtain Light and heat can affect the quality of your weed. Wrap your Mason […]


Sensible Sensimilla: Ash Ketchum

Photography by Gina Coleman You know that feeling when you’ve just re-packed your bowl and wave the flame over your freshly broken-up buds, take a deep inhale and … nothing. Your cheeks strain and your lips pucker as you desperately try to get a hit out of the clogged pipe. Trying to get a drag […]


Stoner Comedy Pioneer Tommy Chong Turns 80

While 4/20 might be the official ‘unofficial stoner holiday,’ May 24th remains a significant date in marijuana lore in its own right—it’s 1/2 of the legendary comedy duo Cheech and Chong’s birthday. And today especially, is an extra special celebratory day for potheads and marijuana advocates alike, as the stoner comedy pioneer Tommy Chong turns 80.

Chong, who has advocated for legal marijuana since his early stoner comedy days, is now beginning to see his dreams come to fruition. What a long, strange journey it’s been for the musician-turned-comedian-turned-cannabis rights advocate. Well, technically, he’s always been the latter.

Chong’s career first started back in Calgary, where he began playing the guitar at 16 years-old.

“I played guitar to make money. I was about 16 when I discovered that music could get you laid, even if you were a scrawny, long-haired, geeky-looking guy like me,” Chong once said in an interview.

By 1965, Chong and his band, Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers, signed with Gordy Records and recorded their debut eponymous album. Their first single, “Does Your Mama Know About Me,” was co-written by Chong, and peaked at 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

However, after releasing two additional singles, the group broke up after Chong and bandmate Wes Henderson were fired from Motown for failing to acquire green cards to become U.S. citizens.

Chong then returned to Vancouver, British Columbia, to run a couple of local strip joints with his brother. It was there that he met the youthful Richard …

What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed?

Cannabis vaporization came into popularity when users began to realize the benefits of vaping weed versus smoking. Traditionally cannabis has always been combusted but now we have the technology to vaporize. In fact, there are portable, desktop and oil pen vaporizers for added stealth on the market now. When comparing the differences between smoking and vaping we’ll focus on dry herb vaporizers.

Smoke vs. Vapor: What Are You Inhaling?

The greatest distinction between smoking and vaping is combustion. If any combustion occurs, you’ll be inhaling more than just cannabinoids.

In fact, a study that was designed to evaluate the efficacy of herbal vaporizers illustrated it. The study used the same type of cannabis to both vaporize and smoke. What they found was the vaporized cannabis consisted of mostly cannabinoids with a trace of three other compounds. On the other hand, combusted smoke had over 111 compounds including a wide range of toxins.

One of the only advantages to smoking over vaping is it won’t cost you much up front. However, a vaporizer used over a long-term will save you weed and money. Another advantage of smoking is simplicity. To many packing a bowl or rolling a joint comes easier than packing a vaporizer.

Another study found that cannabis users who vaporize were less likely to report respiratory symptoms. So what are the benefits of vaping? Users can still get the benefits of cannabinoids without the pyrolytic smoke compounds.

Finally, research from Leiden University found that the effects of using a vaporizer gave …

YouTube Remains Silent as Weed Pages Are Purged

YouTube is shutting down, and issuing “strikes” against, accounts that feature marijuana or marijuana-adjacent content at an unprecedented rate. The crackdown is leaving many in the community who’ve built large subscriber bases and revenue streams wondering, “what the hell changed?”

Dontae, founder and executive producer of the cannabis entertainment and education production company Loaded Up Entertainment, told High Times that his page received three strikes over the last few months, resulting in a deletion of its YouTube channel last week. A video from the channel’s educational series about the best munchies to eat while high was the final strike, Dontae was informed days after the deletion.

“We are definitely considering moving to other platforms,” he told us. That might include sites like The WeedTube, which was created in response to cannabis censorship on YouTube. Loaded Up’s deletion “gave us an awakening call that social media platforms are just tools for us to use—and that you have to go really go for a platform where people can go that’s not going to be censored out.”

Loaded Up—which had about 200,000 subscribers before the deletion—is one of numerous channels producing weed-related videos that have been shut down in recent weeks. Other channels have seen an uptick in specific videos “flagged for review” and “deleted” due to alleged community guideline violations.

What Does YouTube’s Community Guidelines Actually Say?

Videos that promote …

Kris Jenner Smokes A Joint on Camera

There are a lot of celebrities you’d expect to see light up this past week. Noted activist and legalization supporter Paris Jackson wished her fans a “happy holiblaze guys #420” on Twitter. Wiz Khalifa dropped a 4/20 themed freestyle. But to top it all off, momager Kris Jenner smokes a joint on camera in honor of her daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday. Here’s what Kris said to millions on Instagram.

Kris Jenner Smokes A Joint For Kourtney’s Birthday

Getting high is for moms and managers. Kourtney Kardashian’s 39th birthday was especially lit this year as Kris Jenner took to social media to praise her daughter with her favorite herbal remedy in hand.

In the video, the 62-year-old mom double fists a drink and a joint. After taking a hit, Kris tells Kardashian fans worldwide how lucky she is to have raised Kourtney, her first child of six.

“You taught me how to love. You taught me what being a mom was all about. And you were the first, you were there first and I love you more …” Kris says to the camera, as the video cuts off. You can hear the rest of the Kardashians cheering Kris on in the background.

Weed Goes Mainstream as Hollywood’s Momager Takes A Puff

Kris Jenner 😍

A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchats 🍑 (@kimkardashiansnap) on

As of January 2018, you can legally buy marijuana in California. This means that Rihanna and Snoop Dogg aren’t the only celebrities rolling joints in …

Woman Arrested After Toddler Eats Cannabis-Infused Mac and Cheese

One of the potential problems with edibles is that they can be hard to differentiate from regular food. Sometimes, this confusion leads to accidental consumption. That’s exactly what happened recently in Arizona, with a woman arrested after toddler eats cannabis-infused mac and cheese.

Baby Eats Cannabis Mac and Cheese

As reported by local news outlet AZFamily, a 25-year-old woman in Tempe, Arizona was recently arrested after her almost two-year-old daughter accidentally consumed cannabis macaroni and cheese. As a result, Alaina Marie Limpert was charged with one count of child abuse.

Police reports said that Limpert made macaroni and cheese with THC-infused butter. The edible was reportedly intended for her husband. But at some point, the baby found the mac and cheese and ate some of it.

A witness who saw what happened eventually reported the incident to authorities. Two days later, the Department of Child Safety showed up and took custody of the baby, as well as two other children living in the home. Hospital reports later confirmed that the baby did indeed have THC in her system.

The police report makes clear that the toddler felt the effects of the THC.

“It was witnessed inside of the residence that [they] both laughed about the side effects the child experienced during that time,” the police report stated.

The report added: “During that time, neither parent took the child to immediate emergency care.” Instead, authorities said that Limpert and her husband “proceeded to place [the infant] into their backyard pool to use the …

The Products that Powered Weedmaps Pipe House 2018

For the second annual pilgrimage to Pipe House for the Weedmaps action sports team, the focus was on relaxation — a chance to bask in Hawaiian paradise while catching some rays and waves. Not to let legal speak take you away from imagining your happy place, but we should mention that is owned by […]


This City Smokes More Weed Than Any Other

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A newly released report shows that one city smokes more weed than any other. Can you guess which city it is? Here are three hints. It’s a major metropolis on the East Coast in the United States. It’s known for housing artists, musicians and business tycoons alike. It has a reputation for being “the city that never sleeps”. We’re talking, of course, about New York City. And this city smokes more weed than any other city in the world.

The Big Apple Pipe

This City Smokes More Weed Than Any Other


According to newly released research results by the company Seedo, New York City had the highest rates of cannabis consumption. Not only in the United States, but in the world. The published data shows that the population of New York City consumed an average of 77.44 metric tons of marijuana last year alone.

For a city that still formally prohibits the possession, use and sale of weed, this is quite impressive. Especially since the medical marijuana program in New York does not permit patients to smoke their medicine.

For a comparison, the city with the second highest cannabis consumption rate in the world is Karachi, located in Pakistan. The people of Karachi went through an average of 41.95 metric tons of marijuana.

Interestingly enough, the city in the United States with the next highest rate of cannabis consumption was Los Angeles, California. They consumed only 36.06 metric tons of cannabis last year.

Final Hit: 

Weed Smokers Have Started The Crab Dab Challenge

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There’s a new trend out there among weed smokers called the “crab dab challenge”. And it’s just as wild as it sounds.

Over the last few years, people on social media have been filming strange stunts and calling them “challenges.” It started out mild with the ice bucket and cinnamon challenges. Now, kids are lighting themselves on fire with rubbing alcohol or dumping boiling water on unsuspecting victims for the ‘gram.

The worst recent challenge would have to be the tide pod challenge. Biting into a capsule filled with toxic detergent is apparently cool to kids today.

Weed smokers have started their own viral sensation called the “crab dab challenge.” Fortunately, this fad doesn’t involve harming oneself or others for temporary internet fame. However, the participants are mildly annoying crabs for a laugh.

What Is A Dab?

Weed Smokers Have Started The Crab Dab Challenge

When we say dab we don’t mean the outdated dance move. There are definitely videos of crabs doing the dab dance out there on the internet. However, in this case, we’re talking about a single serving of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates typically have high levels of THC and they can be oils, crystals, waxes or shatter.

“Dabbing” is the vaporization of a dab or a small amount of concentrate. Typically a dab is done by torching a nail until it is hot enough to vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes. Then a dab tool is used to safely add the dab to …

Valentine’s Day: A Cannabis Gift Guide

Have you checked your calendar recently? It’s time to decide what to get your valentine. Now, you could go with the standard bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates and a teddy bear, but let’s be real — you’re reading this story on If your passions burn bright, your gift needs to be fire. Do […]


How to Build a Gingerbread Bong in a Few Simple Steps!

Well, we are officially in the midst of holiday season. And if you’re in a stressful whirlwind of finding the perfect gifts for all your loved ones, let’s take a break and have some fun — that’s what the holidaze are about anyways, right? We at love stepping up to the challenge of turning […]


Colorado Cops Think Powdered CBD Is Cocaine

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Does powdered CBD look too much like cocaine? Marijuana has been fully legal in Colorado for the past five years. It is a scenario that has given the cannabis industry the foothold needed to get on the path to becoming one of the fastest growing and most profitable business sectors operating in the United States. But despite legalization, law-abiding citizens still jam up in the state’s legal system because municipal police officers cannot seem to tell the difference between cannabis products and illegal drugs that could potentially land someone in prison.

Crystal Turner

This situation has the Turner family in a state of peril. All because a small town cop mistook powdered CBD for cocaine.

Douglas County resident Crystal Turner recently began using CBD to combat her muscle pain. The 32-year-old software engineer and mother of four has trouble taking over-the-counter pain relievers. They make her nauseous. But Crystal found success with powdered CBD. The herb proved to be a solid remedy for her aches and pains. It also helped to improve her overall state of mind.

“It helped with my body pain, it helped with my mood even, and didn’t have any side effects,” she said.

A Twisted Turn

Colorado Cops Think Powdered CBD Is Cocaine

In October, as Crystal drove home from work, an officer with the Parker Police Department pulled her over, seemingly about expired tags. But a routine traffic stop transitioned into a question about whether she possessed illegal drugs. The officer, …