Why the Best Way to Shop for Cannabis is not by the Highest THC Number

macro shot of bud

“I Want the Weed with the Highest THC. “

So many times I have customers come in and ask me for the bag with the highest THC level. It seems like a simple concept, yeah? Whatever bag has the highest THC percentage is going to get me the most stoned, right? Well, I’ve got some news for you– there are a couple of reasons why the highest THC number isn’t always the best indicator for great bud. For one, the inconsistencies of the lab results taken from various lab’s on the same nug is appalling. Check out these lab results I pulled from an excerpt in Portland Newspaper, Willamette Week.

Side by side lab inconsisitencies with cannabis testingInfographic courtesy of Willamette Week.

Here you can see they sent the same batch of their Trainwreck to five different cannabis labs and got 4 different results! What is the cause of this? Well for one, there is NO standardized lab testing requirements. Labs can employ people with hardly any skill in the field or subject if they so wanted to. There also is no standard equipment protocol to use for testing so different labs are approaching in totally different ways. Another reason to be skeptical about lab results on your cannabis is that lab tests are very expensive, and only a few parts of the plant get to be tested. Different parts of the cannabis plant will produce varying levels of potency, unfortunately, so most producers are obviously going to send in their most potent parts of the plant and of course …

How to Select the Right Dab Rig.

Small dab rig

So you Think you can Dab…

With dabbing continuing to increase in popularity among the cannabis community, it is important to know some tips and tricks for getting the most from your dabbing experience. Knowing what type of dab rig and accessories are best suited for your dab style can significantly improve your dabbing experience. In this article, I am going to cover some of the basics in dab rigs and accessories. Knowing what consistency of concentrates you typically smoke is one important factor on selecting the right attachments. With a multitude of options, selecting the right one for your dab style can be daunting. However, with a little guidance, we will have you dabbing like a pro in no time!


The Right Rig.

Choosing a dab rig is always the first step. Finding that balance between form and function, and what best fits your dab style can be tricky. For beginners, the simpler the better. These days, the styles of dab rigs are endless. Ranging from around $20 for a basic Chinese glass rig to upwards of $100k for some incredible functional art. For a beginner, I strongly suggest going on the inexpensive side for that first dab rig. Get comfortable with the process before going out and getting a more expensive heady piece. Something like a small beaker bong is a great introductory rig. It is also important to remember that with dabs, smaller rigs are going to preserve more flavor and allow you to taste the terpenes better. So, keep

Using Cannabis to Elevate your Experience

Using cannabis to enhance a beach experience

Cannabis is a great tool to improve an experience

An increasing amount of people are turning to cannabis for various ways to improve their quality of life. Due to medical reasons, stress relief, or an aid with relaxation, the trend is happening. There’s specifically a growing demographic using cannabis to elevate their experience and activities. You may already know that specific strains may influence your mood, but cannabis may enhance experiences like hiking, listening to music, or even just going out to eat. Specific strains can make outdoor adventures become more beautiful, can make social activities more engaging, and times of relaxation more restorative.


Go Explore!

girls hiking experience

Seems like many strains have the ability to enhance your outdoor adventures (it’s hard to find a bad strain to pair with a nice day). The euphoric effects given off by them can raise up your awareness and appreciation of nature. In addition, colors are more visually striking and seemingly mundane details become fascinating. You may also have a deeper connection and understanding of the environment around you when using particular strains. Most of all the ticket is to become more mindful of where you are and what you experience.

Great strains to enjoy before hiking & outdoor activities;

  • Jack Herer
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Amnesia


Connect with Those Around You!

turn conversation into an experienceFurthermore there are a variety of strains that will heighten your sense of curiosity and interest. These pair well with social situations because they allow conversations to go deeper and develop a real sense of significance.

Educator Spotlight: Jared Jolly Herman

Educator Jared smoking on a preroll

Jared lights up with a smile reflecting on how far we've come.

Jared traveled from one coast to the other to be a part of the legal cannabis movement.

The byproducts of cannabis legalization have been incredible– from the positive impact on opioid addiction to a whole new industry full of jobs for average Americans. Educator Jared came to Washington State to be a part of it. He grew up in a military family, traveled a long list of places, and found his people among the cannabis community. He’s a classic storyteller happy to share his adventures and tales. 

Jared is from St. Augustine, Florida and the proud father of two twin girls. Having been a long time supporter of cannabis, when the legislation surrounding cannabis legalization started to take shape on the West Coast he knew he had to go and give it a shot. “As soon as the qualifications regarding licensing started to roll out I remember thinking someone needs to move, someone needs to do this now.” There was no reason that ‘someone’ couldn’t be Jared. He packed up and relocated to Washington State.

A true old school smoker, Jared still prefers flower over concentrates.

Educator Jared smoking on a preroll

“As soon as the qualifications regarding licensing started to roll out I remember thinking someone needs to move, someone needs to do this now.”

Given the choice, he’ll take his flower packed in a bowl, dry pipe, glass only please. What does he usually choose to smoke on? Jared wouldn’t say he’s really got an all time favorite strain. “I couldn’t even say. That’s a good question.” The

First Timer’s Guide to Shopping for Legal Cannabis

Bright and warm Evergreen Market sales floor

Thinking of Becoming a First Time Cannabis Customer?

It’s no secret that recreational cannabis has started to change a culture that was at one point very underground. With the passing of I-502, Washington has seen a green explosion and cannabis going mainstream is at the very center of it all. With this strange paradigm shift in culture and attitudes more people are thinking about becoming a first time cannabis customer at a legal retailer. Whether it’s because you’re a tourist visiting a legal state, a lifelong Washingtonian who is looking for a new way to unwind, or someone who is seeking alternative ways to improve their quality of life, The Evergreen Market is here to make sure you have a great experience.

We understand that the recreational cannabis industry is incredibly diverse and new. To someone coming in for the first time this can be a little intimidating. Please allow us to walk you through your first Evergreen Market experience!

friendly faces greet customers at the door

Welcome in with a big smile!

Welcome to The Evergreen Market!

The first thing you might notice when you walk into any one of our three locations is the express window. We will cover that later, but for now lets direct ourselves to the left towards the decorative willow door that is the same at all of our locations. Here at the door a budtender (or during the busy weekend, a security guard) will greet you, and check your I.D. We scan I.D.’s at the door, and once more at the register so

Cannabis Legalization and Reform Discussed in D.C.

Cannabis Legalization discussed in Washington D.C.

As I look back at the last four years of cannabis legalization it is easy to forget how far we have come. I have been to nearly every legal cannabis market in the country (including Amsterdam last year), and I can say with great confidence that from a consumer standpoint nobody does retail cannabis as well as Washington State. There is not even a distant second.

Cannabis Legalization discussed in Washington D.C.

Cannabis legalization and reform was the topic of conversation in Washington D.C.

While the paradigm of oversupply makes things difficult on producers and processors, the natural byproduct of this (particularly in a system with no vertical integration) is an incredible variety of products for consumers to pick from. In a fight for space on a retailer’s shelves, you will invariably see quality go up, and prices come down. Moreover, with so many retail stores fighting for a finite pool of customers, the stores need to focus on customer service and experience if they are to retain market share. All of this makes Washington a virtual utopia when it comes to shopping for cannabis.

Senator Warren and Eric Gaston fighting for cannabis legalization

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Eric Gaston, and other agents of change prepared to sit at the table for cannabis reform.

That being said, it is perplexing that Washington State seems to get lost in the national conversation around cannabis legalization and the legal cannabis industry. With this in mind, I was excited by the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. this month as part of a joint lobbying effort organized by WACA2 and attended by approximately

How to Enjoy Cannabis and Not Smell Like Weed

How to not smell like weed, use a de-toker when smoking.

I’m incredibly lucky working in the legal cannabis industry, where the concern of smelling like weed isn’t really a concern, and especially not how it was prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis. But, of course I don’t always want to smell like weed, either.

When the topic of not smelling like weed came up, the first thought I had was DABS! Of course. But, for someone just embarking on their cannabis journey, a concentrated form of weed may not be the recommended starting point. So, I looked outside of my personal cannabis preferences and desires, to weight out all the options we have at our disposal with legal weed and products including topicals, tinctures and a variety of edibles.


Oh, the classic brownie, we have come so far! The highlight of today, is you no longer need to consume a multitude of calories to get the cannabis effects you desire. With so many products on the market that are therapeutic, healing and offer relief, sugary and sweet edibles are not your only option.

How to not smell like weed, eat cannabis edibles.

How to not smell like weed? Enjoy a breath mint like these delicious, Green Tea CBD from Swifts.

Other options include:

CBD mints that give great breath plus CBD to help ease possible anxiety or discomfort, whether physical or emotional.

Wellness Tinctures for Sleep plus tinctures with CBG, CBD & CBN, some of the therapeutic cannabinoids.

Capsules with ginseng and CBD as well as other holistic herbs.

Drinks and mixers are a great way to ingest cannabis and …

An Overview of the Cannabis Community’s Impact on Industry

It’s only been several years since Washington State legalized recreational cannabis in late 2012.  The cannabis culture and community has become a force with and within the cannabis industry. In a short few years we have demonstrated the viability of cannabis as both a responsibly consumed recreational substance AND a powerful source of non-toxic, medicinally-viable compounds.  Take a moment to look up from the hard work we’re doing in this state and you see the many other states that have continued the trend towards national legalization. Not only are the dominos falling, but every year the industry, the culture, and the COMMUNITY builds momentum.

What began outdoor has been brought inside.  The search for high THC has expanded to other cannabinoids.  What was once talk of the Indica/Sativa spectrum has now evolved into a discussion of the “entourage effect” which is the term given to the sum of effects specific to the different ratios of cannabinoid and terpenoid levels.  Perhaps most exciting, the further research into balancing these components into different desired effects is slowly giving way to a whole new approach to an individuals’ well being. Nothing is more personal than the feelings a scent can induce.  Cannabis research and development is furthering the science behind using fragrance to tune products to individual needs! The potential! If you have any questions about terpenes, the entourage effect or anything else, please feel free to drop by our Knowledge Bar and speak with an educator to further discuss any topic.

By Educator – Michael Henderson…

Educator Spotlight: Dillon Buckingham

Cannabis users will often tell you about how this plant helps open your mind; now that it is legal and there is an entire legitimate industry, we’re seeing it go even further than that. Legal cannabis is opening up the possibilities for the lives of each person involved in the 502 industry to be lived more real, more authentic, and still thrive in the real success of this market.
Career in 502 cannabis industry information from Budtender and educator Dillon Buckingham.

Dillon Buckingham, Educator and Budtender at The Evergreen Market shares his reasons for driving across the state to start a new life in the 502 industry.

Dillon Buckingham transplanted to the west side of Washington state after being born and raised in Spokane. “This is my first job in the legal cannabis industry– before this I was a car salesman,” he explained. Dillon thrives on providing people with exactly what they are looking for or needing and has a history in sales. This was the catalyst that brought him over the mountains.
“There’s a lot more opportunity in legal (cannabis) retail over here. In Spokane there’s more opportunity for growing or trimming jobs.” -Dillon Buckingham
After getting into the industry Dillon was hooked on digging deeper into the knowledge of this plant. He believes that having the ability to answer whatever questions customers might have on the sales floor works in tandem with creating a greater good for the world as a whole by decreasing the amount of misinformation that gets spread about cannabis. “Sometimes it’s less knowledgeable people that are leading raids and stuff

Why Sativa or Indica is becoming Archaic

The cannabis industry is growing in all aspects of the word— especially in regards to the knowledge that is being presented to the general public. People are getting smarter about their cannabis consumption and during this particular part of the journey we’re largely realizing that things aren’t quite as black and white as they seem.

Did you know that distillate may get you really high, really fast, but since all the terpenes and lots of the other cannabinoids have been worked out of it the experience you’re left with is often hollow and quick to fade away? Did you know that even if you don’t want to get high, a CBD product is going to be largely more effective with at least a small amount of THC due to the way that cannabinoids attach to the receptors in your brain?

These were never fun facts that were offered up to me while I swiped my ziplock baggie back in the day. The legalization of cannabis has allowed us access to a great amount of more knowledge regarding what and why cannabis affects humans the way they do. This is also making us question the way that we’ve been doing things; in the not so distant future sativa, indica, and hybrid being associated with uppy or relaxing kinds of effects from cannabis might become a thing of the past as the future points to a much more complex rule of thumb than that.

The bud structure (which is what defines sativa or indica) is showing …

How to Roll a Blunt

Cannabis has been used for many years as a way for people to get to know each other. There is a great sense of unity when passing around marijuana, while sharing funny stories or interesting thoughts. Blunts are great for sharing because they are easy to pass around-they don’t involve any re-packing or re-lighting.

So, what is a blunt? The term “blunt” actually was  derived from “Phillies Blunt” brand, but is commonly used as a nickname for cannabis that is broken down and filled into an emptied cigar wrap. There are many cigar brands that are available on the market. Commonly used brands include: Swisher Sweets, White Owl, Phillies, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Flavorless is also an option for those who enjoy tasting the terpenes within their marijuana.

Here are my tips so you can roll a perfect blunt, with trial and error (if the error leads to getting high then I’m in!) you will be rolling them in no time.

When purchasing a cigar, first make sure that it is fresh. All you have to do is pinch on the casing or packaging to feel for softness. If the cigar is crunchy, simply ask for another. Most places will not mind pulling a few out for you to choose from. After deciding on a cigar, you will need to split it evenly along the seal and remove the tobacco. To do this, look closely at your cigar and search for the faint line …

Mad Mark Farms

Clones at Mad Mark Farms in Enumclaw, WA.

Mad Mark Farm

Mark Seegmueller is the founder, owner and mastermind behind growing all the incredible strains offered by Mad Mark Farms out of Enumclaw, WA.


Clones at Mad Mark Farms

The little babies; clones getting their root systems strong before moving into a much bigger pot, soon.


Clones at Mad Mark Farms in Enumclaw, WA.

Mark shows off his babies as he led us around his veg and flower rooms.


Buds on the cannabis plant at Mad Mark Farms.

Mark shows us his ladies as they start showing signs of budding.


Clones grow buds at Mad Mark Farms.

You can see the start of buds forming in the center of the stalk top.


Cannabis plants at Mad Mark Farms

Reaching almost the ceiling, the plants in this room were huge and full! Can you smell it through the screen?


Plants at Mad Mark Farms


Mad Mark Farm in Enumclaw gave a tour.

Full of trichomes, the plants at Mad Mark Farms were skunky with a blooming aroma that made us happy!


Budding flowers at Mad Mark Farms.


Mad Mark ladies grow tall and green

Mad Mark Farms consistently produces very hairy buds.


Grape Ape at Mad Mark Farms

Sparkling Grape Ape as it slowly matures, it will keep getting more frosty as it grows.


Mad Mark farms available in Washington State.

Enjoy flower grow by Mad Mark Farms such as Amnesia, Black Cherry Soda, Grape Ape and Carl Sagan.

Mad Mark Farms can be found at all three of our locations!

With pre-rolls, kief and flower available, there is a variety of ways to enjoy was is being grown with love and experience in Enumclaw, WA.

Written By: Masha Brown


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Tour at Willie’s Reserve

Willies Reserve in Seattle, WA

It was the snow day in February, but we made it to the Washington State Willie’s Reserve facility, located in Seattle, WA.

With a 32k square foot building, the space was huge and included their kitchen, led by chef Allan Abramovitz. Working directly with the Nelsons, and especially close with Annie, wife of Willie and the woman behind the secret recipe for the chocolates, Allan and Annie often collaborate over new concepts in the kitchen.  They infuse using the old school method with full plant matter, ground up and in a crock pot, simmered for hours with pure cocoa butter.

The ‘candy lab’ as they like to call it is where they also make their hard candies in addition to the chocolates. Not only is the whole kitchen temp controlled, but we were instructed to put on booties over our shoes, wear lab coats and hair nets (beard nets for the boys, too!). This place was spotless, and they were intending on keeping it that way.

Willie’s Reserve chocolates come in a dark variety only: not only is it healthier, but stays in more of an original format, allowing it to be vegan, since it contains no dairy with no options for milk chocolate. Thus, the chocolates created here are Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and dairy free. With whole plant flower infusion, many people feel the high is a more full body experience that lasts longer than when edibles are made with a distillate or other type of extraction.

After the extraction, they filter …

Hemp Derived CBD vs Cannabis Derived CBD

Industrial Hemp Derived CBD vs Medicinal Grade Cannabis Derived CBD; What’s the Difference?

With the legalization of cannabis growing across the country and more states becoming legal cannabis states, people are getting more into the idea of using cannabis as medicine. The property being sought after is CBD, the cannabinoid otherwise known as Cannabidiol. Currently, people are recognizing the benefits that CBD offers with anti inflammatory, a general pain reliever, an anti cancer and many other fantastic medicinal properties. As news of the benefits CBD offers spreads to illegal states, companies are finding ways tiptoe around the legalities of shipping by creating synthetic hemp derived CBD that can be purchased online, and even in some local markets.

So what is the difference between the CBD that you can order on Amazon and the CBD that you could get at your local Cannabis shop in a legal state?

The laws of biochemistry remain the same whether the CBD molecule is sourced from an industrial grade hemp plant or medicinal grade cannabis plant.  It’s safe to say that the human body does not know the difference between hemp derived CBD and cannabis derived CBD. However, there are potentially 113 cannabinoids that are not found in industrial hemp derived CBD, so you could be missing out on a lot more than you think. The synergy between these cannabinoids and CBD makes all the difference in the world. The interactive relationship between cannabinoids has become known as the “entourage effect.” A neurologist named Ethan Russo has …

Higher Education Recap: Valentines Day with Dr. Christopher Ryan

Valentines Day with The Goodship's Higher Education.

Higher Education with The Goodship

Live music by Roxanna Walitzki started the evening, her opera-inspirational sounds filled the space with a melody that was calming and passionately exciting.

With the shortest month over in 2018, it has been a busy one in the world of cannabis and events. In a way, starting off the event season, February brought Kush Mart and CannaCon to Seattle, as well as Goodship’s quarterly Higher Education: a series featuring informative and enticing topics that are made even better with a delicious edible and this time, chocolate dipped strawberries (uninfused, of course), appropriately made for the Valentine’s Day discussion.

Goodships' Higher Ed present Dr. Christopher Ryan

Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, shared his hypothesis for the future of modern romance at the Valentine’s Day talk thrown by Goodship.

The title of the topic was “Prehistoric Sex and the Future of Modern Romance,” featuring Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn. With a lively attitude and a big smile, Dr. Ryan started off the talk right on topic, sweetening up the listeners by referring to the packed room as “smart, open-minded, crowd of sexy people” who chose to come and listen on Valentine’s Day, of all days.

Author of Sex at Dawn, DR. Christopher Ryan shares his thoughts on love and sex in the modern world.

“Love, Sex, it’s charged! There’s a lot of grey area,” Dr. Christopher Ryan explained to a packed audience on this Hump Day, V-Day.

Dr. Ryan was spirited and upbeat, instantly on his feet, engaging the crowd, making jokes and having lots of fun. It was like listening to your college professor who likes to cuss and make …

Bioavailability and You

To a certain degree all of us know a bit about how bioavailability works. Bioavailability refers to the percentage of any drug that enters your body’s circulation and is actually able to take effect. It’s the science behind why smoking, vaping and edibles affect us all so differently. When it comes to the therapeutic side of cannabis, it’s important to know how to get maximum use out of your products. Bioavailability allows us to take better control and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between cannabis and our bodies.

The method you choose to intake your cannabis directly affects its bioavailability. Smoking and vaping are probably the two most common ways of taking cannabis, they also have the highest bioavailability percentages. With a range of between 30-65% absorption, the effects are usually felt instantly, but not for long. Usually, within an hour or so, most, if not all the effects will have dissipated. Recent studies have shown that vaporizing cannabis allows for better and faster absorption, but not longer in effect.
When it comes to edibles, we have two main options: sublingual and oral. Sublingual doses are usually taken by placing the solution under the tongue for about 15-30 seconds and then swallowing the remaining solution. Sublingual absorption sits at around 30-50% and usually takes affect a few minutes after ingestion. Tinctures, mints and candies usually fall within the sublingual umbrella.

Edibles that have to go through the Gastrointestinal tract fall under the oral classification. These have the lowest bioavailability, about 6-15%. The …

CannaCon: Year Five

Vicente Fox talks at Seattle's CannaCon.

This time last week, CannaCon had just wrapped up its fifth year, leaving the industry buzzing with excitement from the multitude of connections made, the innovative products discovered, but my guess is it was mainly from the inspiring talk given by former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, a cannabis advocate and leader looking to unite the North American region as one cannabis supermarket.

Although it was my first CannaCon, it certainly would not be my last. The industry truly has exploded, as this was the first year it was held at the Washington State Convention Center, and coming from days of medical, that seemed like a huge feat in my eyes. Inside, the expo was warm, bright and big, with a variety of interactive booths, informative seminars and lots of networking; connections being made locally within our state, continent and outward to the global stage.

In a speech that lasted nearly an hour, Friday morning Vicente Fox addressed the crowd, inviting them to come to the CannaMexico World Summit in May of 2019, as “participants; as sponsors, as exhibitors or any other characteristic that you can come with.”

Vicente Fox talks at Seattle's CannaCon.

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox spoke at Seattle’s CannaCon, citing the migrant history our country has. “In the US, it’s a country of migrants, starting with (President) Washington..”

The summit will be held in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, and as Fox shared during his talk, this region of Mexico is a key place to where the journey to independence from Spain, historically took …

“The Entourage Effect”

The best analogy I’ve heard regarding the entourage effect is, “THC is your gas pedal, terpenes are your steering wheel.” What this means is THC alone, while it will get you high, can be a shallow high. If you’ve ever had the chance to take a dab of some THC Crystalline or “Wizard Stones” then you may have experienced this. While you will get high, it seems unguided and almost disconnected. This is where terpenes come into play. Terpenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants and are the driving force behind cannabis and the effects it has on your mind and body. They are also what gives cannabis its unique smells and flavors.

Now, THC and terpenes, although they play the main role in your high, they aren’t the only ones in this Entourage. Cannabis contains a wide variety of cannabinoids. While THC and CBD are the most commonly known cannabinoids, there are several others that play a smaller, but equally important role. Most cannabinoids are not psychoactive, meaning their purpose is NOT to get you high. However, they do have a wide variety of medical benefits, and combined with THC and terpenes, create the “Entourage Effect”. What this means is that all the cannabinoids and terpenes work together to give you the affects you feel after consuming cannabis. For example, cannabis containing higher amounts of the terpene Myrcene will typically be heavier on the body. Strains with higher concentration of Linalool or Caryophyllene are often great for stress relief, …

Seattle High Group

Meet talented PNW and Seattle area photographers in cannabis, urban and nature lifestyle

A true group of friends and creatives, Seattle High Group is a collective of artists: from videographers to photographers and models, working together for innovative fun, pushing creative boundaries and inspiring each other to new heights of their craft.

Meet talented PNW and Seattle area photographers in cannabis, urban and nature lifestyle

Seattle High Group Team from left to right; Frank, Ryan, Taylor, Hollis, Oleg & Blake.

As social media continues growing in prominence, (Fun Fact: there are now more cellphones on the planet than there are toothbrushes!) many use platforms such as Instagram for inspiration, to see new places around the world or connect with others of a similar mindset. If you have been searching for a local talent (or talents) to follow, look no further as these six bring variety and heat to their sets.

Seattle High Group was launched unexpectedly six months ago as the brainchild of Hollis Porter aka @bokeh.rang after organizing a meetup for photographer friends during the summer. Creating content using Puffco products, they saw a real need for a group of like-minded individuals in the Seattle photographer community, especially with a cannabis focus.

Unfortunately, the next event they only had photographers turn out, and that was truly the launch pad that started Seattle High Group.

Their third meet up, was when the idea came to fruition. They decided to host a general photography event, inviting designers, models, artists, to come together, and it worked.

Since, Seattle High Group has hosted a handful of parties and meet ups and they don’t plan on stopping the connections, creations …

An Introduction to Dabbing

The world of cannabis has exploded in the last decade. If you’re anything like me, you probably started your smoking career the same way I did: with some good old flower, and a pipe. There’s  a certain nostalgic quality to loading up your grinder, smelling your cannabis as you break it up, and feeling the sticky trichomes as you pack, or roll up. Even today, I still take a moment to appreciate the feeling of some sticky buds between my fingers, and think about how far we’ve come.

Despite all of this; times change, and so do the needs we have when it comes to what we’re smoking. I remember the first time I saw what a dab was. Honestly, it’s a little intimidating at first. The product bears no resemblance to the kind green buds we all know and love, and the blowtorch wasn’t doing much to ease my thoughts. After the first hit, and the initial coughing fit, I knew I was a lifelong fan of this new method of cannabis consumption.

For the uninitiated; a ‘dab’ is slang term for any small amount of cannabis concentrate that is smoked. Cannabis concentrates are exactly what it sounds like: a concentrated form of the cannabis plant. The active compounds in cannabis, otherwise known as cannabinoids, are stripped from the plants using a solvent. Some of the solvents used in this process are butane, propane, or supercritical Co2. At this point, the product is purged of any solvents. Don’t worry! The Solvents …

Evergreen Market Tours Fireline & Interviews Chef Jeremy Cooper

Fireline Cannabis branches out into the edible market thanks to Chef Jeremy Cooper.

Chef Jeremy Cooper of Fireline Cannabis

Meet Chef Jeremy Cooper, the mastermind behind the new edible line Fireline Cannabis is getting ready to release this month.

They say if you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen!

Well, we wanted to know about all the heat Fireline Cannabis has been creating and were finally granted a tour inside their facility and kitchen.

The Evergreen Market & Fireline Cannabis

The Evergreen Market tours Fireline Cannabis and their new edibles kitchen, led by Executive Chef Jeremy Cooper.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement to the secrets we were to learn and taste, and armed with our ID tags and aprons, we entered the pristine kitchen of Chef Jeremy Cooper, Fireline’s Director of Research and Development, and the Culinary Master behind the new edible line Fireline Cannabis is releasing next week.

Inside the kitchen, sparkling counters and sounds of Willy Wonka playing in the background gave the sense we had been transported to a magical lab of sweet delights. Warm aromas of rich chocolate filled our nostrils and soon our mouths, as we experienced chocolate the way it was intended to be tasted; warm and fresh, a traditional technique used in Italy at Venchi Chocolate, a place where Chef Jeremy Cooper trained to master the historical art of making chocolates.

Fireline Cannabis branches out into the edible market thanks to Chef Jeremy Cooper.

Chef Jeremy Cooper bringing the fire with the Firecracker; a spicy chocolate being released by Fireline Cannabis later this month.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you everything we got to try, but keep your eyes open for some of the new products to hit the …

“What’s new?”

At Evergreen Market, our customers ask on a daily basis “What’s new ?”That is a great question. In this very GREEN and fast growing industry, WE, as cannabis connoisseurs have the opportunities to enjoy a variety of different products. Almost everyday, you can see a new product pop up or a new hybrid strain by your favorite farm. I personally have had the pleasure of enjoying everything from THC infused Orange Soda to the most amazing flower that will surprise the nose every time you open the jar.

“What’s new?” I’m glad you asked. Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis. We recently added new products to our wide variety of THC and CBD edibles. Two that stand out, are the Marmas 1:1 and Canna Burst fruit chews. The Marmas are made by Northwest Cannabis Solutions. They are a square gummy edible that tastes amazing and will cure any sweet tooth. The 1:1 CBD THC ratio Marmas are great for pain relief and relaxation. Canna Burst are one of the newest edibles offered at Evergreen Market. They are tiny 10mg THC squares. They come in five flavors and are available in sativa, hybrid, and indica. One to two will have most feeling like they are on mini vacation.

Our customers can keep up to date by checking our Evergreen Market online menu. If an item intrigues your cannabis receptors, you are just steps away from placing an order that will be waiting for you at the Express Window. Be sure to remember your …

Do the THC Numbers Matter?

One of the most commonly asked questions I get as a budtender is “do the THC numbers matter”? To be honest, the THC percentage is handy information to have on the label, but is not an end all/be all when looking for a strong high.

For starters, companies use a variety of different labs to test their products. This creates vast discrepancies between the numbers that actually get printed on the label and what is present in the cannabis. Not to mention, just like an apple from one side of the tree might be more sweet than one picked from the other side; the sample nug sent into the lab isn’t a true representation of 100% of the rest of the cannabis plant.

One aspect I encourage and show most of my customers are brands we carry such as Fire Bros, Skord, Royal Tree Gardens, and Mad Mark where the bud looks absolutely amazing, but generally comes back testing with lower numbers, usually much less than the 30% THC you can occasionally find around recreational cannabis stores. I encourage my customers to put it to the test by buying an eighth of Skord and then buying a gram of our highest THC flower. I’ll tell them for the first high of the day on a clean palate try one of the buds and the next day try the other. I guarantee you that when you try the higher quality company with lower numbers, you will get more stoned than when you smoke the lower …

Jared Explains Differences Between Concentrate Textures

The increasing popularity of concentrates is explosive, becoming the fastest growing category sold in recreational stores. With so much attention on this specific category of cannabis products, varieties in textures and consistencies is only increasing. Some have been around longer and are more familiar like shatter, but with new products on the market like THCA crystals and distillate, what exactly is the difference between all of these?

The simple and most common answer, aside from which type of extraction method was utilized, is going to boil down to the purge– not to say that’s the case for all textures and types but it’s usually the case. The purge is the point where whatever solvent was used to extract the cannabinoids and other delicious parts of cannabis from the cannabis plant is removed and the product is about to be ready for consumption. Hydrocarbon extracts are the most commonly found types of dabs. The name hydrocarbon extracts refers to an extract created using a hydrocarbon as a solvent; this includes butane, propane, pentane, hexane, or a mix of them. Your favorite shatter, honeycomb, budder, are all made using hydrocarbon extraction. The way the different textures achieved are often the result of what occurs during purging.

Shatter and sugar wax are going to be at the low end of the spectrum for purging, which also means they will be the type most capable of holding on to terpenes and cannabinoids. Wax such as earwax or butter are going to sit more in the middle of the …

Evergreen Market Educators

educate about cannabis

educate about cannabis

Evergreen Market Educators meet every Tuesday to discuss products, customer service and learn from our vendors.

The Evergreen Market’s Educator program is the first of its kind in the i-502 market.

Educators meet as a unit, sharp every Tuesday at 8am. Starting their day on a positive note, they share wins of the previous week; sometimes it’s discussing inspirational stories with customers and sometimes it’s something more serious like a difficult moment in customer service and how to over come it. This is the time to build each other up, share in their wealth of knowledge and get excited for future moves.

Evergreen Market Educators meet every Tuesday morning.

Educators (from L to R) Wacheke, Mike, Vaughn and Jared share highlights of the previous week with the rest of the team.

The Educator program was rolled out on 4/20/17. Today they represent roughly three educators per store, insuring there is one on shift daily to assist a customer with deeper questions on products or provide that extra time to guarantee a new customer is comfortable and can ask all the questions or sometimes just have an ear to be heard.

Informational presentations from vendors happen twice a month, every other Tuesday, allowing the team to focus one week on education and another on in-house trainings.

Jason Hutto, founder of House of Cultivar shares their mission with the team.

House of Cultivar team came to visit an Educator’s meeting to share their way of cultivation with tissue-culture labs. 

This Tuesday was a special treat with House of Cultivar team presenting about their operations; how tissue-culture works and their plan for world domination.

House of Cultivar shares their mission with The Evergreen Market Educators

Recently, House of

Interviewing Educator Mike Rhode at The Evergreen Market

New York Dabber Mike

PNW dabs

Educator Mike Rhode’s first love was flower, but upon moving to the PNW- terpy dabs have quickly become the favorite.

Mike Rhode didn’t end up in the cannabis industry by accident.

This time last year, Mike was in the middle of making the biggest change of his life. He dropped everything and hit the road to cross the country and come to Washington state, intent on becoming a part of the booming industry surrounding his favorite plant– cannabis.

Mike Rhode as Educator

“When Colorado and Washington legalized I was still in high school at the time, but it was a huge wake up call. I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I love smoking weed.”

It was a risk that Mike would undoubtedly say paid off, but nothing was guaranteed when he arrived to the PNW. “I called up my best friend and said ‘hey, wanna move to a state where weed is legal?’” When Mike got here he ended up working at a local hotel for three months before landing his foot in the door at The Evergreen Market. “I went to The Evergreen Market regularly, naturally it became my first choice to work at. Another employee encouraged me to apply, so I did.”

Just like many modern stoners, Mike’s infatuation with flower was quickly replaced by concentrates. New York Mike is a dabber through and through.

“Oil over flower. I love to dab it, pens are okay, carts are fine– but nothing beats a fat glob on a hot nail straight to the

Looking into the Future, Knowledge of the Past

Cannabis industry lesson on how i-502 has been over the last few years.

We sat down with Jeff Anderson, co-founder of The Evergreen Market to find out what lessons he’s learned on his cannabis journey.

With three retail stores in two years and plans to open more in the future, The Evergreen Market success is evident in the community. Since opening their doors in Renton in April 2015, TEM has been awarded Best Cannabis Shop for Best of Western Washington for 2016 & 2017, an honor that is voted by viewers of the show and residents of Washington State.

“My core is to create something so cool,

that it’s where people do really want to come

and work, and are comfortable.”

i502 cannabis industry news

Jeff Anderson, one of the Founders of The Evergreen Market shares his lessons from the last three years in the industry.

To find out a little more about this adventure and their recipe for success, Jeff shared his hopes for the company, and what switching industries has taught him.

Interview with co-founder of The Evergreen Market, Jeff Anderson

Could you have ever imagined being here when you first started your journey?

“No. Well maybe it was a twinkle in the eye, like a hope or a dream that we could create a place that is where I would want to work if I was someone who could work for somebody else.

It’s kind of weird to say, but in my travels I’m a human being that is unable to work with others and that is what makes me unique and a little, or a lot, …

Giving Back This Holiday Season

Helping the homeless in Auburn and Renton.

It started early on Wednesday, Dec 20th, as six members of our marketing and purchasing team met to assemble the sandwich factory, making more than 200 ham and turkey sandwiches. Along with sandwiches, bottles of water and hygienic items, we purchased over one hundred socks and gloves to distribute along with bins of warm clothing essentials we had collected at our stores, from customer donations.

Helping the homeless in Auburn and Renton.

To assist in our local community, members of the Evergreen Market assembled over 200 sandwiches for those in need living in Auburn and Renton.

Our first stop was at Auburn’s Ray of Hope, a recent addition to help combat community homelessness with resources and support. Ray of Hope was opened with space donation from Valley Cities at 2536 I St. NE, Auburn, WA. Daily power is supplied by Puget Sound Energy, while staff and volunteers from Auburn’s Food Bank provide help and assistance. It will remain open for a year and a half until the city finds a more everlasting solution for permanent housing for homeless living in Auburn.

Those present on Wednesday afternoon at Ray of Hope were grateful for the food and clothes donations, wishing us a Merry Christmas with thank you’s, big smiles and plenty of gratitude. This was a feel-good moment, but also presented the harsh burn of reality, of being comfortable this season while so many are without homes, families or work. Our team was happy to do what we could to make these people feel part of our community, with warm clothes …

Escape to the Pot Leaf Treehouse

Treehouse living in Monroe, WA is fun!

Welcome to the Pot Leaf Treehouse!

While it may be easy to get swept up by the busyness of every day chores, work, and the mundane parts of life, sometimes you just need to disconnect from tech and reconnect yourself with nature; the greens, the blues and the wind!

Treehouse living in Monroe, WA is fun!

Getaway to the magical destination of the Potleaf Treehouse in Monroe, Washington.

Relax in the treehouse community at Mountain Views B&B Retreat!

Deep in the luscious forest that borders Monroe, Washington, is a magical setting created by Tracy Rice. Not only are the natural surroundings glorious; with intense forest smells that whisk you into a creative fantasy land; but so are the dwellings; tree-houses, gypsy wagon homes and even a plastic bubble world! This is unlike any destination you have probably visited.

Mountains Views BB in Monroe, WA

Get cozy in the magical, lit up Potleaf Treehouse of Mountain Views B&B. So relaxing, you may just want to explore the personal forest later!

The host, Tracy, was warm, quirky and energetic. She engaged with authenticity and made me feel like we were friends in another life! Yet, if you’re looking for some extra privacy and a total disconnect, she will provide that too. I was impressed with her flexibility and attention to detail. Although the Pot Leaf Treehouse is limited in space, if there was something forgotten at home, Tracy is sure to make it available for your stay in this 108 square ft cozy wooden getaway. (It feels bigger, I swear!)

Elevate in the treehouse like never before!

This 420 friendly getaway is perfect

Higher Education with The Goodship

Local wiccan, Bri Luna shares her experiences as a modern day witch.

All aboard the Goodship!

Never heard of this saying? Well then, we invite you to check out The Goodship Higher Education Lecture Series, moving into their 14th talk, coming soon.

Get high and get your Higher Education on!

Higher Education Lecture Series by The Goodship presents perfect topics to get high and listen to.

In a warm and inviting space, The Goodship presents talks to enlighten your mind and open your world; come with your head in the right space; you know what we mean!

The Goodship is an edible company started by Jody Hall in 2014. Well-known in the local Seattle food scene as the talent behind cupcake bakery collection, Cupcake Royale; Hall wanted to merge two markets she enjoyed tremendously into one, and thus, The Goodship was born!

With the idea that opening your mind to understand higher level concepts can come from branching out of the ordinary thought to more innovative patterns, Goodship has installed a lecture series event to celebrate the use of  cannabis; whether ingested or smoked, to better appreciate new concepts and dive deep into discussions.

The expressed mission of Goodship’s Higher Education is to bring the “heady conversations out of the basement and into a shared community experience” by utilizing the modern and inviting arena below the Melrose Market in Capital Hill.

Photography shot by Ben Lindbloom.

Underneath Capital Hill’s Melrose Market is the perfect space to get into the deep conversations brought to you by Higher Education.

Diving into deep topics like science, technology, psychology and art; they hope to break down social limitations that have restricted these subjects from being a …

Microdosing Cannabis To Experience Wine Better

Wine tasting made better with a little bit of marijuana edibles.

Wine and weed go great together when you microdose!

Try a Swift’s Mint roughly 30 mins before you do wine tasting to enhance the flavors and your presence in the moment.

As a longtime wine drinker, and relative newcomer to the cannabis space,

I am constantly reminded of the similarities between the two industries; both are occupied by growers who are passionate about how they cultivate their products; both produce natural substances that are consumed to enhance an experience; and both have been used for centuries. Recently, I have been thinking about how wine and cannabis can be used together in a way that is complementary.

The subject of cannabis and alcohol is somewhat controversial; many heavy cannabis users don’t drink a lot of alcohol, and many people who drink alcohol don’t mix in cannabis. This does make some sense, in that too much of either one ends badly when you mix in the other. However, I have found that small amounts of cannabis can enhance my enjoyment of a glass of wine.

While the effect of cannabis is a highly personal thing that can vary from person to person, for me consuming a micro dose of cannabis allows me to focus and be more mindful and present. It is certainly anecdotal, but I genuinely feel that I am more engaged when I have a little bit of THC or CBD on board. Perhaps I am a bit ADD, but I find that cannabis brings focus that is otherwise a bit lacking at times. Again, too much of a good thing and that …