Health Canada Sucks (And is Killing You)

Health Canada spent most of the 20th century promoting a terrible diet for everyone. The Lipid hypothesis says saturated fats are bad for you and we should use carbohydrates as our primary source of fuel. This is bunk.  Governments severely messed up in their health care delivery system by forgetting that prevention is key to […]

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Indiana Judge Won’t Recognize Pot as Part of Higher Power

State law, federal law, and religious liberties have collided to form an unholy trinity in a casecannabis lawyers involving First Church of Cannabis. The church had put in a bid attempting to allow smoking of marijuana as a religious sacrament in Indiana. The group sued the state, attorney general, and then Gov. Mike Pence in 2015. But a judge out of Marion County Superior Court recently ruled against the church, according to RTV6.

Indiana currently has extremely limited medical marijuana provisions and relatively strict laws against recreational use. Attempts to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana were thwarted in 2013, and instead an amendment to IC 35-48-4-11 was added to HB 1006 to increase penalties of certain types of possession to felonies rather than misdemeanors. Some attempts to legalize medical marijuana also failed a few years ago, but last year the legislature was able to push through a bill allowing CBD oil specifically for seizures. Considering all of the people nationwide who have found relief from cannabis for a wide variety of ailments, this seems to be the absolute least they could do.First Church of Cannabis was attempting to appeal to the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is intended to protect religious groups from government interference. The act stirred up controversy from people concerned the law could lead to discrimination against certain residents, particularly LGBTQ individuals, with business owners citing religion as a shield for their discrimination. It is clear, though, given the reaction to the First Church of Cannabis that the …

Craig Ex on heading to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup

CLN caught up with Craig Ex aka the Expert of Expert Joints before he hit the tarmac on his way to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup, and he told us about the special “Fridazed” radio show he’ll be doing this Friday live from Amsterdam, what he’s looking forward to in the city famous […]

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Canopy acquires Hiku, owner of Tokyo Smoke, as cannabis oligopoly looms

Canopy Growth Corp., Canada’s largest licensed producer, has announced its acquisition of Hiku Brands Co., and estimates of the all-stock deal range from $250 M (as reported in the Financial Post) to $350 M (according to Hiku). Hiku owns the cannabis lifestyle brand/ coffee shop Tokyo Smoke along with licensed producer DOJA Cannabis, and Canopy […]

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Adding a Little Green to the Red, White, and Blue

Sparklers weren’t the only things people were lighting up across the country this Fourth of marijuana lawyerJuly. Residents of states with adult-use marijuana laws were enjoying newfound freedoms to consume cannabis products. This was especially true here in California with this being the first Independence Day with legalized recreational marijuana.

The holiday came just a few short days after regulations went into place for packaging and sales of cannabis in California. The new rules mean that all products must meet certain standards of quality control, pass tests for safe pesticide content, and have packaging that clearly displays warnings and the makeup of the product, including THC levels. This spurred retailers to offer deep discounts on cannabis products last month that did not meet new standards, putting an influx of marijuana in the hands of Californians ahead of the July 1 deadline. This made for a very happy Independence Day for many users, indeed.Some people used the holiday famous for cookouts and picnics to try new cannabis-infused recipes. Others hosted soirees that allowed celebrants to indulge in cannabis products and enjoy the holiday, all while staying at one location, according to Palm Spring Desert Sun. One local inn, which has dubbed itself a “bud and breakfast,” hosted a Fourth of July event complete with swimming, catered snacks and meals, cannabis and crystal healers, vendors, dispensary representatives, and music, all with a safe place to crash at the end of the night.

This type of event was ideal for law enforcement, who were encouraging residents …

Too High for This

Eat, sleep, and CBD are all great ways to come down from cannabis if you get too high. “I’m freaking out man, talk me down.” These aren’t usually the words you hear when you’re smoking bud with your buds. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. Weed is getting stronger, and the effects of […]

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What Groups Still Oppose Marijuana? Follow the Money

At Cannabis Law Group, we discuss at length the groups who support marijuana marijuana criminal defenselegalization: from health organizations and doctors to veterans, cancer patients, and NFL players. Support crosses age groups, socio-economic status, race, and gender. A recent report from High Times, however, revealed some groups who do not support marijuana legalization, and it paints an interesting picture of those who have profited most off of the criminalization of this relatively benign drug.

Several of the groups on the list are, no surprise, involved in the arrest and incarceration of marijuana users. Law enforcement officials, for example, have received a great deal of funding over the years that was earmarked for the barbaric and misguided “War on Drugs.” Despite much more dangerous and lethal street drugs, marijuana users have always been a favorite target. It’s no wonder, considering the docile effect cannabis can often have on users, as opposed to the aggressive, violent, and hyperactive responses other drugs can induce. Marijuana has allowed police officers the ability to go after low-hanging fruit, pull in big numbers, and still get paid the same. Many police stations have also benefitted greatly from asset forfeiture programs, in which they line their budgets with money made off of auctioning seized property in marijuana raids. It’s not like there would even be a lack of work to be done. Without marijuana, officers will have to focus their time and resources on more risky areas, such as meth labs and opioid rings, which will be far more challenging.From there, …

Recreational Marijuana Use Legal in Vermont; Sales, Not So Much

Recreational marijuana is now officially legal in Vermont, but it looks quite a bit different recreational marijuanathan it does in California. According to Associated Press, the new law that recently went into effect did not include provisions for how to tax and regulate marijuana production. As our marijuana attorneys can explain, this means while residents can possess and consume cannabis, they cannot open up a business to sell recreational products.

Broken down into more precise terms, this is what adult-use legalization means for those in Vermont. Residents are allowed to have four immature cannabis plants and two mature plants in their homes, so while it’s true there are no stores to purchase from, marijuana can be grown at home. Plants must be in enclosures that are secure and obscured from public view. Renters, however, must have permission from their landlords before they are allowed to begin a grow. Those 21 years and older are allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, but it cannot be consumed in public spaces.Aside from home grows and all their limitations, the only other options Vermont residents have is to procure marijuana by illicit means. This is not unlike the way medical marijuana started in Vermont. Medical marijuana was legalized in the state in 2004 with the passage of Senate Bill 76. This law offered protections to qualifying patients and their caregivers who possessed or cultivated marijuana. The move was more about making sure that people who needed cannabis for health reasons were not treated

Just Say No to the Community Safety Unit

British Columbia’s NDP government is promising a Community Safety Unit to enforce cannabis legalization.  How Orwellian. A new whole bureaucracy to enforce cannabis laws. So much for the argument that prohibition was a waste of taxpayers money. Somehow, governments in Canada have made legalization a boondoggle as well. These people really do deserve to be locked […]

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2018 Great Canadian Glass Gathering Recap

Check out the recap of the Great Canadian Glass Gathering which was an amazing weekend in beautiful Birken BC full of dabs, glass art, community, and culture. Watch as Chad Jackett from Liberty Farms says hi to and gets high with some new and familiar faces as he explores the grounds of the Glass Gathering […]

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Can You Smoke Weed In Antarctica?

What a time to be alive! Not only is the number of U.S. states with legal recreational weed on the rise—not to mention entire countries like Canada and Uruguay—it’s never been easier to travel to those places to partake in the consumption of cannabis. Checking off places and dream activities is almost a form of social currency nowadays with flights as fast and cheap as they are, and getting stoned in different places is high up there.

At the nexus of these bucket lists and country counts is The Big One: smoking weed in Antarctica.

Making it to Antarctica is the traveler’s version of a runner completing their first marathon. It’s one of the few places on the planet that’s still prohibitively expensive and challenging to reach, with trips to South America preceding costly ice-breaker voyages that only run for a few months out of the year. Having the time, funds, and durability to get to the South Pole isn’t something every wanderer can claim.

But if you are going to go through the effort to check off Antarctica on the ol’ bucket list, the obvious question is, “How do I get high while I’m there?” The best way to figure this out is by looking at the scientists who spend upwards of 6 months a year working on the ice.

Antarctica is a strong, independent continent that has no government, and even though it’s functionally a lawless land, there isn’t a straightforward yes or no answer to the question of legality. The …

Cannabis Business Summit announces keynote speaker: former deputy AG James M. Cole

James M. Cole, the former Deputy Attorney General who served from 2010-2015 during the Obama presidency, has been announced as the keynote speaker at the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in San Jose on July 25-27. As the author of the 2013 “Cole Memo”, James Cole fundamentally shifted the legal landscape for cannabis in America. […]

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Some States Still Hate

Cannabis legalization took another step forward in the United States as Oklahoma became the 30th state to pass a medical cannabis law. This should show you how bought out the countries political leaders are. They’re owned by big pharma and other special interest groups that have their own plans for the American people. That can be […]

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Oklahoma Proves Facts are Winning in Fight for Medical Marijuana

medical marijuanaOklahoma recently became the 30th state to approve some form of medical marijuana, a significant step in proving cannabis support is a non-partisan issue and that old-school propaganda tricks aren’t working to scare an informed electorate anymore.

State Question 788 passed with 57 percent approval despite almost half a million dollars spent on a campaign to shut down the proposal. Gov. Mary Fallin and Sen. James Lanford (R) joined several health and law enforcement organizations to voice opposition to the ballot initiative, according to a report from Forbes. Some voters claim the issue did not even appear on their ballot, causing speculation as to how far some would go to stop the measure. Even the fact that the issue was placed on a primary ballot rather than during a general election seemed to be tactically designed to set it up for failure since voters who show up at primaries tend to lean more conservative. The passage of the measure in spite of such obstacles, however, proves what cannabis advocates like our medical marijuana attorneys have been saying all along: marijuana is not a partisan issue.

Not only was the medical marijuana initiative passed, but it also stands apart from other states in that it gives more freedom to doctors. Some government officials in other states have decided they know better than medical doctors and have confined the permissible medical conditions by which health practitioners can recommend cannabis to a pre-determined list. The new Oklahoma law, however, keeps the power to decide squarely where …

Owner of Best Buds Society on being a wanted man, the billionaires trying to control Saskatchewan’s cannabis industry, and more

Cannabis Life Network spoke with Pat Warnecke, the owner of Saskatchewan-based medical dispensary Best Buds Society, on June 22, a day after he turned himself into police after finding out he had a warrant out for his arrest, which was related to the Regina Police dispensary raids back in March. Pat Warnecke told us about his […]

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Why You Should Eat Cannabis Seeds: 5 Health Benefits

For a plant that was highly appreciated in the past given its unmatchable benefits and value, cannabis has quite the opposite reputation lingering around now, although it is popularly (and illegally) used for recreational purposes all across the globe today. The debate to prove whether it has health benefits lasted for almost as long as […]

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Creative Solutions for California Marijuana Business Owners

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade … or in this case cannabis-infused water. Amarijuana business brewery in northern California called Lagunitas is doing just that with a line of sparkling waters it plans to sell in dispensaries. Drinks with cannabis are not common, but the brewery was able to achieve what other marijuana businesses have been afraid to tackle thanks to some creative thinking and close consideration of the law.

As our cannabis attorneys can explain, many in the beverage industry have been nervous to dabble in cannabis drinks out of concern for Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812. Because the law bans marijuana and lists it as a Schedule I narcotic, brewers worry that crossing the federal government could put their alcohol licenses at risk, even if they are abiding by state laws. That’s where ingenuity, creative problem solving and help from a knowledgeable legal team can help.Most California cannabis business owners will tell you it’s a delicate dance they must perform in order to run a business that is appealing to customers, profitable, and follows all ordinances and regulations. The most successful have worked state and local laws into their business plans right from the beginning, giving them a strong foundation to build on. Lagunitas, for example, was very conscious of any ways federal law could conflict with their licenses, so they decided to brew the water and hops flavoring at its own facility, then ship the water to another company to be infused with THC and CBD, according …

FDA Approval Could Change Everything for Medical Marijuana

A major victory in the fight for medical marijuana has finally arrived. Amedical marijuana marijuana-derived drug was recently approved by the FDA, making it the first of its kind. According to Washington Post, Epidiolex is a liquid anti-seizure drug which contains a purified cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive element in marijuana. CBD, as you likely know it as, only contains trace about of THC and does not create the “high” that so many marijuana naysayers point to as the defense for their outdated thinking.

CBD oil is commonly used for pain management, anxiety, addiction treatment, and now in a drug used for childhood epilepsy. Clinical trials of Epidiolex have shown better results without the severe side effects of epilepsy drugs already on the market. The drug has now been approved for patients 2 and older. Of course this is significant for families battling this debilitating disorder, but it also could be a groundbreaking moment for the rest of us as well.

As our Orange County marijuana lawyers can explain, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic. According to Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812, a drug is considered Schedule I if it meets three criteria:

1) It has high potential for abuse.
2) It has no currently accepted medical use.
3) Even under medical supervision, it lacks accepted safety standards.

Millions of Americans have come to understand that these three statements couldn’t be further from the truth in regards to cannabis. That is precisely why FDA approval of a CBD derived drug

Senate Plants Seed for Hemp Legalization

U.S. Senate overwhelmingly voted to pass HR-2 Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill, which contains (among standardcannabis business food policy legislation) measures to legalize industrial hemp sales, cultivation, and processing, according to a report from Forbes. Hemp is a variety of cannabis popular for its lower concentrations of THC and higher levels of CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana. This has made it ideal for creating a variety of products, from plastics to biofuel to animal feed to yarn.

The federal ban on marijuana has made no distinction between these strains of cannabis and THC-laden versions, which has caused Americans to seek out everyday products that happen to include hemp from other countries. Finally, a bipartisan group of politicians, led by Mitch McConnell (R-KY), is standing up for this common sense action.

The bill would open the door to hemp farming nationwide, not just states with legalized marijuana, and would allow those plants to be insured just like other crops. As the bill stands, it also would legalize other products, such as CBD oil, which is used for many medical purposes, including pain, anxiety, and seizures. It has been touted as a useful resource in weaning people off of opioids and acting as an effective pain relief substitute.

Champions of cannabis watch in wonder as a plant the federal government has gone out of its way to demonize and criminalize has continually been given special exceptions. Legislators have attached an amendment to Congressional spending bills preventing federal …

Crony-Capitalism in Manitoba

If you search for, “crony-capitalism” you’ll get a pretty straightforward definition: “an economic system characterized by close, mutually advantageous relationships between business leaders and government officials.” Wikipedia goes further to describe it as, “an economy in which businesses thrive not as a result of risks they take, but rather as a return on money amassed […]

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It’s High time for Adventure so check out these Elevated Canadian travel ideas

It’s almost official! Canadian adults will soon be able to ‘legally’ experience a herb that has been forced to the black market and underground for decades due to prohibition. This month, both the House and Senate signed off on legislation to bring an ‘end’ to prohibition surrounding cannabis in Canada. The legislation has been given […]

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Why Weed makes food and sex better

Everything is better when you’re high! But have you ever stopped to wonder why? I mean, aside from the obvious answer of, well you’re phucking high, so everything’s great? Food is better with weed, sex is better with weed and life, in general, is just better with weed. This isn’t just a stoner concept either. […]

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O, Cannabis: Canada Passes Adult-Use Marijuana

After months of anticipation, Canada has officially become the secondcannabis business country in the world to legalize adult-use cannabis after Senate recently passed the long-awaited bill. Uruguay was the first country to pass legalization measures, with sales starting last year. Canada’s size and global standing, however, give it a unique opportunity to set the tone for what legal marijuana could look like for the rest of the world. It will still be a couple months of preparations, though, before legal sales can begin, according to Los Angeles Times.

Uruguay has had a complicated relationship with legalization, primarily because the motivation was to regulate out-of-control crime syndicates related to the black market marijuana industry. An micro-managed infrastructure has made for a rocky start getting the legal economy off the ground, but officials are still confident their plans will help eventually neutralize illegal sales.Our Los Angeles cannabis business attorneys know California has played an important role in setting an example for other states and countries. The state is the fifth largest economy in the world, so there has been a great deal of interest in how cannabis legalization would play out. California had an advantage in being the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 with the Compassionate Use Act, so there was already a decent foundation in place when the state moved forward with recreational legalization at the beginning of this year. Still there are issues that exist simply because federal law labels cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic, which means all …

Your cannabis licenses, please

Health Canada recently released its regulations that aim to clarify the Cannabis Act, but at 390 pages long it’s a lot to cover, so this piece will serve as an introduction to licenses. But first, a little background Many outlets have pointed out that Health Canada’s regulations are a whopping 390 pages long, but in reality, it’s […]

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Health Canada announces cannabis regulations which include no THC limits for dried flower

On Jun. 27th, Health Canada announced new regulations in support of the Cannabis Act, which received Royal Assent last week and is scheduled to come into effect on Oct. 17, 2018. As always, the government says that one of its top priorities is protecting the health and safety of Canadians and the regulations will cover […]

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Veteran Advocate Boone Cutler Joins Roger Stone & John Morgan At United States Cannabis Coalition

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

New York – The United States Cannabis Coalition is proud to announce the appointment of retired US Army Sergeant Boone Cutler to the USCC Advisory Board. A noted author, radio talk show host and veteran’s advocate, Cutler is an important activist for cannabis PTSD treatment. Cutler joins Board Member and former US Army Infantryman Tyler Nixon on the USCC’s Committee on Veterans Access.
“Cannabis literally saved my life’ says Cutler ‘the VA’s combat cocktail was killing me. I was a zombie and my symptoms were getting worse, not better. When I learned that Israel and other developed countries successfully use cannabis to treat issues like mine; it became my mission to fight for my Warfighter family to get the same life-saving cannabis that helped me. Together with the USCC, we will win the fight for real PTSD treatment”.
Cutler’s influence has helped several institutions, including his partnership with the venerable American Legion, to adopt a pro-medical marijuana stance.
Cutler suffered traumatic brain injury during Iraqi Freedom combat operations which later developed into Parkinson’s disease. Cutler spent years shuffling in and out of the VA hospital system, where he was given, as he calls it, ‘the combat cocktail’; 27 different mainly opiate and psych-based medications. Recognizing that the overload of pills was ruining his life, Cutler switched to medical cannabis and finally found relief from his symptoms.
“The demonization of cannabis has become a political movement that’s partnered big-money Pharma …

Florida Sidesteps Medicinal Marijuana Progression

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics

By Annie Loupy

If you are a medical marijuana patient in Florida, you are familiar with the long and complicated history of cannabis legalization. The law is vague and restrictive causing backups, delays and inconvenient challenges.

In 2016, Florida voters flooded the polls to allow legal medicinal use of marijuana. With one step in the right direction, the government shot back with regulations like making the act of smoking cannabis illegal and only offering medicinal marijuana relief to patients with “debilitating conditions.” Thankfully, due to John Morgan’s successful advocacy, smoking herb is now legal. This marks one more victory for one of the largest potential markets in America, though patients are far from liberation of government restriction.

Recently, the topic of debate raised by 77-year-old patient Joe Redner diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer advocates for the right to grow his own marijuana. According to his doctor’s recommendation, Redner needs immediate access to a generous amount of his herbal prescription which would be more convenient if accessed from his backyard. Redner, a strip club owner, can afford his own weed but he knows many patients that are unable to fork over the unbelievably high prices of $9.27 per gram.

The Verdict
On the 11th of April,, judge Gievers ruled in Redner’s favor. And for a few weeks, Redner had the right to grow his own weed until the Health Department fired back with an appeal, putting Redner’s recent right on …

Buy Your Seeds Online

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

The benefits related to marijuana are quite well established by now and the fact that medical marijuana successfully treats various conditions and illnesses is not a torrid topic of contestation anymore. Using the whole marijuana plant, in an unprocessed state has a number of usages. Though it is still not legal across all states in the USA or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the chemicals present in marijuana known as cannabinoids are known to be present in two pills that have been approved by the FDA.

The ‘THC’ level that determines the potency of a particular strain of cannabis to get you ‘high’ is actually tetrahydrocannabinol- to which the chemical cannabinoids are related to. The ‘THC’ element is responsible for increasing appetite, reducing feelings of nausea, decreasing pain, inflammation or problems relating to muscle control.

In a context where transactions in marijuana are largely illegal, it can sometimes become difficult to acquire what you’re looking for and ensure that it is of superior quality. This is why buying seeds online becomes a great plan because it ensures that what you’re partaking is pure and safe. Here is an option where you can choose the kind of strain that you want to smoke and order its seeds online, so that you can grow it yourself in a completely controlled environment. Not only do you get to get to ensure that it is grown as it should be, …

Marijuana Support at an All-Time High

We are currently experiencing the final gasps of the anti-marijuana agenda in the U.S., evidenced by more and more medical marijuanaAmericans not only support cannabis in theory, but also in practice. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs recently published a report showing that daily use of marijuana among adults is on the rise since 2007, while teen use is actually dropping.

Findings showed daily use increased among all age groups between 18 to 64, with an insignificant lead in the data among 18 to 34-year-olds. Non-daily use increased across all adult categories as well, but especially among 26- to 34-year-olds. The most likely cause is the wave of states that have legalized marijuana in some form. California is one of nine states (with a guest appearance by Washington, D.C.) that has total legalization for adult use. The number jumps to 29 when counting states with medical marijuana laws. The specifics vary by state, but the fact of the matter is Americans are discovering the health and recreational benefits of marijuana and incorporating it into their daily lives. The study was put together by researchers from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York. Results were compiled based on more than 700,000 respondents ages 12 and older to the 2002-2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

The increase of use mirrors the increase of support for marijuana legalization across the country. A Quinnipiac University poll released in April showed nationwide support of recreational marijuana legalization at 63 percent, the highest yet in …

BC Cannabis laws: A breakdown

Now that cannabis has been cleared by our federal government for legal sale in October, many provinces are turning their minds to the tough questions that will need to be answered in order to make this pipe dream a reality. In BC, the provincial government has already put a significant amount of thought into what legal […]

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The Cannabis Act – Medical Access Is No High Priority

It’s a strange feeling and to be honest, I am struggling to describe it; as soon as The Cannabis Act receives Royally Assent, I could face 14 years in jail because I help manage a compassion club and we sell cannabis to sick people. We have no intention of denying life-saving medicine to our members, […]

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Advertising Los Angeles Marijuana Business

There is no question marijuana, including medical marijuana and marijuana for recreational use is big business in the greater Los Angeles area.  Like any business, advertising is often needed to bring in new patients or customers, but many are concerned about where and how marijuana businesses choose to advertise.

l.a. marijuana lawyerAccording to a recent news article from the Los Angeles Times, this massive growth in the legalized marijuana industry has led to equally massive ad campaigns some of which feature full-sized billboards being placed around our area.  One of the major concerns is that legalized marijuana will lead to an increase in illegal marijuana use among minors, especially in the case of teenagers. 

While data in other markets where marijuana has been legal for quite some time shows these fears are largely exaggerated, and mainly the product of those who are, and always will be, against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, there is no question we all want to curb any real problem of teens illegally obtaining marijuana for recreational use. This had led to the enactment of a new ordinance in the City of Los Angeles is designed to reduce the exposure of minors to these ads for marijuana industry products and services.

Specifically, the new ordinance, effective July 2018, will prohibit the placement of any billboard advertising marijuana and marijuana-related services withing 700 feet of many places where it is likely children will be present. These restrictions include the following:

  • Schools
  • Parks (Public)
  • Playgrounds
  • Libraries
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Youth Activity Centers

Who should represent the Cannabis industry?

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, there is a discussion happening within the community over who should (and shouldn’t) speak for the cannabis cause. One side is saying that we need new spokespeople as legalization kicks in because the activists who got it here no longer represent the common cannabis user, while the other side argues […]

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B.C. Announces Central Cannabis Warehouse and Online Platform

Who are the lobbyists for Shopify? Because they’re doing great work. Great, in the sense that they’re excelling at crony-capitalism… not something to be proud of, but I digress. Shopify will be handling the online cannabis sales for not only Ontario but British Columbia as well.  In economic circles, when governments make exclusive deals with […]

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California Hotels Try to Attract Cannabis Tourism

While there may come a day when marijuana is legal for recreational use all across the nation, that day is nowhere in sight yet.  President Donald J. Trump has said he would be willing to remove marijuana from Schedule One of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (USCSA), but that is far from something certain to happen in light of his Attorney General’s feelings about marijuana, and marijuana users.  It would be certainly be a good thing for the nation if marijuana were legal for adults everywhere, but for now, those few states which have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes are finding themselves at a distinct advantage when it comes to what is now being called marijuana tourism, and those in the recreational marijuana business in Los Angeles are hoping to cash in on this.

recreational marijuanaThere was a time when people had to travel to Amsterdam for legal marijuana, and now they can go to Canada as our neighbors to the north have legalized marijuana nationwide, but according to a recent news article from the Los Angeles Times, local hotels are trying out new strategies to make their properties more marijuana friendly and hopefully make a big impact in this growing market.  

One hotel in Coachella Valley has started an ad campaign where they are telling prospective guests they are welcome to some marijuana at the pool.  They are also allowing guests to use vaporizers in their rooms, though they cannot smoke due to existing laws.  As our Los …

Issues Related to Illicit Marijuana Trade in Legalized California

For many decades before recreational marijuana was legalized in California, people were buying marijuana illegally. This included literally buying it on the street in open air drug markets as they are called by the Los Angeles Police Department, and they were also buying on what is often dubbed the marijuana gray market. Now that marijuana is legal for adults to purchase it for recreational purposes, it would seem people would no longer have to buy it illegally.

marijuana tax lawyerThe problem is that people are able to get high quality cannabis products on the gray market, and will not be charged with possession of marijuana under state law for having it, and if they want to purchase it legally, they may be forced to pay much higher prices.  This is not to say there is no risk to those selling marijuana illegally as they can be arrested and charged with various criminal offenses, but there is not much risk to the consumers. 

When Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use recently, the government said it would only place minimal taxes on cannabis products in an attempt to drive illegal sellers of marijuana out of business since it consumers could get higher quality products from legal vendors and comparable prices.

However, as our Riverside cannabis attorneys can explain, California officials did not choose to go this route as they saw it is a revenue generating industry with respect to taxes, so it may actually be cheaper to buy cannabis on the street than it is to go a …

Long Beach Finally Passes Recreational Marijuana Business Policies

Long Beach will soon be the next city in Los Angeles County to embrace recreational marijuana business planmarijuana after its city council voted overwhelmingly to regulate industry operations. The council passed a series of amendments that will set guidelines for cultivators, testing labs, distributors, and dispensaries in the city, according to an article from Press-Telegram. The 7-1 vote reflected a strong support from council, with the support of the mayor as well as the residents who voted for Proposition 64 in November 2016.

City staffers estimate the move could bring in about $750,000 in taxes from recreational sales next year and a whopping $4.5 million from medical marijuana taxes. City officials also hope to stimulate the economy with a clause that requires collective-bargaining agreements with United Food and Commercial Workers 324, the union that represents cannabis workers, raising the bar on the quality of jobs provided by local establishments. Long Beach also joins other California cities in creating social equity programs, designed to lift up communities most harmed in the past by reckless marijuana law enforcement policies. Those who qualify will have certain fees waived, have their applications fast-tracked for review, get access to special workshops, and qualify for tax deferrals. Restrictions for the program include meeting certain income requirements. More specifically, a person would need to have less than $250,000 net worth and fall below 80 percent of the local median income. They also would have to have an arrest, conviction, or citation spurred by a marijuana-related offense before recreational marijuana was passed in …

Pennsylvania Must Ditch Harsh Marijuana DUI Law

Pennsylvania’s marijuana DUI law could be about to see some much needed reform. State medical marijuanaRep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) is working on a bill that would exempt medical marijuana patients from an overbearing law that prevents them from ever being allowed to drive, according to The Inquirer. The move comes as Pennsylvania Department of Health is in the process of implementing the state’s medical marijuana program.

PA Code Title 75, Sec. 3802, as it currently stands, states: “An individual may not drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle … (if) there is in the individual’s blood any amount of a Schedule I controlled substance.” Just as under the federal Controlled Substances Act, Pennsylvania also has cannabis listed under their own Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act as a Schedule I narcotic, right alongside heroin, peyote, mescaline and the like.To call the current law far-reaching is a wild understatement. Unlike many other substances, marijuana can stay in a person’s blood for up to 15 days, which means anyone who consumes cannabis in any quantity would be barred from driving in Pennsylvania for about two weeks. Of course it’s absurd to believe that because the drug is simply in one’s blood that they remain high for the entire duration. It has been documented that the effects of cannabis will last roughly a few hours, depending on the quantity consumed, how it was ingested, and the tolerance level of the person. Edibles, for example, might still …

Marijuana in the Mix: The Effect of Pairing Foods with Cannabis

As the market for cannabis heats up around the world, from the superfood appeal of hemp seeds to the newfound popularity of cannabidiol (CBD oil), it’s no surprise that people are looking for new ways to pump up the power of the plant. While there’s a lot of potential on the horizon for medical marijuana […]

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Cannabis At Work

As the government’s self-imposed deadline for cannabis legalization approaches, politicians and legislators have been working around the clock to tie up any loose ends that could potentially cause problems once the product legally hits the streets. So far, they have tackled complex issues around cannabis and driving, as well as setting age limits and guidelines around […]

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3 Changes to Canada’s Impaired Driving Laws

With legal cannabis comes new impaired driving laws.  And it ain’t good. Bill C-46 overhauls impaired driving laws so police now have more power (and the tools) to charge drivers. The Bill also makes it easier for courts to ram through impaired driving cases quicker. Saliva Testing In the same way police do roadside breath tests […]

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ICBC (Int’l Cannabis Business Conference) returns to Vancouver June 24-25

ICBC is returning to Vancouver! For all of the BC motorists who immediately felt a sense of anger or frustration wash over them at seeing that acronym, relax- it’s not our much-hated insurance company, it stands for International Cannabis Business Conference– and it’s happening this Sunday and Monday, June 24-25, at the Sheraton Wall Centre in […]

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Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – Season 3 Finale – It’s Party Time

This week Craig’s having a party with a bunch of his best buds for a party celebrating the Season 3 finale! As season 3 comes to a close, we talked with Craig Ex, the host of Expert Joints LIVE! about his recent surgery, the big plans in store for the Season 3 finale, and what he’s […]

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Prohibition 2.0 Begins October 17, 2018

Justin Trudeau may have announced legalized cannabis starting October 17, 2018, but we’re a long way off from ending prohibition. Trudeau told reporters: “One of the things that we heard very clearly from the provinces is that they need a certain amount of time to get their bricks and mortar stores — their online sales […]

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The Stupidest Thing Bill Blair Has Ever Said

With the Cannabis Act passed and moving toward Royal Assent, the prospect of legalization has never been closer. But, just like in Colorado, there will still be a black market for cannabis. In fact, our black market is likely to be larger than Colorado’s since we’re legalizing in a very strict, “public health and safety” […]

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Cannabis Act back in the Senate after 13 of its amendments rejected by House of Commons

On June 18th, the House of Commons voted, 205-82, to reject 13 of the Senate’s amendments. Now, the Cannabis Act is back in the Senate and it has a big decision to make. Will the unelected Senate dig in its heels and fight the will of the elected House of Commons or acquiesce and allow […]

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CBC Comedy sketch hilariously mocks government weed dispensaries

This short sketch from CBC Comedy perfectly highlights the absurdity of the government running a cannabis retail monopoly with no experience and minimal knowledge of the product they’re supposed to be selling, especially when dispensaries have been doing it for years! As the tagline states, “The government is preparing to open commercial dispensaries, but the […]

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Should cannabis be treated like alcohol? Yes and no

To say that cannabis should be treated like alcohol is something that many people in the cannabis industry would agree with, but at the same time, it’s not exactly an apt comparison. Last week, the United Nations’ drug committee found that cannabis was a “relatively safe drug”, and when considering all of the studies that […]

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Sensible Sensimilla: Work Smarter, Not Harder, With These Weed Hacks

From knicks and knacks, to tricks and hacks, cannabis consumers are notorious for Macgyvering everyday items to optimize their smoking experience. We have taken common household items and morphed them into practical weed hacks to share with our sensible smokers. Blackout Curtain Light and heat can affect the quality of your weed. Wrap your Mason […]


Craig Ex speaks on the Expert Joints LIVE! season finale party, his recent surgery, and what’s next

We caught up with Craig Ex, the host of Expert Joints LIVE!, as season 3 comes to a close, and we talked about his recent surgery, the big plans in store for the Season 3 finale, and what he’s cooking up for us for Season 4. Cannabis Life Network: Season 3 of Expert Joints LIVE! is […]

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Have We Lost Legalization?

What doesn’t the Alberta government get about legalization?  To be part of their legal distribution industry, “an applicant that is or was a participant in the unlawful cannabis trade, including illegal retail or medical sales… will not be eligible for a retail cannabis licence.” That’s not legalization. Similar nonsense comes from the mouth of Justin […]

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Vancouver MP Don Davies calls out anti-cannabis crowd’s “hypocrisy of the highest order” in blistering speech

Don Davies, the NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway, calls out the Senate’s “conflicts of interest and hypocrisy of the highest order” when it comes to the Cannabis Act, and if you believe in speaking truth to power, you will find his Jun. 13 speech in the House of Commons hugely satisfying. You may even recognize […]

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Criminal Charges Dropped for Prominent Marijuana Dispensary Owner

Cannabis legalization isn’t enough to protect someone from being arrested on marijuana criminal charges. Being onemarijuana criminal defense of the trailblazing marijuana business owners in the state isn’t even necessarily enough. Just ask the woman who opened Ventura County’s first legal medical marijuana dispensary. She has spent the last year and a half facing down charges for perjury, possessing and transporting marijuana, and maintaining a place to sell the drug. These charges, however, were recently dropped, freeing her to focus on her business at last.

The woman is also president of a collective in Ojai, Calif. The property of the collective and her own home in Ventura were raided in November 2016, just before Proposition 64 passed on the ballot. She lost many personal possessions in addition to property of the collective. At the time, the collective was operating under the guidelines of Compassionate Use Act of 1996, which regulated use and sales of medical marijuana in the state, but investigators said she was in violation of those rules, according to a Ventura County Star article.As our Los Angeles marijuana criminal defense attorneys can explain, collectives are allowed to grow limited amounts of marijuana and share among members of the group, including deliveries to those members. They could not share outside the group, and they should only charge as much as necessary to cover the costs of growing marijuana, but not enough to turn a profit. Any suspicion of violating these rules could draw the attention of officials, as in the case at hand. …

Hashing Out Cannabis Supply Issues

California could learn a thing or two from those who paved the way for cannabis legalization. For example, Uruguay cannabis lawyerwas the first country to fully legalize marijuana, and the South American country has learned much as a result of trial-by-error. Cannabis was legalized there five years ago, but it wasn’t until last year that legal sales began. Since then, Uruguay has experienced a number of supply problems. Residents report having to travel long distances to licensed pharmacies, and sometimes once they arrive, the supply is dry.

According to a report from High Times, the issues are two-fold. First an excess in government oversight is creating supply chain issues. Only registered pharmacies can sell cannabis, and there have only been 14 licenses issued out of the 1,200 pharmacies in Uruguay. The government is also in charge of cultivation of marijuana, but only two cultivators have received licenses. Much like in California, when too many restrictions come between buyers and their marijuana, many consumers will choose black market options, even though there are legal options.

Second, the head of the Uruguay National Drug Council said there is an issue of farming capacity. Farming cannabis on such a large scale was not common, and there certainly was not a guidebook available. This led to a learning curve for cultivators to catch up on technology and processing on a mass scale. The two cultivators have just recently reached the allowed capacity of 4 metric tons per year.Meanwhile, demand for cannabis reaches an estimated 25 tons of …

Inventory Situation Could Get Sticky for Marijuana Businesses

Time is almost up for marijuana business owners to achieve full compliance of testing and packaging regulations. Forcannabis business six months, businesses have enjoyed a grace period that allowed them to sell marijuana products that were not in total compliance so long as they included a label indicating any safety standards the product did not meet. As of July 1, owners must clear their shelves of all product that does not meet regulations, resulting in an influx of cannabis sales in the month of June and could lead to an impending shortage, according to the Orange County Register.

When Proposition 64 went into effect Jan. 1, it brought with it new sets of rules in regards to recreational marijuana sales. Because marijuana products were already in production long before then, having served the medical marijuana market for almost 20 years, California imposed a grace period in which production and labeling regulations could catch up. This led to retailers bulking up on less expensive products that were not in total compliance at the end of 2017 to keep their stores well stocked in the first half of the year. Now they will need to clear their shelves of any remnants of that stock. Meanwhile, owners will be clamoring to replace that inventory with new products that meet regulations. 

As our Los Angeles cannabis business attorneys can explain, the new rules entail several aspects of marijuana production. First of all, products must go through a licensed lab to be tested. These labs will test for …