STATES to Feds: Marijuana is None of Your Business

A bipartisan blend of politicians has come together to support a bill that could finally offer some marijuana businessconcrete relief from the oppressive federal law that continues to bind the hands of marijuana businesses despite state legalization. The STATES Act, Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States, is a more formal way of declaring that state laws regarding cannabis usurp the federal government’s Schedule I classification under Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812.

According to a report from Leafly, the bill allows representatives who refuse to step into the 21st Century to support marijuana businesses without taking a stance on marijuana at all. It turns the matter purely into a states’ rights issue, which has become the great unifier in the cannabis debate. It also removes industrial hemp from the definition of “marijuana,” freeing many industries that create products unrelated to the psychoactive properties of cannabis.The bill would help marijuana businesses owners clear a key hurdle they face daily in running a proper business: lack of banking options. As our L.A. marijuana business lawyers can explain, banks are under federal jurisdiction, and therefore must be in compliance with federal rules. By housing funds for cannabis businesses, they would knowingly be engaging in criminal activity in the eyes of the federal government, regardless of the laws within the state. The STATES bill would establish a federal law that would act as a buffer, declaring that following state guidelines in regards to marijuana would not be considered trafficking, thus freeing the banks. …

Cannabis Drivers Burnt By Confiscation of Property

Nine drivers in Northern California are speaking out against what they say are shady practices by marijuana criminal defensepolice departments who allegedly are targeting businesses while transporting cannabis and seizing their delivery and cash. North Coast Journal conducted an investigation of these cases and found a pattern of confiscations over the past three years without any charges ever being filed against the drivers. Each of the incidents allegedly occurred during traffic stops with local police officers, and some said they were not even in the jurisdiction of that department when the stops were made.

It is not unusual that officers would share duties with other departments near major highways, like Highway 101, to patrol those long stretches of road. It’s not even unusual that they would be intercepting illegal drug transports, as the department in question was part of joint efforts to go after cocaine, meth, opioids, ecstasy, and methamphetamines. Also on the list of targeted drugs, though, was marijuana, and drivers alleged officers showed no interest in whether or not drivers were in compliance with state and local laws. One driver described a briefcase full of all necessary paperwork he carried on his route in case he was pulled over, but it allegedly did not protect him, and the contents of his vehicle were confiscated.This is one of the many ways the gray area between state marijuana legalization and the federal ban really hurts residents. Police can still monitor cannabis activity under the premise that they are searching for illegal behavior at the state …

Marijuana Rolling Onto International Stage

While we try to hash out how to handle marijuana laws across the U.S., World Health Organizationmedical marijuana is bringing their findings to the global stage. WHO was tasked by secretary general of United Nations to deliver a recommendation on the level of international control necessary for cannabis, according to a Mother Jones report. It is of no surprise to our cannabis law firm that the first report from WHO described marijuana as a “relatively safe drug.”

An international team of marijuana experts contributed to the report, which was presented to the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. The report analyzed both THC and CBD and found evidence it has medical benefits, particularly in relieving symptoms of cancer treatments, pain relief, and anxiety. It also concluded that driving under the influence of cannabis is risky, but not as risky as alcohol. Marijuana use also can also be risky for pregnant women and children.Americans have been all abuzz about cannabis for many years now, with California first to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 when voters passed Proposition 215. Yet it is still illegal at the federal level thanks to its classification under the Controlled Substances Act. Not only is marijuana considered a Schedule I narcotic in the U.S., but it also was identified as a Schedule I narcotic under the treaty of the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, also known as the ’61 Convention. WHO’s findings could potentially change all that. Rescheduling cannabis internationally wouldn’t change any laws, but it would …

Participants in “unlawful cannabis trade” ineligible for retail licenses in Alberta

As legalization draws nearer, it’s especially interesting to see the different approaches the provinces are taking. Let’s take a look at how Alberta is licensing their cannabis retailers. Alberta’s stated goals are very much in line with the federal government’s, as politicians at both the provincial and federal levels want to: Keep cannabis away from kids Protect public […]

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Feds reject Senate amendment that allows provinces to ban home cultivation

While the federal government has accepted most of the Senate’s amendments to the Cannabis Act, key changes such as giving provinces the authority to ban home cultivation and prohibiting promotional swag from cannabis companies were rejected. Home cultivation for all provinces and territories The House of Commons rejected the Senate’s bid to allow provinces to […]

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Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – Training Day

This weeks Training Day and Craig welcomes Adolfo and Julie of Cannareps, and Brandon with products from The Blazers Choice. He’ll also hear from Tim McBride, and bring you the new TCC promo code too. Be sure to toke up and tune in. Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm […]

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BC Chamber of Commerce fights for fair access for BC’s craft cannabis growers

On May 29, the BC Chamber of Commerce passed a motion, called Distribution Fairness for Craft Producers and Retailers (DFCPR), that supported BC’s hundreds (if not thousands) of craft cannabis growers. The motion called on the provincial government to help the little guys that built BC Bud into the world-renowned brand it is today, instead […]

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Deloitte releases 2018 report on Cannabis: What did they find?

The accounting firm Deloitte just released its 2018 report on the Canadian cannabis industry, and there are some very interesting bits of info in there for everyone, whether you’re a dedicated cannabis consumer, potential investor, or just curious about how the landmark Cannabis Act will impact Canadian society. From its estimate that cannabis will be […]

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Cultivating Medical Solutions

Medical cannabis is helping to cultivate solutions to problems that have existed for decades. Medical conditions that have existed for decades are being combated with medicinal cannabis products. From topicals and vapes to sublingual tinctures, flowers and concentrates, cannabis as we know it is helping millions of people around the world. The world of cannabis […]

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Pres. Trump “probably will” support bill that protects states with legal cannabis

President Trump has indicated his support for a bill that would respect state’s rights to legalize cannabis without intervention from the federal government, saying, “We’re looking at it. But I probably will end up supporting that, yes.” Pres. Trump made the comment to reporters on Jun. 8 before leaving for the G7 Summit in Quebec. […]

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LP Stocks React to Senate Vote, Trump & Everything But Fundamentals

You’d think having the Senate vote in favour of the Cannabis Act would be good news for Canada’s large licensed producers. But following the news that the Senate passed Bill C-45, the stocks of companies like Aphria, Aurora and Canopy dropped. Perhaps investors realized that the Senate’s passing didn’t guarantee royal assent. That it must […]

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Video: How The Senate Voted

Check out the video above for the audio from the standing vote at the end of yesterday’s Senate session, where the Cannabis Act passed with a vote of 50:36, with one abstention, following almost six hours of debate. It was a historic day as the Cannabis Act passed the third and final reading in the […]

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New York Marijuana Tax Revenue Potential

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

As states mull over the logistics of legalizing recreational marijuana, New York Marijuana tax revenue potential might be seen in the context of using Colorado as a case study of how to roll it out and reap the financial rewards. While Colorado started recreational sales in January 2014, it took a few years for them to iron out how the law and its corresponding tax generation are applied. It also took time for businesses to set up shop and start achieving some sort of stable revenue.

Colorado now has 8.9 dispensaries and is grossing $16.6 million in sales per 100,000 people, generating $247 million in taxes and fees last year.

If states like New York can emu

late Colorado’s rate of marijuana sales, they could see substantially higher revenue due to the state’s larger population:

New York Marijuana Tax Revenue Potential Colorado

[email protected], the online MBA program from Syracuse University

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Cannabis Act passes final reading in the Senate

Today, June 7, was the third and final reading for Bill C-45 (aka the Cannabis Act) in the Senate and it was a marathon debate session but in the end, Bill C-45 passed 56:30, with 1 abstention. Vote result on third reading of Bill #C45, as amended: Yeas: 56 Nays: 30 Abstentions: 1 #SenCA […]

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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, and stalks of the cannabis plant and contains a high level of CBD with little or no THC. As a result, they do not produce a sense of “high” or euphoria associated with marijuana […]

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Expert Joints LIVE! on CLN – Yeah That’s Us

Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of Expert Joints’ Thursday at 4:20pm PT from Studio 710, for another episode of his weekly weed webcast “Expert Joints LIVE!” This week Craig welcomes back old friends Heatwave and Tony Mason, who stop by with products from Herbs R Us; as well as up and coming musical artists […]

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Summer Acc-sesh-ories

Summer is among us my dear buds, and that means it’s time to venture outdoors on some blazing and amazing toking adventures! If you’re anything like me, there isn’t much that’s better than connecting with nature while puffing on some green. This summer, don’t let your sesh be less than it should be by not […]

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Unlicensed Marijuana Firms in L.A. Face Wrath of City Police, Prosecutors

If you are a cannabis retailer in Los Angeles and you do not yet have all of the necessary licenses and regulations inmarijuana criminal defense place, it’s time to get your house in order with the help of a trusted legal team. The city attorney and Los Angeles Police Department have made clear their commitment to ending the unlicensed marijuana marketplace in the city and have already filed 36 criminal cases, according to High Times. Punishments could include fines up to $1,000 and even jail time. Other shops are receiving cease-and-desist letters, and officials hope this round of charges will show others that they mean business.

These raids did not come without warning. Earlier in the year, officials from California Bureau of Cannabis Control sent warning letters to several hundred businesses they knew to be operating without licenses and promised civil and criminal action should they continue operating illegally. This is all good news for licensed cannabis business owners who have had to face stiff competition from a vast unregulated network. Applying for licenses and remaining in compliance both cost time and money, so those businesses that cut corners have a distinct advantage over those playing by the rules. Cities and states had high hopes for revenue that would be generated after Proposition 64 went into effect and recreational marijuana became legal in the state. Excise taxes collected have not met quarterly estimates, however, with $34 million being collected in the first three months, shy of what is necessary for the state to meet it’s …

Fighting Pests on Cannabis Farms the Legal Way

One of the biggest obstacles for any farming community is how to best control pests. Each plant attracts a differentcannabis business set of insects and animals and requires special care to deter wildlife from harming crops. Farmers must also take into consideration how pest-control methods could harm natural surroundings and affect the people who will consume the product. Cannabis farms are no different, though they lack the years of shared wisdom other farmers have gathered. In fact, cannabis farmers have to be even more thoughtful in some ways about what they use because their end product isn’t easily washable like an apple. Although it wouldn’t seem a cannabis attorney would be your first consult on this front, it’s worthwhile to review it with your counsel so you are sure you’re abiding local and state environmental regulations.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation, has been tasked by California’s Medicinal Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act to provide guidelines for pesticide use in cannabis farming. The department said there is not a pesticide product federally registered for use specifically for cannabis farmers. However, there are plenty of pesticides that can legally be used on cannabis so long as they meet certain criteria. According to the department, the state permits certain pesticides for use on cannabis crops that are “exempt from residue tolerance requirements and the product is either exempt from registration requirements or registered for a use that is broad enough to include use on cannabis.” Examples of substances exempt from registration would be food-grade essential …

Docu-series Bud Empire goes deep into the heart of BC Bud with series debut today on History

Today marks the historic debut of Bud Empire, History’s new TV show that takes a deep dive into the Canadian cannabis industry, and as one of the first shows of its kind in Canada, there was no better setting than British Columbia, the home of world-famous “BC Bud”. Bud Empire follows Bob Kay, the owner […]

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Cannabis-branded swag banned by Senate vote

Conservatives in the Senate are continuing their misguided assault on the Cannabis Act and this time they were successful in passing an amendment that would ban branded merchandise from cannabis companies. That means no branded t-shirts, hats, and pens, among many other things, which will make the swag bags at cannabis expos and trade shows a […]

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Victoria’s Smoking Bylaws Persecute some of Society’s Most Vulnerable

A heavy-handed approach to cannabis law is devastating both economically as well as socially, yet here we are. The results are always an irresponsible misuse of a variety of resources, the spreading of social division and the most disastrous consequence by far: the government’s medical interference for societies most vulnerable- the sick. The responsible thing to […]

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Dabbing Shatter and Resin With Saber

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

Dabbing has taken off in the last year in states where it is legal and is available at most dispensaries. We wanted to see what all the hype was about so we tested some Live Resin, THC crystal powder, shatter and whatever else we could find to see for ourselves.
Most dabbing materials seem to be either processed with Butane (BHO) or C02, which is considered ‘cleaner.’ My local Budtenders were not very helpful in directing me to any CO2 concentrates as most were just selling the BHO.
Basically to ‘dab’ you are vaporizing concentrated marijuana on a ‘nail’ that heats up the processed weed.
Many a Budtender have gotten quite creative by combining these concentrates similarly, as is done with some of those primo mixed joints laced with hash oil and crystals.
It was interesting how the high differs when experimenting combining the different hash like, crystallized or shatters materials.
We used a Saber Vape Pen and I was pleasantly surprised that the heating element delivered such a nice smooth inhale for such a small, portable unit, about the size of a sharpie. A full review can be seen here.  With 3 levels of heat, I was able to arrive at the smoothest and least wasteful hits based on what I was testing.
Some are stronger than others, some more cerebral and some more of a body high. The wild world of cannabis concentrates is alive and …

Saskatchewan picks cannabis retailers by random draw, 5 companies get 1/3 of permits

Saskatchewan has picked the retailers for its 51 cannabis stores by random draw, and five companies have won big. According to the CBC, 17 (or one-third) of the available permits went to one of five companies, which prompted the minister in charge of the Saskatchewan Gaming and Liquor Authority (SLGA) Gene Makowsky to defend the […]

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MMJ Canada celebrates 5th anniversary

Today, Jun. 1st, we’d like to wish our friends over at MMJ Canada a very happy birthday! Can you believe it’s been 5 years since MMJ Canada opened its first store in Vancouver, BC? So much has happened since then! MMJ Canada has become one of Canada’s leading medical dispensaries and they’ve expanded from their […]

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Conservatives’ proposed Canada-wide ban on home grows rejected by Senate

Earlier today (May 31), Conservative Senator Vern White saw his proposal to ban Canadians from growing cannabis at home go up in smoke with a vote of 40-33 against his amendment. Following that, fellow Conservative Senator Claude Carignan proposed restricting home cultivation to indoors only, which would have meant no cannabis allowed in your yard […]

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Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – All Jacked Up the Bikini Expert

This week Craig welcomes the first-ever vegan World Naturals Bikini Pro – Coach, Blogger, eBook Author, Podcaster & Founder of “Jacked on the Beanstalk” Samantha Shorkey to the show. He also has the Thompson Caribou ‘Patients Over Profits 3 Out & About video, plus catch the live-stream from the night. REMEMBER… all new Thompson Caribou customers can save 10% on […]

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The Market for Cannabis Garbage

It’s 2018. Do we really need to follow outdated Soviet practices regarding our sanitation services? Our landfills, recycling centres, junkyards, transfer stations, and toxic waste sites? Why should BC Bud farmers continually have to discard their stems and other byproducts clandestinely, in black garbage bags, to landfills? Garbage doesn’t disappear into the aether. Figuring out […]

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Judge Calls Florida Medical Marijuana Smoking Ban Unconstitutional

A judge in Florida’s Leon County Circuit Court has struck down a ban on smoking medical marijuana in the state,medical marijuana calling it unconstitutional. People United for Medical Marijuana Inc. v. Florida Department of Health challenged a smoking restriction lawmakers added to regulations for medical marijuana. Plaintiffs cited medical cases in which smoking cannabis was beneficial to the patient, including a woman who smoked marijuana as part of her treatment for ALS. She testified her doctors never objected to her smoking and were impressed by the ways she showed improvement after smoking.

In November 2016, voters passed Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative (or Amendment 2) with the required super-majority it needed to amend the state constitution. The ballot initiative called for the legalization of medical marijuana “for individuals with specific debilitating diseases or comparable debilitating conditions as determined by a licensed state physician.” Power to set regulations went to the Legislature, which compiled a list of eligible diagnoses the following year that would be qualified for medical marijuana recommendations. Lawmakers also added verbiage to SB-8A about how cannabis could be administered, which specifically banned smoking.

Plaintiffs pointed to Article X of the Florida State Constitution, which only addresses smoking in reference to where cannabis can be consumed, according to a report from The Associated Press.  Section 29 (c)(6) states: “Nothing in this section shall require any accommodation of any on‐site medical use of marijuana in any correctional institution or detention facility or place of education or employment, or of smoking medical marijuana in …

Canopy Growth News: cannabis task force advisor joins as new CMO, NYSE listing, and more

The vice chair of the federal task force on cannabis legalization is now an executive of Canopy Growth Corp. as the company looks to expand its medical research division amidst its recent listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Dr. Marc Ware is joining as Chief Medical Officer, and his goal is to develop cannabis research […]

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The Taxman Cometh: California Cannabis Businesses Unlikely to See Relief

It’s time for California to take a serious look at taxes that state and local governments are imposing on cannabis cannabis business lawyersbusiness owners. Some legislators agree, but others think the higher taxes should stand, at least for a while longer. For now, the current tax rate will remain, as an assembly bill addressing cannabis taxation failed to advance out of committee, according to an Associated Press report.

AB-3157 seeks to amend The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which currently sets the excise tax rate at 15 percent of the average market price. The new proposal would drop the excise tax rate to 11 percent and suspend the cultivation tax, with each expiring June 21, 2021. Right now, when excise and cultivation taxes are combined with sales tax, county, and city taxes the total tax rate can be almost 50 percent. Some fear this high of a tax rate is driving people to purchase marijuana on the black market, instead. There is some compelling evidence to back that claim.Our Los Angeles cannabis business lawyers understand one of the enticing promises of recreational marijuana legalization was the boon of taxes in government coffers. Extra money could be used to bolster infrastructure, city and state programs, and assist with cannabis education and drug abuse prevention programs. However, paying up to 50 percent in taxes is an astronomical hurdle for many businesses, particularly new ones trying to get off the ground. That could explain why tax revenue related to cannabis was much lower …

Seizures Couldn’t End Football Dreams, But CBD Oil Might

Even though time and again we see stories of people whose health was positively affected by cannabis, we still medical marijuanaconstantly find those who insist on fighting this useful treatment and punishing those who need it. The latest story comes out of Georgia, where a high school football player has been told the medical treatment that controls his seizures will prevent him from pursuing his dreams, according to a CNN report.

The senior committed to Auburn University in Alabama next school year, but was later informed that he would not be allowed to play football while continuing to use CBD oil. Because the decision came down from NCAA, it also means he wouldn’t be able to play for any other NCAA school. NCAA guidelines state that players cannot have any tetrhydrocannabidinol, better known as THC, in their systems. This is the component of cannabis known for creating a high sensation. Because it remains in the system long after the high is gone, it’s difficult to test whether a person is was under the influence an hour ago or three days ago.CBD oil, however, has less than .3 percent THC. Its primary ingredient is cannabidiol, the component in cannabis that does not cause a high, and has been used to treat many ailments. That less than .3 percent THC, however, can still show up on an NCAA drug test and disqualify players, regardless of the fact that the amount is so trace the player would not feel high, even right after taking it. Advocates are …

Expect More Recreational Marijuana Events in Our Future

In a big step toward the normalization of cannabis, the 2018 NorCal Cannabis Cup in Santa Rosa, Calif., has beenmarijuana business granted a recreational marijuana license. In the past, the event was only a gathering of people who appreciated cannabis, with booths, activities, food, music, and marijuana-related products, but not the real deal. Now marijuana businesses and consumers alike can enjoy the thing they all have in common, allowing the community to share cannabis goods and knowledge on a new scale.

This is only the second event in the U.S. that allowed the sales and consumption of cannabis, according to a report from High Times, host of the event. The Central Valley Cannabis Cup in Sacramento in early May was the first event to receive such a license and was also hosted by High Times. While the first event was groundbreaking, in some ways it is the second event that is a sign of times to come. Attendees and marijuana businesses at the Central Valley Cannabis Cup proved that an event of this kind can be run safely and responsibly, making it possible for more events in the future. These gatherings can also have a major impact on local economies, bringing in tourists and vendors to the area. This is, of course, in addition to the publicity and money-making opportunities available to businesses inside the event.Though recreational marijuana is now legal in California, public consumption of marijuana is still banned. Under Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act Sec. 102, local …

Could Supreme Court Gambling Ruling Bolster Marijuana Rights? You Bet!

An ally in the fight for states rights to enact marijuana legislation has come from an unlikely place. A landmarkmarijuana rights Supreme Court decision is primed to have a major effect on marijuana rights throughout the country, but the content of the case is not cannabis: It’s sports gambling. The recent decision in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association opposed a federal law that prohibited states from legalizing gambling on sports. At the heart of the lawsuit is a states’ rights issue, one that will set a precedent far beyond betting on games.

The case began with Congress passing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992, which made it illegal for states to allow sports gambling if they did not already have laws permitting the activity on the books, according to an article from The Hill. Years later, in 2011, New Jersey voters passed a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution and put in place sports gambling permissions and regulations, which sparked the lawsuit with NCAA and sports leagues. It was determined this was in violation of PASPA, so New Jersey legislators instead repealed the laws they had in place forbidding sports bets in casinos, hoping to create one legal avenue. Federal courts stuck down this action as well, which forced a Supreme Court decision on the matter. The Supreme Court, however, sided with New Jersey, stating that PAPSA violated anti-commandeering doctrine.How does this relate back to marijuana? As our Los Angeles marijuana rights lawyers can explain, it all connects …

Namaste Technologies CEO Sean Dollinger on his company and what makes them unique

Sean Dollinger, the CEO of Namaste Technologies Inc. (TSXV: N), is the latest business leader to be featured in the View from the C-Suite series that highlights the unique perspectives of listed companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange. He gives us a glimpse into his company’s strategy and what we can […]

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Weird weed laws in Nova Scotia: banned by landlords but allowed at golf courses?

As Canada cruises towards legalization, Nova Scotia’s cannabis laws are shaping up in some strange ways. Did you know Nova Scotians face the possibility of being banned from consuming (and even handling!) cannabis on their private property while you can freely blaze at the local golf course? Some landlords ban practically everything except thinking about cannabis […]

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Cannabis-infused drinkmakers get it popping in Canada

Drinkable cannabis is set to take off in Canada as beverage companies invest in developing innovative cannabis-infused beverages in order to be ready for 2019, when edible sales will be legalized. When it comes to these new cannabis drinks, there are far more options than simply adding cannabis to a drink. As Jason Stranak, the Head […]

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Patients over Profit 3 Recap with Craig Ex

The third annual Patients Over Profit party was last Saturday and the place was packed! Presented by the Thompson Caribou Concentrates squad, it was a celebration of cannabis and community as Patients Over Profit has fast become one of Vancouver’s coolest cannabis events. There were tons of vendors and canna-businesses which makes the party a […]

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Toronto police officers who got stoned off edibles while on duty face charges

Remember the two Toronto police officers who got so stoned after eating some cannabis edibles (allegedly) that they called for back-up and ended up in the hospital? They’re back in the news as Const. Vittorio Dominelli and Const. Jamie Young were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and breach of trust on Tuesday over […]

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Cannabis Legalization Is Shaking Up America’s Glass Market

Chinese outsourcing, vape pens, and electronic dabbing devices are upending the traditional glass market. How are America’s glass artists surviving?

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Stoner Comedy Pioneer Tommy Chong Turns 80

While 4/20 might be the official ‘unofficial stoner holiday,’ May 24th remains a significant date in marijuana lore in its own right—it’s 1/2 of the legendary comedy duo Cheech and Chong’s birthday. And today especially, is an extra special celebratory day for potheads and marijuana advocates alike, as the stoner comedy pioneer Tommy Chong turns 80.

Chong, who has advocated for legal marijuana since his early stoner comedy days, is now beginning to see his dreams come to fruition. What a long, strange journey it’s been for the musician-turned-comedian-turned-cannabis rights advocate. Well, technically, he’s always been the latter.

Chong’s career first started back in Calgary, where he began playing the guitar at 16 years-old.

“I played guitar to make money. I was about 16 when I discovered that music could get you laid, even if you were a scrawny, long-haired, geeky-looking guy like me,” Chong once said in an interview.

By 1965, Chong and his band, Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers, signed with Gordy Records and recorded their debut eponymous album. Their first single, “Does Your Mama Know About Me,” was co-written by Chong, and peaked at 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

However, after releasing two additional singles, the group broke up after Chong and bandmate Wes Henderson were fired from Motown for failing to acquire green cards to become U.S. citizens.

Chong then returned to Vancouver, British Columbia, to run a couple of local strip joints with his brother. It was there that he met the youthful Richard …

Why the Best Way to Shop for Cannabis is not by the Highest THC Number

macro shot of bud

“I Want the Weed with the Highest THC. “

So many times I have customers come in and ask me for the bag with the highest THC level. It seems like a simple concept, yeah? Whatever bag has the highest THC percentage is going to get me the most stoned, right? Well, I’ve got some news for you– there are a couple of reasons why the highest THC number isn’t always the best indicator for great bud. For one, the inconsistencies of the lab results taken from various lab’s on the same nug is appalling. Check out these lab results I pulled from an excerpt in Portland Newspaper, Willamette Week.

Side by side lab inconsisitencies with cannabis testingInfographic courtesy of Willamette Week.

Here you can see they sent the same batch of their Trainwreck to five different cannabis labs and got 4 different results! What is the cause of this? Well for one, there is NO standardized lab testing requirements. Labs can employ people with hardly any skill in the field or subject if they so wanted to. There also is no standard equipment protocol to use for testing so different labs are approaching in totally different ways. Another reason to be skeptical about lab results on your cannabis is that lab tests are very expensive, and only a few parts of the plant get to be tested. Different parts of the cannabis plant will produce varying levels of potency, unfortunately, so most producers are obviously going to send in their most potent parts of the plant and of course …

Expert Joints LIVE – Smoke Smuggling Solicitor

This week Craig’s smuggling people and products from West Coast Smoke Co & Los Muertos Smoke; as well as Criminal Defence Lawyer Sarah Leamon & the Saltwater Cowboy Tim McBride is in person at Studio710! Looking for more information from Sarah, watch here. Read more from Tim McBride and catch his Vice video touring his home […]

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Cannabis Consumers call for TV to Drop the Stoner Stereotype

As cannabis comes out of the shadows of Prohibition and into the light of legalization, we are increasingly seeing that the people who use cannabis come from all walks of life- but you might not know it looking at Hollywood’s and TV’s portrayals of cannabis consumers. A recent survey of 800 cannabis consumers conducted by […]

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“Push Hard” For An Alternative to Farnworth

BC’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth actually believes he had something to do with legalization.  “If it wasn’t for British Columbia, they [BC Bud] wouldn’t have been taken into account,” he said. “I pushed very hard for that.” Delusional. For starters, the federal Task Force recommended small-scale craft producers and social sharing clubs. They came […]

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DEA Chief Woefully Unaware of Medical Marijuana Facts

We want to be able to trust our leaders to make the best decisions for our society. It’s difficult, though, when they medical marijuanademonstrate time and time again that they are not working with all of the facts, particularly when it comes to marijuana. Take Robert Patterson, chief of the Drug Enforcement Agency. He recently gave testimony during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on the opioid abuse crisis. The topic of medical marijuana came up frequently, yet Patterson was embarrassingly unprepared to discuss cannabis and its ability to help free people from opioid addictions. In fact, he didn’t seem to have much of a grasp on information about marijuana in general, according to a report

The committee is rightfully concerned about opioids. According to the committee chairman during the hearing, almost a third of drug overdoses in the United States in 2016 were from synthetic opioids, at more than 20,000 deaths. He went on to say that in 2018 more than 2 million people will suffer from opioid addiction, whether obtained by prescription or illicit means. Studies and anecdotal evidence are growing that show cannabis is an effective replacement for opioid prescriptions and, therefore, ultimately could prevent overdoses. However, Patterson claimed to be unaware of these studies, a rather shocking statement for the top drug enforcement official in the country.Two important studies were released in March from JAMA Internal Medicine that showed opioid prescription rates were significantly lower in areas where adult-use marijuana was legalized by the state. Additional …

Marijuana Opponents Learn to Embrace Joint Efforts

The fight for marijuana legalization is turning a corner in the U.S. Nowhere is the change more evident than inmarijuana business Michigan, where recently an anti-marijuana action committee has flipped its stance in an attempt to try to gain control of state regulations, according to a Detroit Free Press report. The group, The Committee to Keep Pot Out of Neighborhoods and Schools, has been fighting a ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. However, as it is becoming more clear the initiative has growing support, the group is trying a different tactic: encouraging state legislators to fully legalize marijuana by passing an adult-use bill.

As our attorneys can explain, those opposing recreational cannabis in the state see the writing on the wall. They know if they allow the issue to appear on the November ballot, it has a strong chance of passing. However if group members can convince the Legislature to take up the initiative and amend it with strict regulations akin to the current medical marijuana guidelines, they are hoping to get a law on the books that is more restrictive than what voters might pass. One of the key differences would be how licenses are issued. Medical marijuana establishments currently obtain licenses through a board put in place by the governor, as well as House and Senate leaders. The ballot initiative would instead put licensing in the hands of the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department. In previous years, in order to pass a marijuana ballot initiative, advocates often had to jump …

Technology Helping to Clear Past Marijuana Arrest Records

Technology is playing a big part in reclaiming the lives of California residents who were adversely affected by past marijuana arrestcannabis convictions. In San Francisco, for example, Code for America is assisting the District Attorney’s office in identifying people eligible to have their marijuana arrest records cleared, according to a report by Fast Company. The organization created an algorithm that could scan old case files for qualifying criteria. The system then takes it a step further by filling out the necessary paperwork, as well.

This is a huge victory for communities hit hardest by the politically motivated and often misguided “War on Drugs.” Minority communities and neighborhoods have historically been targeted the hardest when it came to convicting for marijuana use, while similar crimes in predominantly white communities were largely ignored. This has left a trail of destruction for predominantly black areas, with families broken apart by loved ones serving jail time and futures being damaged. It is more difficult for those with convictions on their records to find good work and obtain housing, meaning that even once people have fulfilled their punishment, they can be haunted by their records years later.Now that both medical and recreational cannabis are legal in California, it is wildly unfair that anyone should have their reputation continue to be maligned for activity that people can now engage in legally and openly in the eyes of the state. Legislators agreed, which is why Proposition 64 built into it initiatives to allow those with certain types of misdemeanor cannabis …

Upcoming Supreme Court Case to determine the fate of Vancouver’s dispensaries

There is a huge case about to go before the BC Supreme Court in September- a group of around 50 dispensaries in Vancouver are joining together in a test case to file a challenge of the city’s zoning bylaws- which are often used to deny dispensaries business licenses- in a precedent-setting case that will determine the fate […]

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Acreage Pharms latest LP to get sales license

Acreage Pharms, an Alberta-based licensed producer and wholly-owned subsidiary of Invictus MD, received its sales license from Health Canada under the ACMPR, which went into effect yesterday. The sales license timing couldn’t be better for Invictus, who wants to get into retail in a big way, with plans of owning and operating at least 20 […]

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